Lioele Crystal Beam Cushion Pact Review

lioele cushion review

I guess by now some of you have already known my love for Lioele products. I just got another Lioele product review I want to share today, Lioele Crystal Beam Cushion Pact! Yes, I know I got some other cushions and just can't resist to try more as I really find cushion products really helpful especially when I'm in a rush or had to apply / touch up face makeup in the car. So having more certainly wouldn't hurt. 

Ever since I saw Lioele released Crystal Beam series, I've been lusting for this cushion pact. I was so in love with the promotional pictures (as always) cause this cushion pact seems to make skin look really dewy and crystal clear. I had high expectation, as I am also still in love with Lioele Crystal Beam lip lacquer from the same series, the one I reviewed recently. So without further ado, let's see how this cushion looks like. 

I'm glad Lioele released a bigger cushion, unlike my favorite cushion all time, Lioele Moist Beam cushion, which is a bit smaller in size. This Crystal Beam cushion pact comes with a box packaging that's plain looking, white with glossy embossed swirls that's not camera friendly. But it has the information you I need to know about the product, except for the ingredients list. 

It is available in 2 shades, no. 21 and 23. Yes both shades are fairly light and I got no 21, Cool Beige.

I was literally confused why they didn't include ingredients list, only to find some scribbles inside the box. And it was the ingredients list -.- Like seriously, why would they put the ingredients list there I barely noticed it if I wasn't looking. I always like to store all my cosmetics products in their original box packaging, so I still can't tear it and read the ingredients list. 
lioele cushion pact

The cushion pact size is about the same as Etude House Any cushion, in case you're wondering. Manufactured date is printed on the back.

lioele cushion review

It comes with mirror and air puff. I will talk about the air puff later. But this compact, compared to my forever favorite cushion product, Lioele Moist Beam cushion, is bigger in size and less roundish, it's more square-ish and I like this compact more, size and design wise.

There's separator lid to separate the cushion from the puff, and to store the cushion from air though I find the separator comes off as a bit unstable sometimes. It does its job well when closed tight though. But be careful when opening it as I tried to open it wide once and the whole cushion just got removed from its case. Luckily I could clasp it back just fine, so it's not biggie.

The air puff is pretty decent, but somehow I always love Amore Pacific air puffs more, like Etude House and Laneige's. This Lioele puff is good, but I feel like it absorbs more product than it should? So I refrain from pressing the cushion too hard using this puff cause I don't want to waste more product. And the thing I don't like about white/beige air puff is... even after it's washed and cleansed, there will be stain and make it look less cleaner lol but anyway this puff isn't bad at all. It transfers the product well on to the skin, just need to dab lightly. 

lioele cushion review
 This is how the cushion sponge looks like. It turns the white sponge to medium beige once pressed. But the real color isn't as dark as how it looks like on the cushion.

When I pressed my finger on the cushion, the real shade is this light, which matches my skin it looks like Etude House N02 shade. I must say I'm rather disappointed by the promotional pictures cause this cushion is obviously more like CC Cushion to me. It's more transparent with light coverage. So I have to break it to you, it's not supposed to cover much and major blemishes. It does help correcting tones and reduce redness though.

lioele cushion review

Since it has too light coverage, I usually apply base foundation or CC cream first, because I have acne scars. In this photo I already applied light layer of Etude House Skin Fit Foundation before patting Lioele Crystal Beam cushion. It works really great together on my face. While Etude House Skin Fit foundation tones my redness down and gives powdery matte finish, after applying Lioele Crystal Beam cushion, I get more dewy finish. It also helps concealing my other imperfections that the foundation couldn't fully cover. So usually I use cushion to set my makeup.

If you can see clearly, I still have some spots around my nose and chin. I need concealer to fully cover those spots. But I can see that this cushion is meant to give beautiful dewy finish and not really to cover major blemishes. It has cooling effect too. Oh, and since I don't have lip concealer at the moment, I always dab the cushion around my lips when I want to thinify my lipline.

Also, because I don't really need too dewy face when going out, I dust some powder around my cheeks and forehead especially to look less dewy with this cushion. And since I never apply this cushion alone, so I can't really tell about its ability to control oil. But with base foundation/CC cream under the cushion, it's able to stay oil free for 3-4 hours. So if you have combination or oily skin, it's recommended to reapply or blot during the day or use oil free powder on top of the cushion.

- Dewy finish
- Not cakey
- Travel friendly
- Comes with mirror and air puff
- Great amount of product
- Cooling effect
- Lightweight

- Light coverage
- Oil control is so so
- Only has 2 light shades

Lioele Crystal Beam cushion pact is a face product with light coverage that gives beautiful dewy finish. It doesn't feel too creamy once settled. It's more like CC cushion which means it is almost transparent and doesn't really cover imperfections, other than redness and some  minor blemishes. It is great for people with normal and fair skin that doesn't need to cover much cause this cushion's main feat is its lovely dewy finish. But it brightens skin and corrects tones. Oil control is so-so around 4 hours with makeup base or cc cream underneath. I like this cushion to set my makeup as it gives me beautiful glow and brightens my skin, also conceal my minor blemishes. It doesn't break me out so far. And as much as I love Lioele, I have to give this product 3.5/5 cause it's not really for my skin.

People with fair skin who prefer light coverage
People who like dewy finish
People with dull skin

Jolse for $21.98 (Free worldwide shipping)

lioele cushion reviewlioele cushion review

Up until now I still highly recommend people with similar skin like me (combination oily, acne prone with redness and acne scars) to try Lioele Moist Beam Cushion instead if you want cushion with coverage and good oil control, it's my HG cushion, though Jolse doesn't carry it anymore but I think you still can find it on w2beauty.

That's all for today hope you find this review helpful and I'll be back for more posts soon!
Disclaimer: The product mentioned was sent to me for review purposes. However, all opinions and thoughts expressed are unbiased and 100% my own.

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