Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover Review

Ever since I tried my first Korean foundation (which was Etude House Skin fit foundation that I really liked), I've been on a hunt for another nice Korean foundation that's less creamy and more lightweight but with great coverage. Then I found Innisfree just released some Smart Foundation series that was divided into 4 different foundations. I like the fact that they separate the foundations based on people needs. There are Smart Foundation Water Balancing, Smart Foundation Super Moisture, Smart Foundation Long Lasting, and Smart Foundation Perfect Cover, which I will be reviewing. Though I personally would love it more if Long Lasting and Perfect Cover could be in 1 product instead.

Anyway, I expected a lot from this product, way more than Skin Fit Foundation cause this Innisfree says it's a "perfect cover" which I desperately need for my acne scars and other imperfections. It also claims to be lightweight. There are 3 shades, #13 Light Beige, #21 Natural Beige and #23 Natural Beige. I've been using Light Beige for Korean BB creams and foundations, like Lioele and Etude House face products. I purchased #13 assuming it would be pretty much like Etude House N02 shade. Innisfree also recommends Smart Foundation Perfect Cover for people who have blemishes and skin trouble issues so I had high hope in this. 

Now let's see if this product lives up to its claims :)

innisfree perfect cover foundation

 Innisfree is one of the Korean cosmetic companies that promotes eco friendly products and they always use recycled packaging. I own a few of Innisfree products and all the packaging I had is made of dark recycled paper but this one is lighter in color, and more simple. It's also printed with soy ink. As you can see this product claims are printed on the side: Smooth fit, long lasting, and perfect coverage. 


The lack of english description on the back. I also can't find the ingredients list.

 The shade I got is the lightest (cause normally natural beige can't match my neck) , #13 Light Beige. 

innisfree perfect cover foundation

It's a 15 ml product and it comes in a small tube. It's not a big product so it comes in handy, but I think it's nice cause sometimes I don't know if I have to buy BB cream/foundation that comes in huge container that cost a lot not knowing if it'd fit my skin or not. Innisfree Smart Foundation is small and cost less than $10 each, which is pretty nice since it'd be a waste to throw away let's say a foundation that cost $25-30 that I won't use again after few uses. But of course, the downside is this product would run out fast if I use often.

Sorry I used flash so it kinda reflected and look too light >< But the color is indeed pretty light even on my face, it's also lighter than Etude House N02 shade so this shade may only suit people with very fair and pale skin.

It has not artificial fragrance smell, but I don't like this smell either. It smells more... herb-y I guess? Sorry I'm bad at explaining scents but yeah I don't dig the smell. The texture is less liquidy. If I have to compare with Etude House Skin Fit foundation, this innisfree foundation is more creamy and harder to spread and blend. Maybe it'd be better if blended with Innisfree Smart Make Up Blender. 

 It claims to be "high coverage" but look what it does? Haha well it covers most of the blemishes but the major acne are still there, visible though less red. It would suit people with less acne I guess, but then again the point of this product is to give "perfect" coverage and it doesn't. Of course I can use a concealer but what's the point of having "perfect cover" if it barely cover much? I have BB creams and cushion with way better coverage. So this foundation is pretty useless for me. It doesn't feel extremely lightweight on my combination skin either. Don't even start with oil control, it doesn't have decent oil control. The only thing that matches to its claims is long lasting. It lasts until night when I go home with the area around my nose already melting because of my oily nose but the other parts are still intact.

But this Innisfree Smart Foundation (not that smart to be honest) Perfect Cover is just a so so foundation that feels like less creamy BB cream. I can name several BB creams that do better job than this foundation. So yeah, don't buy if you have similar acne prone, combination skin like me with major blemishes and scars. Maybe I had too much expectation for this product so I'm just too disappointed it doesn't do a decent job as a "high coverage" foundation. Luckily it doesn't rob my bank account. I know there are people who love this product, but I must admit this foundation isn't for me :)

- Small and travel friendly
- Affordable
- Covers some redness and minor blemishes
- Good lasting power
- Not high coverage like its claims
- Not that lightweight
- So so oil control

RATING  ❤❤❤❤❤


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