Etude House Skin Fit Foundation Review

etude house skin fit foundation review

Around mid March Etude House released few products and it was the first time I wasn't really interested and I only grabbed the Skin Fit Foundation to try. I had high expectation for this foundation cause from their claims and descriptions, the Skin Fit foundation seems to be pretty good and hopefully better than their BB creams cause honestly I don't quite like their BB creams. Notice why I never review their BB creams? Haha well cause some of the BB creams I tried from Etude House are rather creamy and felt heavy on my face. But hooray for this foundation release! It's become the foundation I use everyday now since my Lioele moist beam cushion is emptied. I've also been using this in my latest makeup tutorials.

- Triple functional: whitening, wrinkle free, sunscreen.
- Airy fit texture
- Excellent coverage
- Long lasting makeup

From the claims alone, I must say I was convinced cause isn't it what most girls want and need from one foundation? Now, let's see if the foundation lives up to its claims.

etude house skin fit foundation review
etude house skin fit foundation review

I'm sorry it was really dark when I was trying to take the foundation photos and it's kinda hard to photograph white products on white background. But Skin Fit foundation comes in a simple white packaging in a plastic bottle with a cap. It has silverish prints, the only fancy thing about the packaging.

Ingredients list. It's paraben free but it contains dimethicone which I kinda suspect to break me out a bit.

It also comes with pump dispenser, almost similar like Etude House CC cream actually. The pump is quite nice it doesn't dispense too much product at once and definitely more hygienic.

Skin Fit foundation only has 2 shades: Light Beige N02 and Natural Beige W13. Mine is light beige N02.

The texture is less creamy and more liquid-y. The texture makes it easier to blend on skin. It doesn't have strong smell so I barely notice it. But it somewhat turns a bit powdery once settled so it doesn't feel creamy and heavy but it's pretty much settled on my skin, and not cakey. But I'm breaking out lately (most likely because of my new skincare regime) so it's a bit hard to really blend the product on my bumpy skin. But on acne free part of my skin, the finish this foundation gives is really nice. I really like it. 

As you can see, I have many active acne, also some scars and redness, and also big pores of course. On the first photo you can see tons of redness and red acne but once blended on the last picture, my skin looks more even and better looking. Please note that I didn't edit or alter the pictures, I didn't even brighten the photos and now I'm thinking I should've lol the room lighting was pretty dark. This foundation doesn't give full coverage but light to medium coverage only, which makes it really lightweight in my opinion. So my acne isn't fully covered, some spots are still very visible and I need to dab some concealer. 

I also tried to make a demo. 

You can see my bad breakout lol sorry for the horror but it also shows how well this foundation cover my blemishes, well 75% of it at least. Cause this foundation isn't able to fully cover everything so some of my active acne is still visible though not as red. I used my fingers to apply this foundation on the video, but it's faster to use buffing brush. Applying with beauty blender gives better finish too. I'm also planning to upload upcoming makeup tutorials on my youtube channel so please like and subscribe if you're interested ^^

- Lightweight
- Decent oil control
- Travel friendly
- Paraben free
- Buildable medium coverage
- Hygienic with pump dispenser
- Lovely semi matte (not flat) finish
- Long lasting
- Not cakey
- Affordable

- Only has 2 shades
- Might not suit some people with darker skintone

Etude House Skin Fit Foundation is a really lightweight foundation with light to medium coverage. It has decent oil control. Usually my nose is shiny in 3-4 hours with average BB cream/foundation. I always applied oil free primer before this foundation and this foundation is able to keep oil at bay for about 5-6 hours which is pretty decent for me but blotting or matte powder can do the job to help my face free of shine. But I need to emphasize that while wearing this foundation you might forget you wear anything on your face cause it's so lightweight. 

If you're looking for dewy finish makeup, this is not it. While it's not a matte foundation, but it still gives me a lovely subtle glow. But as soon as the foundation settled, it turns powdery so it doesn't stain if I accidentally touch my face or on my shirt. 

It lasts whole day for me from 8AM to 7PM normally. It's only melting on the corners of my nose cause my nose is super oily after 6 hours with this foundation on. The coverage is buildable but it can't cover red active acne, so concealer is still needed. 

Overall, this is a really nice foundation if you don't want to feel heaviness on your face at the end of the day. I wear this everyday to work cause it's easy and doesn't need much time to apply. And sometimes I dab light cushion product if I need more coverage or glow. To conclude this, I must say Skin Fit foundation is way better than other Etude House BB creams I tried so far and I prefer this Skin Fit foundation any day.

Beautynetkorea for $15.03

etude house skin fit foundation review

Thank you for reading I'll be back for more reviews soon! ❤

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