Etude House Face Conditioning Cream Review

etude house face conditioning cream review

Having combination oily (moistly oily) skin made me think I didn't need moisturizer or any creamy lotion on my face before putting my makeup. I used to apply Olay Moisturizer before but I stopped using it when my face turned oilier in this humid weather. All I put on my face was my oil free primer before my foundation. I've mentioned it before on my previous posts that my skin (especially the non oily area) gradually becomes drier with the constant use of oil free face products. Around my eyebrows, cheeks, and I also begin to see more fine lines under and around my eyes. They look too obvious these days that I decided that face lotion / moisturizer is a must for my skin.

I heard good things about Etude House Face Conditioning Cream from my friends reviews that I decided to try it out. It is basically a face cream that provides moisture, nourishment, which acts as makeup booster with whitening, anti wrinkle and SPF functions. It claims to control oil and help makeup glide smoother. Sounds like a moisturizer + primer to me.

Now let's see how if it does good to my skin.

The packaging is as big as Etude House Precious BB creams. It has SPF 25 and from the ingredients list I can see this product is also paraben free, just like other Etude House products.

The tube is also pretty big and a little goes a long way, since I don't need to use that much. It also has mild scent that doesn't bother me.

Sorry for the dark swatch photos it's been cloudy and dark whenever I'm taking product photos lately >_< The cream is white and it spread well. I never put on that much on my face cause it might feel too thick and greasy on me. But usually I only put tiny pea size each on my forehead, cheeks, and chin which I spread to dry area under my eyes. It absorbs easily making a silky but moist layer. It doesn't feel creamy once settled into the skin.

Nobody told me this cream helps with toning down redness too, so I was amazed! I thought it was just a transparent cream, but apparently it helps concealing some pores and correcting redness. My fine lines don't magically disappear but this cream helps softening them. Oh, it also brightens my dull skin. Look how it gives me subtle glow too. I can't say much about oil control cause I never wear this cream alone, simply because I always wear BB cream / foundation when going out.

 But I do test and compare when wearing this conditioning cream + foundation with my usual oil free primer + foundaiton. Usually after applying my oil free primer + foundation, my nose looks nasty and some parts of my skin obviously look flaky and unflattering even with makeup. But I try to leave my oil free primer and just wear this face conditioning cream under my foundation and I can't stress enough why I love how my skin looks. Though after few hours my nose starts to shine like usual, but my skin is more moisturized and looks healthy without flaking. Plus, the area under my eyes don't look as dry as usual and I've been loving this cream and using it whenever I feel my skin is more on the dry side. Of course, for me this cream doesn't mean to be worn alone but it's perfect under my BB cream / foundation.

- Moisturizing
- Brightening
- Softening the appearance of pores and fine lines
- Makeup glides smoother
- Tone down redness
- Subtle glow
- A little goes a long way
- Affordable for such quantity of product

- Might not travel friendly with its size
- A bit too greasy when applied too much for oily skin

RATING  ❤❤❤❤

Jolse for $13.98

- Dry skin, apply on dry areas after skincare and essence
- Oily skin, apply after basic skincare

Have you tried this product? What's your favourite moisturizer?
Disclaimer: The product mentions above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.

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