WAKUWAKU JAPAN Mioka 君がいた日々 Drama

mioka kimi ga ita hibi drama

I was just randomly flipping the TV channels when I accidentally saw this drama on WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel. I was like... oh I know her, the moment I saw the lead girl, Yoshitaka Yuriko, on screen. I watched some of her dramas and movies before, Watashi Ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu, Bokura Ga Ita, Tokyo Dogs, Love Shuffle, and Galileo. Her face was so familiar and brought back memories (especially after her latest movie I watched which was Bokura Ga Ita) and I kept watching. Turns out the drama was a rather older drama called Mioka, Kimi Ga Ita Hibi or Mioka My Last Days With You. As the title suggests, this is a tear jerker drama. Actually after Kamisama, 1 Litre of Tears, Koizora, and Taiyou no Uta, I promised I would never watch this kind of drama anymore, but maybe I was feeling down that I prefer depressed sad but cute drama (I'm weird I know) I ended up following this drama, even watching the reruns. 

Plus, the main guy is a cutie. Haha I always like Hayashi Kento since I saw him as Date Masamune in Sengoku Basara, and watched his drama Arakawa Under The Bridge, but never thought these two had played in a drama together before.

Anyway keep reading to see my take on this drama :D

So the story started as Taichi (Hayashi Kento) recalled his past school days. He told us how he met Mioka when he was slacking off on the grass with his friends back in college. They were talking and joking when they spotted someone standing on top of the campus building, looking as if she was about to jump. They all panicked and rushed upstairs, of course Taichi got there first. He tried to approach her and jumped off the rail to get closer to her, trying to talk to her. 

Mioka then joked asking him if he thought she looked like she was about to jump, which made Taichi looked at her and told her that she didn't seem like someone who would end her life just like that. He was just judging from her appearance, the way she dressed and talked so cheerfully. Mioka was a carefree cheerful happy go lucky kind of girl and she didn't have the best reputation among other students, cause apparently girls hated her since Mioka was known for her changing boyfriends and date around habits.

Who said pretty and cheerful looking girls have no problems? Mioka had one big problem: she wasn't healthy. 

She had a fatal disease that couldn't be cured. The doctor (Tanihara Sousuke), another familiar face I used to watch his comedic roles in some of his dramas that I was surprised to see him acting all serious as a doctor who was helping Mioka's treatment, called Mioka's mom that she didn't come as scheduled. The thing is Mioka was so stubborn and thought she would die anyway that she had no reason to see a doctor to slow down her death. Turns out she intended to kill herself that day if only Taichi didn't stop her. 

Despite her disease, Mioka was still living a carefree life and didn't act like she was in pain at all in school. While the others saw Mioka as a nuisance and a bad girl, Taichi was slowly drawn to her and they got closer.

They both had mutual feelings for one another and even when Taichi found out about her incurable disease, he still wholeheartedly loved her and treasured her more. Mioka was also still living to the fullest, despite knowing what her disease would do to her body. 

I seriously love this drama though I couldn't stop crying whenever I watched it. I love the cast. And though this kind of plot isn't something new in the dorama world, but it's been a long time since I watched a heart wrenching drama that I was so hooked and anticipated new episode everyday. At this point I'm sure you can tell the ending isn't gonna be a happy one, but the plot and relationships are lovely and I love everything about it. So if you're in the mood for tear jerking drama with great cast, I would suggest to give this drama a try.

You can watch this drama on WAKUWAKU JAPAN I think they'll still show the reruns cause I just watched the last episode today. You can also watch other Japanese variety shows, anime, drama and movies on Wakuwaku Japan. Read my previous posts on Q10 drama and Shinobi movie I watched on the channel. And I'll be back for another Japanese drama review next time :D

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