Cute Decoden Accessories Review

decoden accessories blippo

Ever since my decoden hunt for the lolita party last month, I've been so in love with decoden accessories and keep looking for new ones. I'm going to show you 3 decoden pieces on this post. They're all sweets related. I love food shaped decoden lol. I got them from Blippo. If you don't know already, Blippo sells a lot of kawaii and super kawaii Japanese products with reasonable price, from snacks, DIY food, accessories, magazines, rilakkuma stuff, and many more.

Anyway, back to decoden. If you're wondering what decoden is, it's actually a combined word of Japanese deco デコ (from decoration/decorated) and den デン from denwa 電話 (meaning phone) cause at first decoden started as decorated phone case. You know the 3D deco that usually used to decorate phone case? That's decoden. But nowadays, deco isn't just for phone, but also for nail art, gadgets and accessories, and anywhere you want to put the deco at. Many lolita and fairy kei wear deco accessories too. Among Blippo's many decoden pieces, there are 3 cute accessories that caught my eyes.

First, I need to show how cute the parcel I got from them. Haha well anything with bunny and heart needs to be photographed! 

All the items are wrapped separatedly, and they also sent me blippo keychain :D Also, no need to worry for broken items cause there's bubble wrap inside so I receive the items in good condition.

decoden ring bracelet
Aren't these babies cute? I picked candy, ice cream, and bitten popsicle.

I love this popsicle bracelet so much! It's made with great details and most importantly it looks so cute. The bracelet itself is elastic so even without any hook, it won't be a problem. And I honestly prefer elastic bracelet more as it's a pain to hook the bracelet on my own (I'm bad at it). You can get this bracelet here for $4.51, there are 7 different colors for this model. 

decoden candy ring
The candy ring is sweet. The ring is adjustable fortunately cause I have chubby fingers (and hands... and cheeks and everything lol) so I believe the ring would fit anyone. The only downside, it's not that big deal actually but just wanna state it, there's a tiny minor almost not noticeable scratch near the S. Actually I didn't notice until I was putting watermark on this picture. Haha I didn't see it when I was wearing it so... not a big deal. This ring has only 2 colors, pink and brown you can get it here for $3.22

deco ice cream ring
And the last one is the ultra cute ice cream ring. I don't know why but this is my favorite item out of the 3. It's actually very small, but probably the details on the cones really attract me? Haha I don't know but this ring is very kawaii irl. Since the ice cream is kinda small so I usually wear it as pinky ring. This ice cream ring is also $3.22 you can get it here.

deco ring nails gyaru

decoden for gyaru

Overall, I really like these deco accessories. They're really cute and suitable to match pink/choco themed gyaru & lolita outfits. Visit Blippo for more kawaii products they're currently having a big sale on almost all items, including Japanese gyaru magazines like Vivi, Popteen, Egg, etc. Thank you for reading and happy easter, everyone! ^^

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