Skinfood Rose Shake Point Makeup Remover Review

skinfood rose shake point makeup remover

Recently Skinfood released their Spring 2014 products for their Milky Rose line. There are 6 products from Milky Rose line and the first product I got is the Rose Shake Point Makeup Remover. Such a long name. But yeah it's basically a makeup remover. It's been a long while since I actually use a makeup remover. All this time I only use Kose oil cleanser (yeah I'm lazy I know) which usually does the job for me.... until I ran out and it's also out of stock in the shop I usually buy it from. So I had to find a new one, and this makeup remover was just released at the time and available in that shop so yay I got to try new stuff lol.

Its main ingredients is 375 mg of rose extract. Skinfood claims rose extract has purifying and soothing properties, gives mild cleansing to lip and eyes area, hence it's good to remove excessive eye makeup. Having to wear thick (sometimes dramatic) eye makeup almost all the time convinced me to finally try this out. Sometimes when I come home almost midnight all I wish is to get to bed asap so reducing long time to remove eye makeup is definitely a big plus. And this rose makeup remover helps me to do that quicker. 

Now let me show you why I love this product.

skinfood rose makeup remover review

The packaging is like ketchup bottle, big and bulky. The cover label is pretty with the roses painting like and gold skinfood logo. There's nothing special with the packaging but it's nice that the bottle is at least transparent so I can see how much left. 

skinfood milky rose shake point makeup remover

Close up of the pretty rose label. 

Description in the back with ingredients and manufacture date. 

The cap is too tight sometimes it ruins my nail when I try to open it lol but that also means it does its job well and doesn't let it spill once closed. Better be careful when opening the cap too, never open when holding the bottle horizontally cause trust me, it'll spill a lot since the product is rather watery.

Always shake before use, because this product has 2 layers that have to be mixed or it won't work. Once shaken, the product turns milky pale pink, almost white. Then you can just use cotton pad to remove the point makeup.

Actually I'm surprised how easy it is to remove especially eye makeup with this remover without drying or irritation.

Now let's try with these products on my hand:

Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink Tint - usually it's hard to remove even with oil cleanser
Missha M Everlasting Lacquer Rouge - not easily removed unless using cleansing oil
Etude House Bling Eye Stick - stick to the skin fairly well
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lips
Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner
Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips

It doesn't take long to wipe away all those makeup on my hand, only about 3 seconds I think. I only use circular motion gently in 2-3 swipes and it removes 98% of the makeup. As you can see there's still some pinkish red leftover color from probably the lip tint. So I'm happy with the result.

- Easily remove makeup
- Not drying & irritating
- Affordable
- Rosy scent

- Feels a bit weird on lips

It's a 160ml makeup remover with rose extracts that can easily remove eye and lip makeup without hurting or irritating your skin. It has rose scent that can taste a bit weird when removing lip makeup. But overall this product does the job very well in removing makeup especially eyeliner. The product accidentally got into my eyes few times (maybe not so accidentally but I'm just clumsy) and fortunately it doesn't sting, though I would advise to try to avoid getting the liquid drip into your eyes. I've been using this product for about 2 weeks and I love it. I just have to use it everyday before using cleansing oil and facial wash.

Korea Depart $7.02 (excluding shipping)
Jolse $11.98 (including shipping)
Chrystelle Belle IDR 145,000

skinfood milky rose

Have you tried any products from the Milky Rose line?

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