Skinfood Rose Soft Cream Blusher Review

skinfood milky rose cream blush review

I have never wanted to try cream blush before cause my previous oily skin didn't allow me to. Now that my skin is less oilier (only around the nose), I don't apply matte powder on my cheeks anymore and it's finally time to try on cream blusher. I was glad to see that Skinfood also released cream blush on their latest Milky Rose line. My obsession with Skinfood Milky Rose products didn't end on the Point Makeup Remover I reviewed a while ago. Though I had a nightmare with the previous Skinfood rose matte blush I purchased last year that is NOT pigmented in any way, so I had my doubt when I was picking this Milky Rose Cream Blusher. But I'm glad the result of this cream blusher doesn't disappoint me. 

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skinfood milky rose cream blush review

If you think it looks big, no it's not. In fact, this product is quite small, which makes it travel friendly cause it's almost weightless. It's light pink with the milky rose's rosy painting label, the same as other products in the line. 

I don't understand a thing from the back cause it's hangeul. But I got the #5 Aqua Rose cause from the promotional photo, no 5 looks pink with a hint of purple. 

There are 6 colors. #1 Fenice Rose, #2 Milky Rose, #3 Apricot Rose, #4 Orange Rose, #5 Aqua Rose, #6 Edge Rose. All the colors match the spring colors and mostly are pink, also peach and orangeish.

skinfood milky rose cream blush review
skinfood milky rose cream blush review
The best thing about this blusher is, it comes with a mirror yay! I think it's really nice, considering the previous rose matte blush didn't have mirror. So this is a plus for me.

skinfood milky rose cream blush review

Even on indoor light (it was late night when I took the photo) it's true to its color. Pigmentation is pretty great, and it is buildable. Once rubbed 2-3 times, the color turns softer. It's easy to build up the color, or when I want the color to be less noticeable, I just need to rub and blend. I usually dab and blend it in circular motion.

skinfood milky rose cream blush review

- Very light, travel friendly
- Comes with mirror
- Six colors available
- Cute packaging
- Pigmented & buildable
- Long lasting
- Lovely rose scent
- Powdery finish
- Cheap

- Can be a bit unhygienic

I'm not exaggerating when I say this is my go to blush, even though it's my first time using cream blusher. It comes with mirror, very handy and travel friendly. Aside of the cute packaging, the rose scents draws me in. The first time I rub my fingers on it and swipe it on my cheeks, it feels creamy and moist, which makes it easy to blend it in. But after a while it turns powdery which sticks to the skin and lasts for long hours. For me it stays on until the time I remove my makeup. It's pigmented and true to its color. The only downside is, it can be kinda unhygienic when applying with fingers. So either clean your fingers before poking them on the product, or use beauty blender (yes it works) to apply. Overall, I'm loving this creamy blusher! 

Jolse for $10.98 (free worldwide shipping)

That's all for today's review. Hope you like it and.... I pretty much showed it off already on my social media, but as you can see, I'm loving my new turqouise highlights lol! Planning to highlight a bit more with this color ^^ I use Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise if you're wondering :) Anyway,

Do you prefer cream or powder blush?

Disclaimer: This product mentioned is sent by Jolse to try and sample, but all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

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