ES Silver Glitter Lashes & Handmade Lashes Review

ES handmade lashes silver glitter

Hello April! It's the first post on the new month and today I'll review not one, but two eyelashes I received from kkcenterhk. They are one of the biggest cheap eyelashes webstore with many varieties and they also sell wigs, makeup, and accessories. This time I chose a box of natural eyelashes (which doesn't sound like my usual lashes) and a pair of fancy glittery lashes. I tried and had some Chinese falsies too before and to be honest they weren't my favorite, I didn't even bother to review them on this blog cause they weren't close to good. So I didn't expect anything when I received the lashes. While I like the silvery glitter lashes (I always like fancy stuff!), the natural handmade lashes look pretty standard to me. But, apparently they look really pretty when worn and I got to love it, to my surprise, and you guys know how much I love dramatic falsies, right? 

Moving on to the reviews,

Let's start from the unique silver glitter lashes. It's also from ES, a Korean lashes brand. And it only comes in 1 pair.

Head length: 0.8cm / 8mm
Mid length: 1.7cm / 17mm
End  length: 1.8cm / 18mm

Honestly I thought it was paper lashes at first because of the shape. But it's made of some kind of... stiff lace like material? It's black fan shaped lashes with silver glitters. Despite the design, it's actually not heavy at all, pretty thin but a bit long. It's reusable if you're careful with how you remove and put it back to the case.

Aren't they pretty? Get this Silver Glitter Lashes here.

The second one is a 10 pair eyelashes pack. It's handmade lashes with a natural looking design. The lash band is black. If you like natural lashes, you'd like this one cause the length is pretty natural. I must say $13.8 for 10 pairs of handmade lashes is a steal.

I'm surprised when I put these lashes on my eyeline, they really stand out effortlessly. Unfortunately my real lashes are a pain, they can never curl no matter how many times I try, so it kinda looks weird on me. But I really adore how pretty the lashes are when I'm closing my eyes XD You can get these natural handmade lashes here.

gyaru lashesgyaru lashes

gyaru lashesgyaru lashes

Overall, I'm very pleased with these lashes, especially the natural handmade lashes are suitable for everyday use. At least nobody asked me if I'm wearing lashes unlike when I'm wearing my dramatic falsies lol.

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Disclaimer: The products mention above were provided for review purposes, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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