Enprani UV Essence Covering Cushion Review

enprani bb covering cushion review

I agree when some say cushion trend will disappear later, just like BB and CC creams. But I can't deny BB cushion is so convenient that I always use it almost everyday. I keep buying more to try which one works better on me. And after trying couple of cushion products, I still admit Lioele Moist Beam Cushion is my favorite, but once it was running out, I began to panic and search for more cushion that I might like. And I found this Enprani UV Essence Covering Cushion BB. 

I heard Enprani brand before, but I don't see many stores carry the brand or most of their products. I was just browsing for some on Qoo10 which is like... south east asia Gmarket? And I found this korean store that sells the Enprani covering cushion with refill included so I just had to purchase it, even without reading a review cause I couldn't find a single review about this product! Buying a product that has no review is like a challenge for me and most of the time I was like... challenge accepted. *Barney Stinson's tone* 

Anyway, keep reading to see more of this lovely product. 

Enprani UV Essence Covering Cushion
SPF 50+ PA++

3 Efficacies UV Protection + Whitening + Anti Wrinkle

The new concept cushion BB which enables you to complete brilliant makeup with moisturizing cooling feeling as well as the efect of brightening, wrinkle improvement, and UV rays screen.

enprani bb cushion review

I was wondering why I got 2 boxes when I received the parcel, only to realize one of them is the refill. The box is very reflective and hard to photograph, but it's a kind of bronze-y gold color, very pretty.

There are two shades only, #21 and #23. I never had enprani face products before but I thought of Etude House cushion when I was choosing which shade I should get, and I got the #21 one.

I can't read the ingredients list cause it's in hangeul, but when I googled, according to Korea Depart, this cushion contains hydrating radiance powder, pearl powder, white gold (!?), coral powder, air light powder, caviar extract, propolis, island water and green tea extract. Such variety of exclusive materials as ingredients. It said to contain 30% pure mineral water. Caviar extract and propolis are said able to create more radiant and healthy skin finish, while the green tea extract is to prevent skin damage and breakout.

This product is super hard to photograph cause the packaging is reflective. But the compact is very pretty and looks elegant. It is only 10g but it's pretty big, about the same size as Etude House any cushion, though not as bulky.

The compact comes with a mirror and the mirror is protected by a film. It also comes with the air puff. 

There's a separator cover that protects the cushion. Cause the cushion may go bad through contact with air, luckily the cover is able to close and cover the content tightly.

This is what the cushion sponge looks like.

The air puff absorbs the product well, or maybe to well for my liking. I still prefer Etude House and Laneige air puff to be honest.

The refill, including the cushion and air puff.

enprani covering cushion swatches

Here is #21 shade. It looks pretty light on hand, but once applied on my face, it's actually less light shade. Since it's covering cushion, I expected a lot from this product but no it doesn't fully cover blemishes without bb cream underneath. But that's maybe cause it says this cushion contains "HD micro cover" technology so it's more thin and lightweight. So I always apply the cushion last, to add a bit more coverage and to give more glow. Yes, it gives more pretty radiant finish that is not fully crazy noticeable which is a good thing for me. And it cancels the redness on my face too, also giving it more soft and texturized look as you can see in the photo above. I use it by patting the air puff lightly on my skin.

One time I tried wearing this cushion alone after I applied oil free primer and moisturizer. Guess what? I forgot to check my face regularly (like every 2 hours or so) and around 4-5 PM (I applied around 8AM) I saw my face was extremely dewy. But that's because I have super oily combination skin. My face didn't look oily, but dewy, not good dewy but mixed good and almost bad dewy if you get what I mean. I couldn't differentiate anymore which one was oil and which was the dewy product they just kinda blended and created super dewy face haha. So for people with oily skin, I would recommend to use this after oil free lightweight BB cream. I always use this cushion after one layer of Etude House Skin Fit foundation. Cause most of the time I use the cushion to set my bb cream, which works great. 

Oil control is better than Etude House any cushion, for me. When applied after Skin Fit foundation, my face makeup lasts whole day without major oil. But when going out, I always powder my nose with matte powder and I don't need to blot whole day. This cushion can't conceal fine lines though.

- Beautiful packaging
- Travel friendly
- Brightening
- Not cakey
- Lovely glowy finish
- Covers redness and minor blemishes 
- SPF 50
- Good oil control 
- Light to medium coverage 
- Cooling effect
- Doesn't break me out

- Not enough coverage for people with red scarring acne
- Doesn't conceal fine lines

With great sun protection SPF 50, this cushion BB is an essential for me everyday, despite its light to medium coverage. I always apply lightweight BB cream before and use this Enprani cushion to set my makeup cause it's not cakey and create beautiful glowy finish. It is not creamy on my skin. The product is also able to conceal redness and some scars. But red active acne might still need extra concealer. It is pretty long lasting, I wear this cushion for 7-8+ hours everyday. The cooling effect makes it feel nice when applying and reapplying on face. But people with oily skin and red blemishes might want to put on oil free primer and bb cream first since the coverage of this cushion is almost minimum. However, this cushion makes my face more bright and soft looking, which I love. Overall, I need this cushion as the last step of my face makeup to create a lovely dewy finish and to give more coverage so I give this product 4.5 / 5

I purchased this cushion on Qoo10 for $26.70 including refill. This seller is my favorite korean shop on qoo10! It's also available on Korea Depart for $25.56 also including refill.

enprani cover cushion bb review

enprani cover cushion bb

I might be obsessed with cushion products, cause I have more cushion foundation review up next ^^ Have you tried Enprani products before?

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