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Hi guys! I'm back with another Japanese movie to share. This time I'm going to share Shinobi: Heart Under Blade movie that was aired a while ago on Wakuwaku Japan channel. Read my previous post about Wakuwaku Japan and Q10 drama if you haven't. Anyway, I was just coincidentally saw this movie on Wakuwaku channel and didn't expect to see it again after so many years! I remember I watched it several times when I was younger, maybe around... almost 10 years ago? I was so addicted with this movie I even wrote a fanfiction based on this movie haha yes I was that geeky. I don't know if you watched this movie before, but it's one of the movies I will always remember. Though I watched it so many times, as I grew up I kinda forgot some of the parts so I was glad I was able to catch this movie on Wakuwaku Japan. As you can tell, it's a ninja drama (hence, the Shinobi title) with amazing cast: Joe Odagiri (my childhood crush), Nakama Yukie (gokusen's Yankumi anyone?), Erika Sawajiri (she was one of the eye candies in this movie and I didn't know who she was back then until I watched 1 Litre of Tears years later), Mitsuki Koga, etc.

Read on to see more about this amazing movie ^^

First off, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade is an adaptation of the novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls which was written by Futaro Yamada. Anyway, the story was about two ninjas who are meant to be shinobi. The first ninja, Kouga Gennosuke (Joe Odagiri), from Kouga clan. The second one was a ninja lady, Oboro (Nakama Yukie) from Iga clan. The two clans had been archenemies for hundreds years, but both clans were on treaty for a while and ironically the two ninjas always met secretly in the mountain by the river cause they were in love and they couldn't let anyone know. *sobs*

They knew what was going to happen after their final meeting, thus the beautifully but awfully sad last hug. Tokugawa Ieyasu the Japan ruler at the time, knew about the two clans' ongoing hatred and battles, and he thought it would be a threat one day, so he instructed the two clans to prepare and have one final battle to decide the victor, cause he wanted to get rid of all the shinobi. Besides, the winning clan will get to determine the next shogun. Each clan had to pick its best 5 warriors. Guess who were picked? Yes, obviously Oboro and Gennosuke, along with their other clan mates. In fact, Gennosuke was chosen as Kouga new leader while Oboro was chosen as Iga new leader right before the final battle. 

But... you're wrong if you think it's just another classic ninja movie with a little bit of secret romance. Because... each and everyone of them has their own unique (?) powers. Yes, this is a ninja story meets romeo and juliet meets... X-men? But I assure you it's not lame in any way. Well at least I think it was cool. The main points of this movie aren't just the plot and wonderful cast, but also the acting, beautiful cinematography, scenic places, even their battlefields, and music.

Anyway, since I don't remember the names of all the warriors, I'll just tell you the powers of some of the warriors. Besides, I don't want to give a big spoiler that will stop you from watching XD

Gennosuke, he had the power to sense, see, react and move incredibly fast. He had the greatest agility that he could even turn a weapon against its master. In other word, his high speed was his power. 

While the lady behind her, Kagerou, who was secretly in love with Gennosuke, her power lie in her kiss... of death. She had poison in her blood and body. When she was about to poison her enemies, dark veins showed up on her fair skin. 

While our Iga lady, Oboro, had the power to kill someone with her eyes, or glare specifically. Her deadly glare could kill anyone if she wanted to, as seen in the photo above.

Iga's Hotarubi... as her name explains, her power was related to butterflies and moths. She could turn dust into killing butterflies, which was pretty and scary at the same time lol. 

You can see the others' powers when you watch the movie. But I can't spoil more of the plot cause it'd be... spoiler and I guess not everyone likes spoiler (unlike me). But to be honest, I freaking dislike the ending T_T 

I cried like there was no tomorrow the first time I watched it. Thought the following day I watched it again haha and it happened for months I guess until I found the movie again almost 10 years later o_o It was a really nice movie though, in my opinion. Though the ending, let me warn you, it's heartbreaking, especially after the last scene and there they played Ayumi Hamasaki's song, Heaven, which is my favorite until now. It was the first Ayu-chan's song I memorized, also until now lol.

The lyrics fit Gennosuke and Oboro's story really well that I cried when I was listening to it for the first time, while I was crying during the ending until the end of this song lol. And even until now, whenever I sing this song in karaoke (I always sing this song) I see flashes of Gennosuke and Oboro and their feels in my mind and I end up getting so emotional haha. That's how much I love this song and the movie.

Though by now you probably know what the ending might be, but it's worth to watch if you like this kind of story (despite the ending) ^^ I personally thank Wakuwaku Japan for airing this movie and reminding me about this movie I've long forgotten. Hopefully it'll rerun this movie again on Wakuwaku Japan channel  :D

Check out Wakuwaku Japan schedule so you won't miss your favorite Japanese shows. I'll be back for yet another Japanese drama next time ^^

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