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Probably since I watched Doctor X that I become more interested in medical drama that I used to avoid. I didn't know I would be hooked with another medical theme, in this case anime, once I watched it randomly on WAKUWAKU JAPAN. I was very late and couldn't follow this anime from the beginning so I got a bit confused but I watched it anyway. The theme is a bit similar to Doctor X, but Black Jack was released as manga around 1970, so I wouldn't doubt its originality.

It's about Black Jack, a superb doctor and surgeon that always gets contacted by patients with incurable unique diseases. I'm not familiar with medical terms and its diseases but I don't think some of the diseases really exist XD Patients willing to pay him any amount, even though he's unlicensed doctor. Well, simply because he is an outstanding one and finishes his job well.

Though he seems materialistic (at least to me) at first but he often cures the poor without any charge too. He also often accompanied by his cute little companion, Pinoko.

She is seriously the cutest. She's also very short which made me think she was some little kid who followed him around. But Pinoko claimed she was 18 years old which made me o.o She's actually Black Jack's assistant and surrogate daughter. The seiyuu for Pinoko really makes me squeal when she says something lol. 

There are also other characters in the anime. And though the graphics may not my kind of favorite in anime, but I really enjoy and like the plot. Though after few episodes it kinda feel repetitive sometimes, with patient calling him, he investigates and analyzes the disease, symptoms and backstory, then finally cure the patients. But it is never boring to me, there's always something new I can learn, and there's always a moral I can get by watching it haha sounds cliche but yes I'm hooked! Now, if only I can find this anime from the very beginning cause I hate to miss the early episodes :( I saw it's on Viki only until episode 10 though.

But Black Jack is an ongoing anime airing on WAKUWAKU JAPAN every weekends at 5 PM and 11 PM, Indonesia time. You can watch this anime on WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel if you have Indovision/Okevision/First Media. You can also watch other Japanese shows on this channel.

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