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It's no secret that I loooove watching asian dramas, especially korean and japanese. If you ask me, I enjoy watching Japanese dorama more especially gakuen dorama cause I've been infatuated with anything Japan related for the longest time, since I was in elementary school I believe. So when I learned that a local cable channel, Indovision would air Wakuwaku Japan locally you don't know how happy I was. Well, since it just starts airing recently, around end of February 2014, they still don't have tons of dramas and other programs yet, but they already have some interesting programs like AKB48 Ne-mousu, Tokyo Girls update (one of my favorites), Black Jack (love this anime!), some cooking shows, dramas, and even tokusatsu. I mean, I used to stream online when it comes to Japanese drama and variety shows, while dramas are fairly easy to find, but it's quite rare to see english subbed japanese variety shows including J-idols variety and music shows. 

So now you know why recently I didn't blog as much....? Well, that's because of the Q10 drama! Yes yes gakuen drama on TV! I think the last time I watched teenage or gakuen dramas on TV was like ages ago, probably around my school days. With the amount of TV shows and dramas I follow weekly, it's getting harder to keep up with J-dramas. It's pretty nice to go home, sit back, turn on the TV and watch gakuen drama. Okay I keep saying gakuen drama gakuen drama, that's how much I missed school lol. Anyway, I'm going to share about this drama which I currently love, though I've yet to watch the final episodes. Q10 drama started airing on Wakuwaku Japan since February 24th around night time, and that's how I can follow this monday to thursday drama. The plot reminds me of Zettai Kareshi with reversed roles. But as I watch this drama, Chobits scenes keep flashing in my mind. Aachan played as Kyuuto, how could I not watch it?

The drama starts when a high school headmaster found a girl in the dumpster. I think he was kinda drunk or something? But he brought the girl home, only to realize the following morning that the girl might not be a human. He carried the "girl" to school, letting his fellow teachers examine the girl. Then time passed, and there was the main guy, Fukai Heita, an ordinary (or I might say odd) student who was not interested in romance and just watched and learned things from the sideline. Apparently, he had heart surgery as a kid and had to stay in the hospital for quite a while with his childhood friend, Kubo (cutie alert). Anyway, he grew up pretty normally, he had friends and family around him. The actor (Sato Takeru) reminds me of Kamenashi Kazuya a lot for some weird reasons. 

Anyway, one time at school he happened to find the "girl" in an empty room. The girl had her eyes close so Heita began walking towards her. As the typical curious high school boy, for whatever reason, he stuck his finger inside her mouth and touched her right molar. And it was beaming with a La tone once touched. He was like "I found a girl with La tone" o_o whatever that means. Anyway, the girl opened her eyes as if he just revived her. She started asking him what her name was and counting down. He saw a Q10 writing on her leg so he just randomly said "kyuuto" which can be interpreted as "cute" too I think? 

After Kyuuto asked what his name was, she said that she belonged to Heita. And then Heita ran back to class, pretty terrified cause Kyuuto kept following her, which was cute in my opinion. Somehow Kyuuto managed to find which class Heita was hiding at and broke the door easily. The first thing she did once she found Heita was... hugging him, which surprised the other students. 

And later the day, Heita finally was told by his teachers that Kyuuto wasn't a human but some kind of android after Kyuuto passed out on his back while hugging him. The teacher managed to find a cable too inside her and plugged it to recharge the android. Then Heita and people around her who knew about her identity started to teach her some words and how to live as a human. 

The next day, Kyuuto came back to school as a new student, with the help of the teachers. And she began adapting as a school girl. The way she spoke was so robotic and expressionless. I find it cute though, I absolutely love Aachan's voice in this drama. Anyway, this drama doesn't only revolve around Heita and Kyuuto, but also their classmates with their own issues which people can relate to. 

One of the classmates who often appeared was... Kageyama Hisashi (Kaku Kento), another cutie lol. At first I thought he was kind of weird cause he always had video recorder on him, recording... everything around him, including the smartest girl in class, Kawai Emiko who he had a crush on. Aside of Heita and Kyuuto, I definitely ship Kageyama and Kawai cause they're just so awkward and cute. And the fact that they seemed to crush on each other but wouldn't and couldn't really say it outloud really annoyed me in a good exciting way lol. 

There were other interesting characters too like, Kubo, Heita's childhood friend who was hospitalized and might not be able to go to school anymore because of his disease. Heita religiously visited and accompanied him though, which was sweet of him, I like their friendship. But Kubo had a crush on Kyuuto and kinda awoke the feelings Heita had inside him for Kyuuto too. Then there was this awkward otaku guy, Nakao, who also had a huge crush in a stalkerish way on Kyuuto as well, just because Kyuuto looked too much like his favorite anime character. There was Fujioka and his family and financial problems, and one of my favorites would be the red hair girl who always wore long dark hair wig to school cause she wanted to be a rockstar.

And gradually, Heita who was at first ignored Kyuuto and didn't care about her existence began to grow feelings for her and watching over her. I really like the chemistry of all the cast in this drama, especially Kyuuto and Heita obviously. I enjoyed watching their characters development and their silly scenes.

Kyuuto (Maeda Atsuko) was too cute and innocent she wouldn't stop trying to help others. Like when she was trying to save Fujioka from doing bad things because he needed money. Kyuuto sat on bended knees in the street, asking people to donate for his cause for some days and nights. And Kyuuto also saved Yamamoto with waving white flags (which means she surrenders) when other girls bullied her just because she was dating their favorite idol (?) rockstar and creeping the bullies out. Though, eventually people began to know Kyuuto's hidden identity as a non human and there was some drama with other girl who liked Heita.

I think this drama is something people would enjoy especially if you like gakuen drama like me. Though this drama wasn't solely focused on Heita and Kyuuto, and was kinda confusing to me at first with all the classmates stories and problems, but I really enjoy watching this drama and will still watch until it ends on Wakuwaku Japan, supposedly the final episode would air on March 10.

Q10 is one of gakuen dramas I like. I also loved Gokusen (who doesn't?), Hanazakari no kimitachi e, Nobuta wo produce, Hana Yori Dango, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, (which Heita/Sato Takeru also appeared as Eikura Nana's childhood friend), Ouran Host Club, and Bakaleya Koukou (Aachan also sang Migikata for the OST), Switch Girl, Shiromajo Gakuen cause my lovely girls Dempagumi Inc. are the main cast *points to my blog music player* I'm a huge fan lol. 

Anyway, Wakuwaku Japan's upcoming drama is Doctor X Gekkai Daimon Michiko!! I can't wait cause I already watched first few episodes online and I loved it. You can check WakuWaku Japan schedule to watch your favorite shows. WakuWaku Japan is available on both Indovision and Okevision (channel 168 and 32 respectively). I hope they will keep airing more dramas, and hopefully newer dramas like from 2013-2014 too ^^ Okay I better stop rambling before this post gets even lengthier.

Do you watch J-dramas too? What's your favorite?

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