Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Lavender Review

etude house fresh cherry tint pp501

I feel like forever since my last lippie review. Not really? Well I still have several lippies to review and I decided to start with this one, Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, in new color. I know this product was released long time ago and I'm sure many people have tried this already but recently Etude House released 2 new limited edition (?) colors to celebrate their 5th Anniversary! They released Lavender PP501 (purple) and Coral OR202 (orange). I purchased this the day it was released XD Yes I'm that obsessed with purple lippies someone needs to stop me!

Anyway, let's move on to the review before I start spouting nonsense about my undying love for purple lol~

etude house fresh cherry tint pp501

etude house fresh cherry tint pp501

etude house fresh cherry tint pp501

What a cute packaging!!! Maybe cause mainly it's purple and screams cute, but it's too adorable (and a bit party ish with the Happy 5th Birthday and birthday cake almost on all sides). Etude House always has the cutest packaging, but the lilac and purple theme totally won my heart ^^

The ingredients list is rather hard to read because of the confetti background.

The tint packaging is exactly the same as the older version, in purple bottle.

I like how the doe foot applicator is short and chibi like. The color on the applicator looks pretty purplish.

On my hand, the color looks like milky lavender, soft and pretty. I was in love with the color cause it doesn't look freakish scary poisoned purple. But it's different on my lips.

I took it under bright lighting, it is more purplish pink. And I'm glad it turns out this color on my lips, cause on the promotional photo PP501 looks more pink with a hint of lilac. I guess different lips get different results?

- Moisturizing and definitely not drying
- Quite pigmented
- Milky lavender with grape scent and taste
- Affordable
- Buildable color
- Glossy finish
- Travel friendly
- Not sticky

- Last for 2-3 hours before I start reapplying especially after I eat/drink

Despite the lasting power, it is a VERY lovely tint. I personally don't like using lip tint, but I gotta love this one. The lip tints I tried before always make my lips look like I hadn't drank water in 3 days. This Fresh Cherry Tint keeps my lips moist and not drying out. The color payoff is really great and it's buildable. It can be as sheer or bolder as I want. I love how it has glossy finish, and not turn matte (which would dry out my lips). Mostly when I'm trying out new lipsticks and they don't give me enough moisture for my dry lips, I use a sheer layer of this fresh cherry tint on top just to moisturize my lips more and gives me more gloss. The only downside is I have to reapply few times a day cause lasting power isn't that good, though I don't find it as a huge problem as it's really easy to apply and build the color. I really recommend this for anyone who wants natural finish, but moisturizing. It's also very affordable.


Jolse for $7.09 (free worldwide shipping)
Korea Depart for $5.66 (excluding shipping)

Please note that I have pigmented lips and color results may vary on others ^^ But overall I really like this lip tint, probably the first lip tint I love and keep using.

Have you tried Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint before? Did you try the new released colors?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review, I purchased the product with my own money.

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