Skinfood Rose Soft Cream Blusher Review

skinfood milky rose cream blush review

I have never wanted to try cream blush before cause my previous oily skin didn't allow me to. Now that my skin is less oilier (only around the nose), I don't apply matte powder on my cheeks anymore and it's finally time to try on cream blusher. I was glad to see that Skinfood also released cream blush on their latest Milky Rose line. My obsession with Skinfood Milky Rose products didn't end on the Point Makeup Remover I reviewed a while ago. Though I had a nightmare with the previous Skinfood rose matte blush I purchased last year that is NOT pigmented in any way, so I had my doubt when I was picking this Milky Rose Cream Blusher. But I'm glad the result of this cream blusher doesn't disappoint me. 

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Enprani UV Essence Covering Cushion Review

enprani bb covering cushion review

I agree when some say cushion trend will disappear later, just like BB and CC creams. But I can't deny BB cushion is so convenient that I always use it almost everyday. I keep buying more to try which one works better on me. And after trying couple of cushion products, I still admit Lioele Moist Beam Cushion is my favorite, but once it was running out, I began to panic and search for more cushion that I might like. And I found this Enprani UV Essence Covering Cushion BB. 

I heard Enprani brand before, but I don't see many stores carry the brand or most of their products. I was just browsing for some on Qoo10 which is like... south east asia Gmarket? And I found this korean store that sells the Enprani covering cushion with refill included so I just had to purchase it, even without reading a review cause I couldn't find a single review about this product! Buying a product that has no review is like a challenge for me and most of the time I was like... challenge accepted. *Barney Stinson's tone* 

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi guys how's your easter weekend? For the very first time I don't have much going on this weekend since I already took some photoshoot for upcoming posts yesterday, so I decided to do this sunshine blogger award that I got from Sakuranko and Berries in the Snow, thank you for nominating me ^^ I haven't done this award post since last year so I might as well do it again now.

Here are the rules:
1.  Post a picture of the Sunshine Award.
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5.  Nominate 11 other bloggers, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world. (Be sure to notify them).
6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers.

Cute Decoden Accessories Review

decoden accessories blippo

Ever since my decoden hunt for the lolita party last month, I've been so in love with decoden accessories and keep looking for new ones. I'm going to show you 3 decoden pieces on this post. They're all sweets related. I love food shaped decoden lol. I got them from Blippo. If you don't know already, Blippo sells a lot of kawaii and super kawaii Japanese products with reasonable price, from snacks, DIY food, accessories, magazines, rilakkuma stuff, and many more.

Anyway, back to decoden. If you're wondering what decoden is, it's actually a combined word of Japanese deco デコ (from decoration/decorated) and den デン from denwa 電話 (meaning phone) cause at first decoden started as decorated phone case. You know the 3D deco that usually used to decorate phone case? That's decoden. But nowadays, deco isn't just for phone, but also for nail art, gadgets and accessories, and anywhere you want to put the deco at. Many lolita and fairy kei wear deco accessories too. Among Blippo's many decoden pieces, there are 3 cute accessories that caught my eyes.


wakuwaku japan doctor x

I know I always skipped medical dramas whenever I got the chance. While I think doctors and surgeons are cool, but looking at bleeding organs isn't my thing. Last medical drama I watched? Emergency couple lol and that's cause it's Song Jihyo and my lovely Choi Jinhyuk, and that's cause mainly it's a romance drama with some surgeries here and there, and to be honest I still haven't finished it lol. But I just couldn't miss Doctor X episodes after I watched one episode accidentally.

I'm so glad I did this drama a chance or I would've missed such a great drama. It's not a typical hospital drama with budding romance or love triangles, but this drama is about girl power lol which I like and more about surgeons life and hospital politics. The plot is really interesting, the cast are great, especially the main actress. If you're tired of frustrating love triangles or pentagon and want a change for once, try watching Doctor X.

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Elizabeth Arden Giveaway Winner!

So another giveaway just ended yesterday. Rafflecopter has new layout and it took me a while to figure things out, not to mention it seems to be slower too. Or maybe it's just my internet ._. either way, a winner has been chosen by the widget.

Congratulations, Alexandra Ionna! (I'm sorry Alexandra Ionna you don't respond my email for more than 1 day, so I had to disqualify your winning entry).

Congratulations Alexandra Elisabet Dorofte! I will email you in a bit, please respond my email within 24 hours to claim the prize, or a new winner will be chosen. Thank you :) Also thank you to Mizpa who kindly sponsored this giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who participated. I will be doing my first (belated) bloggiversary giveaway hopefully very soon. But since I received some comments and emails saying that some of you think giveaway is unfair when the winner isn't someone who put much effort unlike some people. So I would need some input.

Would you like me to host a giveaway or makeup contest for my bloggiversary?

Skinfood Rose Shake Point Makeup Remover Review

skinfood rose shake point makeup remover

Recently Skinfood released their Spring 2014 products for their Milky Rose line. There are 6 products from Milky Rose line and the first product I got is the Rose Shake Point Makeup Remover. Such a long name. But yeah it's basically a makeup remover. It's been a long while since I actually use a makeup remover. All this time I only use Kose oil cleanser (yeah I'm lazy I know) which usually does the job for me.... until I ran out and it's also out of stock in the shop I usually buy it from. So I had to find a new one, and this makeup remover was just released at the time and available in that shop so yay I got to try new stuff lol.

Its main ingredients is 375 mg of rose extract. Skinfood claims rose extract has purifying and soothing properties, gives mild cleansing to lip and eyes area, hence it's good to remove excessive eye makeup. Having to wear thick (sometimes dramatic) eye makeup almost all the time convinced me to finally try this out. Sometimes when I come home almost midnight all I wish is to get to bed asap so reducing long time to remove eye makeup is definitely a big plus. And this rose makeup remover helps me to do that quicker. 

Now let me show you why I love this product.

Etude House Skin Fit Foundation Review

etude house skin fit foundation review

Around mid March Etude House released few products and it was the first time I wasn't really interested and I only grabbed the Skin Fit Foundation to try. I had high expectation for this foundation cause from their claims and descriptions, the Skin Fit foundation seems to be pretty good and hopefully better than their BB creams cause honestly I don't quite like their BB creams. Notice why I never review their BB creams? Haha well cause some of the BB creams I tried from Etude House are rather creamy and felt heavy on my face. But hooray for this foundation release! It's become the foundation I use everyday now since my Lioele moist beam cushion is emptied. I've also been using this in my latest makeup tutorials.

- Triple functional: whitening, wrinkle free, sunscreen.
- Airy fit texture
- Excellent coverage
- Long lasting makeup

From the claims alone, I must say I was convinced cause isn't it what most girls want and need from one foundation? Now, let's see if the foundation lives up to its claims.

Loveshoppingholics Circle Lens Giveaway Winner

Hello guys, sorry I couldn't post often last week. And sorry for the winner announcement delay. I had a hard time checking the entries, making sure no cheater entries make through to the raffles. And now I'm going to announce the lucky winner. Well I actually can't use the word lucky cause from what I see she is the participant with the most entries. She did 61 tasks including daily Facebook and twitter shares so I'm not surprised to see her name got picked by :) 

Congratulations Joanna Ladesma! I will contact you via email and please respond within 48 hours to claim the prize or a new winner will be picked ^^ 

Thank you for everyone who participated! I still have one more giveaway with Elizabeth Arden beauty essential as prize, that will end in a week, so you can join if you haven't ^^ remember do more tasks = more entries = more chance will pick your name. 

Also big thank you to loveshoppingholics for kindly sponsoring this giveaway :) 

ES Silver Glitter Lashes & Handmade Lashes Review

ES handmade lashes silver glitter

Hello April! It's the first post on the new month and today I'll review not one, but two eyelashes I received from kkcenterhk. They are one of the biggest cheap eyelashes webstore with many varieties and they also sell wigs, makeup, and accessories. This time I chose a box of natural eyelashes (which doesn't sound like my usual lashes) and a pair of fancy glittery lashes. I tried and had some Chinese falsies too before and to be honest they weren't my favorite, I didn't even bother to review them on this blog cause they weren't close to good. So I didn't expect anything when I received the lashes. While I like the silvery glitter lashes (I always like fancy stuff!), the natural handmade lashes look pretty standard to me. But, apparently they look really pretty when worn and I got to love it, to my surprise, and you guys know how much I love dramatic falsies, right? 

Moving on to the reviews,