Lioele Crystal Beam Lip Lacquer Review

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer

Almost every brand has released their lip lacquer products recently. And Lioele is no exception. They released Crystal Beam Lip Lacquer a while ago. And being a Lioele fan (if you didn't know already) makes me want to try their lip lacquer too, especially since it doesn't look matte or drying from the promotional pictures.While I'm not really a fan of lip gloss, but lip lacquer is like a better version of lip gloss for me. It's usually more pigmented, but less sticky. I'm glad I wasn't wrong about this Lioele lip lacquer as I pretty much use this before/after lipstick now. This is my current "must use" products. I should stop blabbering and move on to the product review. 

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer

The white and silver pacakging made it hard to photograph well :( But the box packaging is quite simple, there's nothing extraordinary.

I got the shade Shining Peach #3 which looks peachy light coral, one of my favorite colors for lips. There are 4 colors available.

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer

The packaging is in a white plastic container (too bad it's not transparent glass so I can't see how many product left).

The applicator is not the usual round doe foot, but it's more slanted so I find it more easier to apply the lacquer on my lips.

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer

When I saw the applicator I was actually surprised it was orange. I had to look at the shade number if it was the correct one. But once I tried to swatch it, it doesn't look orange. It's more peach.

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer
 This is the swatch from the promotional pictures.

This is what the color looks like on my hand. It's just the color I really like so I'm really excited. But...

The color is different on my lips. The one took with flash is the closest one to peach. But again, it's most likely cause I have very pigmented lips while the lip lacquer isn't as thick pigmented on lips. Once applied actually my lips look peachy, but after some seconds it slowly turns reddish. I still like it cause it makes my lips look more natural as if I only applied lip balm. Just like what it suggests, the lip lacquer leaves beautiful shine that feels moisturizing for good 2-3 hours. The shine gradually disappears as time goes by though, don't worry. For better application, I'd recommend to use lip concealer first. Oh, it also has scent. It smells and tastes really sweet, not really perfume-y, but sweet like candy which unfortunately makes me lick my lips more than I usually do.

- Sweet scents
- Travel friendly
- Better applicator
- Not sticky
- Color is long lasting
- Moisturizing
- Doesn't accentuate dry lips

- Shine isn't long lasting
- Only 4 colors

This Lioele Crystal Beam lip lacquer is a really nice lip lacquer with glossy finish, and quite pigmented. Though it's not as pigmented as most lipstick (obviously) or some other lacquers. I think the color is more soft looking for Shining peach. It's easy to spread and doesn't accentuate dry parts. It is moisturizing and feel more like a lip balm once settled. The color stays there even after I eat and drink. It does stain on glass or mug though. This lip lacquer tastes like sweet candy, which is a great thing cause I hate artificial perfume taste on my lips. While the color isn't exactly peach (but more pink reddish on me thanks to my pigmented lips), especially on my lower lips but you can get the peachy color if you apply lip concealer before applying the lip lacquer. The best part of this lip lacquer? It gives lovely finish and not sticky.

Jolse for $11.98

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer

lioele crystal beam lip lacquer

I personally like this lip lacquer color cause it's wearable everyday with its natural glossy finish.  But if you think Shining Peach is too natural and a bit colorless, you can also try Berry Glam, Sparkling Orange, or Twinkle Cherry. The colors can also be mixed to create gradient effect.

Have you tried this product before? What's your favorite lip lacquer?
Disclaimer: The product mentioned was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and I do not get paid to write this review.

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