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I know I always skipped medical dramas whenever I got the chance. While I think doctors and surgeons are cool, but looking at bleeding organs isn't my thing. Last medical drama I watched? Emergency couple lol and that's cause it's Song Jihyo and my lovely Choi Jinhyuk, and that's cause mainly it's a romance drama with some surgeries here and there, and to be honest I still haven't finished it lol. But I just couldn't miss Doctor X episodes after I watched one episode accidentally.

I'm so glad I did this drama a chance or I would've missed such a great drama. It's not a typical hospital drama with budding romance or love triangles, but this drama is about girl power lol which I like and more about surgeons life and hospital politics. The plot is really interesting, the cast are great, especially the main actress. If you're tired of frustrating love triangles or pentagon and want a change for once, try watching Doctor X.

 Keep reading to see what this drama is all about.

It's about a freelance surgeon named Daimon Michiko. She is hired by Teito University Hospital because there is huge turn over at the time and the hospital is short handed. She comes to the hospital on her first day, wearing fashionable but inappropriate outfit. She is beautiful but not the typical pretty girls. But she is far from friendly. Michiko can't cooperate with fellow doctors, and doesn't like to be in a group and rather work alone. When she gets hired, she demands some things like she won't do anything that doesn't require medical license like joining the hospital rounds every morning, doing errands, covering up for love affairs (lol), drinking parties, and will get off work punctually at 5 PM.

The whole surgery department doesn't like her cause she comes off as arrogant, rude, and too much. She has attitude, but what she says mostly is correct. She doesn't like sugarcoating things, when she diagnoses a patient will die she will say straightforwardly to their face lol. But her skills are just too awesome, that one by one the surgeons in the department acknowledge her skills. She lost her father who was a great surgeon, at young age and she was trained by her father's colleague to Cuba. 

The surgeons in the hospital found out an old article about a great miraculous surgeon who treated patients in Cuba. It says that the surgeon was so amazingly great and was able to do flawless surgeries and is called Doctor X. 

Michiko is able to find out and diagnose the disease in patients that other surgeons overlook. Though she always gets objected but she always forces to do the surgery while saying her catchphrase, "watashi shippai shinai node" which means I never fail, that makes others hate her cause obviously there's nobody who never make a mistake.One of the funny elements in this drama is her manager, who is her mentor, Akira. Whenever Michiko finished a surgery, or getting off work overtime because of surgery, Akira would come to the director's office to collect the bill. He's funny and awesome too.

I can't spoil the plot more than this lol but seriously it's a great drama that has to be watched! And the great thing is about this drama is, they blur the bleeding organs (yay!) at least I am not so terrified when watching the surgeries. When I finished watching until the last episode, I was like urgh I need more and was hoping for second season. It actually surprised me cause I usually don't watch intense medical drama but I'm so in love with Michiko that I need more of her and her awesomeness. 

Luckily for me, they actually had second season! Haha not all the former team is in this second season, but Jonouchi sensei and Akira sensei, and obviously Michiko are still there so I'll watch. As an addition, Fujiki Naohito is there too! I've always loved him ever since his role on gyarusa XD Too bad Kaji sensei from season 1 isn't in the season 2 :/ I hope WAKUWAKU JAPAN will air Doctor X 2 too >_<

Thanks to the drama success, they also released the manga version. I'm so gonna find this manga and read online lol that's how addicted I am to Doctor X. I highly recommend this drama as it's a really great and amusing, and can be somewhat educating too. If you live in Indonesia, you can also watch other great Japanese dramas and shows on WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel on Okevision, First Media, and Indovision.

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