Criss Cross Eyelashes

I always wear eyelashes when I go out (except to work). It's a must for me. But I've been wearing the same lashes multiple times that I get so used to it and kinda don't think I need to wear others. I guess I'm that kind of person who keeps ordering the same food whenever I come to the same restaurant once I know it tastes really good. It works that way on other things too, such as eyelashes, in this case. Though I own many different types of eyelashes, I keep using the same ones (my favorite is Diamond lashes in case you don't know). And if you see the other lashes I've used before (the ones that's not Diamond's) mostly always have similar design, the dramatic gal type for upper lashes, and individual long and thick lashes for lower lashes. Being a gal, I guess that's what I find most comfortable and pretty. 

But I guess it's time to wear different lashes models and try new thing. So I decided to try criss cross upper and lower lashes. The upper lashes look super dramatic from the picture, but it's nothing like that when worn, it's pretty subtle once I put it on. The lower lashes are also criss cross design and I don't know where I've been that I've never really own criss cross lower lashes cause it's seriously so pretty and looks more natural.

Keep reading to see how it looks like on me.

The pink and floral packaging is so cute *_* Both eyelashes are handmade so the quality is really good. I especially adore the lower lashes.

Chan Mei Eyelash K-Series
There are 5 pairs of eyelashes in a box. Don't they look pretty? I love how it doesn't look like your average curved lashes. When I got it, I could see the thick lash band might feel a bit heavy. The hair is really soft though it looks like synthetic but it's not. It's soft but still a bit stiff. I still give it A+ for the design. I really love the design. But to be honest, I'm not super in love how heavy it feels on my eyelids after few hours. The lash band is a bit stiff too. 

criss cross eyelashes
Criss Cross Lower Lashes
This lower lashes box is my favorite! It has 10 pairs of lower lashes which will last for a long time, as one pair can be used again few times. It looks seriously so natural but very gorgeous. The lash band is transparent. I have no complain about this lower lashes cause well... I only have praises for it. At first it felt a bit tight once glued and put on though, but after a while it's alright again. I notice I always have similar problem with chinese lower lashes, probably the lash band? But anyway, it is really lovely, though I regret cutting 2 sections of the lashes cause I thought it'd be too long (I was wrong lol). 

Even though the upper lashes look super thick and dramatic in the box, but once worn I barely see it unless on certain angle. I think it looks more subtle. And the lower lashes give my eyes more natural look (compared to my dramatic Diamond lower lashes).

You can get these lashes on KKCENTERHK. They ship worldwide and my readers can also get 10% off on your orders if you use coupon code "misaraisu"

What kind of eyelashes do you prefer?

Disclaimer: The products mention above are sent to me for review purposes. However all thoughts and opinions are written honestly and entirely my own.

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