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Hello everyone! How's your weekend?

If you follow me and some other Indonesian beauty bloggers on instagram and facebook, I'm sure you were flooded by pictures we took at the event. Last week, April 27th I was invited to Cosmekita launching event at Akmani Hotel. Some of you probably heard about Cosmekita or even registered already. But in case you haven't, Cosmekita is a beauty community website dedicated to beauty consumers, readers, bloggers, companies and online shops. The main objective is to build a community that connects users with beauty bloggers and also beauty companies which will make it easier for people to find out or read new product reviews or testimonies about cosmetics, skincare or even related online shops & companies. Their slogan is "create, beauty, together" so yes it's not all just about beauty bloggers but there will be tips and beauty articles that will surely help everyone. You can also see the list of bloggers near your area and follow their blogs right away. 

You can also find top products ranking rated by users and bloggers, as well as products reviewed by bloggers. So if you're always lazy to google popular products or not even sure what's hot this month, you'll learn more just by being a member of Cosmekita and following them on social media. 

Now, in case you didn't make it to the event or you'd like to know why it was such a fun event, just keep reading :)

The event was opened by the founder, Ms. Karmila. She explained how she wanted to open a platform for all beauty consumers and bloggers to help people find informative reviews before buying a product. As a fan of cosmetics herself, she knows how people nowadays often relies on bloggers reviews before trying new products. And sometimes it's quite hard to find certain reviews so it would be so much easier if all the local beauty bloggers and users can gather together in one platform to share tips, reviews, and connect with each other.

Unfortunately the PR, Sanny Lie, couldn't make it to the event, but we got to see her through the video message, speaking her views on Cosmekita. 

Then Mr. Kenny continued the show with sharing some useful blogging tips. Warning, it was not a collage but me taking the photo behind the mirrored pillar since I seated on the far back lol. Anyway, he was kind and friendly, he also let us know the results of some surveys Cosmekita had about bloggers and blogging life, such as how much most bloggers spend money each month, and also if blogging is a full time job for bloggers, etc. It was pretty insightful.

Then the event continued with the host inviting a young makeup artist to the stage. Ms. Olga also happens to be a makeup artist who got contacted and sponsored by Anastasia Beverly Hills for her amazing eyebrow works. She shared she got noticed by Anastasia Beverly Hills since she regularly uploaded her makeup photos on instagram (so guys posting makeup selfies on instagram isn't vain at all lol). There, she also demonstrated how to create perfect looking eyebrows to all of us.

Riri (that's what I call her) aka Riyanti was the eyebrow model. Ms. Olga explained in details how to create perfect and proportional eyebrows with measuring the angles of the eyebrows and eyes, depending on our eye shape. Though I honestly don't like too perfect eyebrows (I think perfect looking brows look kinda unnatural to me and even the most natural eyebrows don't have the same shape and curve lol but it's just me) but it's interesting to see and learn how to create one. I'll show Riri's eyebrows down below.

At the end of the event, we were introduced to Yamano Salon of Beauty from Japan. It's a salon that's been around for hundreds of years for generations. How awesome is that?

Then Kenny asked Yamano-san the makeup artist, and Yazawa-san, the hairstylist to get on the stage and introduced the salon to all of us. Kenny was also the translator that day. Being a fan of Japanese culture, lifestyle, and especially hair & makeup, I walked to the very front to listen and learn more lol I'm so ashamed whenever I remember how I acted like such weirdo fangirl that day. 

Especially when we got to ask anything we'd like to know about Japan, and of course I asked. My friend just came back from Japan and she didn't see a single hime gyaru on the streets so I got curious and asked "how's gyaru trend? (gyaru torendo ha dou desuka?)" and Yamano-san misheard it as "Do you have a girlfriend?" (gaarufurendo wa imasuka?) LOL after Kenny cleared the misunderstanding (thanks to my shy and small voice lol) Yamano-san and Yazawa-san explained how girls there wear fashion like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and AKB48 which made me O_O but then I think probably they meant girls in general not really gyaru gals. But it's still interesting to hear about Japan fashion trend, and how many girls like to wear clothes like anime, according to Yamano-san.

Yazawa-san and Yamano-san also did demonstration of their makeup and hairstyles with Karina and Rini as the models. While they were creating artwork on the models, they also explained why they chose the colors or style on them.

Yazawa-san said because it's very hot in Jakarta, so he made a unique hairstyle on Karina so she can appear fresh and neat without getting all sweaty due to the weather here. I can't really explain word by word but if my memory doesn't fail me, her hair was tied into back low ponytail and styled in a unique (unexplainable) way with some twist and turns into a neat bun with inserting some part of the tied hair upwards and pinned it. The way he did it surely looked easy but I'm sure it needs practice to do that properly lol (I'm bad with hair). The hairstyle is wearable for daily activities. I know Japanese girls have like 2-3 dozens of hairstyles they wear and style everytime they go out, which is amazing.

Yamano-san did Rini's makeup. Can't spot Rini's trademark korean eyebrows? That's cause she had japanese style makeup that day lol. I really like her makeup of course (since it's japanese style). Yamano-san put light but fresh makeup on her with pinkish color that's also wearable. You'll see more of her makeup down below.

Then Yazawa-san worked on Rini's hair. He made an A line shaped hair with the curls. The iron curled hair was then combed randomly using his fingers, creating a volumized messy look and then set with hairspray. What's interesting is the cute flower shaped bun on her side. It was actually a section from her fringe to the side of her hair, which was braided, not just any normal braid but it was braided while kinda pulled sidewards so it was ready to be twisted and shaped like a flower using bobby pins.

The details of Rini's hairstyle. Look at the flower braided bun! How beautiful :D I must say this hairstyle is easier to do and doesn't take much time.

Then both of them introduced the trend in Japan with gold temporary tattoo. Yamano-san also chose 10 lucky people who could get the golden tattoo. One person from each table. I was curious so I raised my hand too lol (I was so curious in everything) and Yamano-san kindly chose me saying "cosplay mitai" which means "the one who looks like cosplay(er?)" though I was wearing my gyaru getup lol. Anyway, me and 9 other girls lined up to wait for our turns.

Once it was my turn, I seated and Yamano-san asked which part I would like to get tattooed. So I just pointed at the back of my arm. I thought I got to choose the design, but obviously I didn't lol. Then Yamano-san asked me if I spoke Japanese (in Japanese), and I answered only a little bit. Then we chitchatted about Japan, Japanese and Indonesian languages, how he also learned Indonesian. And that I apologized for my bad Japanese cause I forgot most of it already haha (and I was actually nervous lol) but he was so kind telling me I did good (though I didn't). He was super friendly and down to earth. And because we chitchatted, I didn't even see how to stick the temporary tattoo but I guess it's something to do with water. And suddenly it was finished. 

The tattoo is 99.9% gold and it lasts for 7 days. I still have it until today cause I've been so careful not to rub it when I was in the shower. Call me dirty but it's just too cute I want to have it forever on my arm lol. I actually didn't know Yamano-san put the ribbon shaped one, so when it was finished, I was surprised and asked him. Yamano-san said "because you wear ribbon bracelet" so I was like he knows my style lol. Overall, I'm really satisfied with the design he picked (obviously).

Here's also another design of the tattoo on Echa's hand. Please excuse my big hand holding her oh so tiny wrist lol. Rini has the same design too on her wrist.

On each table there were Nudy Aura products which was given to a lucky winner. I tried to decipher the kanji but failed miserably lol. Too bad most of us couldn't try the hair products too cause it seems really great. Anyway, after the makeup and hair demo by Yamano-san and Yazawa-san, the host concluded the show and we all mingled and spread around the ballroom, taking selfies and group photos.

Selfies time!

 Took some pictures with Riri (only posted one for the sake of your poor eyes) and her perfect eyebrows. Also with Rini (for the nth time). Her makeup is flawless and perfect.

 With my colorful hair partner, Miharu Julie. I think we got asked by others how we did our hair.

I also took selfie with Yazawa-san, he was really friendly. Now we follow each other too on social media lol

There's a lot of photos, and I already held myself back actually by not posting every photos I have lol. Sorry we kinda couldn't stop taking photos. Anyway, it was such a fun event, I got to meet new blogger friends too aside of the bloggers I already friend with. It was also a nice experience, getting to know a nice beauty community for everyone, and got to learn more about Japan.

We all went home with goodie bag and look what I've got! I will review the products very soon ^^ Thank you for reading this super long post and hope we can connect on Cosmekita ~

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