OOTD: Graceful Ruffles Dress

Hi guys sorry for the lack of posts this past couple weeks, not only I've been busy with life in general, but also had some kind of silly accident that didn't allow me to move around much last week. So I'll start with quick ootd post that some of you requested. Instead of replying the same question few times separately I guess I will just make a post.

So actually I won $100 Jollychic shopping voucher from beautiful Lina's Love Between The Racks blog (visit her blog her styles are always so fashionable and inspiring!) around 1-2 months ago. And I couldn't decide what to get cause everything looks pretty. But then I found this very lovely dress which I fell in love with at first sight. I also wore this dress to Cosmetika launching event a while ago and got asked several times by some bloggers if I made this dress myself (lol unfortunately I'm not talented with sewing) or/and where I bought it from.I actually got 2 things from the store credits, but I'll post the other thing on my next ootd post.

I was a bit worried when the dress came cause usually most dresses/blouses I got online could feel... too tight on me though I always check the size before ordering. But I was super glad when I tried this on and it just fit perfectly, as if this dress was made for me. I love everything about this dress, the color, the floral patterns, the ruffles, everything! I match it with my favorite pink lolita mary jane.

It is very comfortable, and it is great quality. I love how it is the same as the stock photo on the website. And cause the skirt is a bit short for an event, I had to wear white petticoat underneath. Though even without petticoat it's flowy and puffy enough, but I do like to wear this dress with petticoat. While wearing this lovely dress I feel more... elegant and slimmer? Haha I don't know how other people saw me in this dress, but I do look at the mirror more often while wearing this. This dress kinda fit to my usual hime gyaru look too so it's just perfect, I just had to clip my hair with cute bow with similar color and patterns to complete the look.

Go visit Jollychic for more outfits and cute dresses. 

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