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Hi guys, I'm back with another Japanese drama review. It's another romcom Japanese drama that I'm sure we all can relate to. The main leads are Aibu Saki and Mokomichi Hayami (I'm a huge fangirl since Gokusen 2). What's interesting here is, this drama is the third drama they worked together. Yes third. First was Regatta, then Zettai Kareshi, and the last was Rebound. I actually watched this drama couple years ago (being a fan of Moco and all)  but never had time to finish it. So I was cheering when I coincidentally saw this drama on WAKUWAKU JAPAN

This drama is about a girl, Nobuko who met a handsome patisserie when she was 6 years old. Ever since then, she began loving eating cake until high school. Her small figure turned bigger and of course she was pretty much called as "fattie" by her classmates and people around her (except her family). But she was always happy especially when she got a boyfriend in high school who didn't seem to mind her figure. Until one day her boyfriend confessed that he liked a girl who could fit into the dress which was being displayed in a boutique.

Nobuko was determined to diet and get slimmer. She eventually did. And she even got a dream job in Eden, a fashion magazine company. She is petite and can wear any dress she wants now. But she is the same old Nobuko, an overzealous girl who still keeps her old habit, like walking the same way like when she was fat which people find her odd. The thing is her company and the boss wouldn't let a single employee gain weight. They would tell the overweight employee to not go to work until they lose weight. That's why Nobuko is being so careful since she used to be so fat (Japanese standard) and nobody in the company knows about her past.

Then one day during a meeting, Nobuko's strict and perfectionist boss decides that Nobuko should do a research on a famous patisserie which she objects at first. But she finally agrees even though she is extremely worried cause she has been avoiding cake since she succeed with her diet. Nobuko even goes to her personal doctor for consultation. The doctor also warns her not to take that job cause he knows cake is like her kryptonite. She won't be able to resist once she sees and tries some and that would ruin the doctor's hard work on Nobuko all these years. And not only she would rebound, gaining back her old weight but it'd also be worse than before.

But she goes anyway, with her friend Hitomi who she brings as the cake tester instead of her.

There she meets the patisserie which reminds her of her childhood. Apparently, it is the same store as the one she visited during her childhood. And the patisserie she met back then who encouraged her that eating his cake would bring her happiness was... Taichi's dad. Now Taichi is in charge of the famous pastry shop. When Hitomi is away, Nobuko ends up tasting Taichi's new cake. And it doesn't ring a bell. Nobuko wonders why it tastes different than what she had there before years ago. 

When she publishes the article about the pastry shop, she writes honestly that though the cakes look very beautiful but the taste is different and doesn't ring a bell of happiness. And after that Taichi's business goes down. He lost all his customers and staffs, even his girlfriend. Nobuko feels so bad cause it all happened because of her article. So she keeps visiting Taichi whose mood goes down as well, revealing his true not so prince like image. He's hot blooded and calls her ugly often. 

He hit rock bottom but with Nobuko's support he keeps making cakes, different varieties of cakes everyday and Nobuko is the one who has to test all of them. Everyday the amount of cakes she has to taste increases and everynight she gains weight. And slowly her petite figure rebounds. Luckily Taichi has bad vision and weirdly doesn't notice Nobuko's bigger figure. With so many cake tasting, Nobuko eventually gets fat again just like she used to look like. She can't show herself to Taichi and she leaves him and his cake making, trying to be slim again, making Taichi anxious cause he thinks everyone's leaving him.

I only watched couple of episodes since it airs on WAKUWAKU JAPAN (though I watched it before years ago cause I'm forgetful) but of course I find this drama entertaining cause it's just what some girls experience with the losing weight and gaining it back again, losing weight, rebound again and so on. It happens to me a lot too, so while this drama may be exaggerating at some parts, but it's just something people do, for the sake of appearance and others. I can totally relate to Nobuko. Though she loves cake and doesn't hate herself but with the constant bullying and call naming she got which is totally offensive, she tried to find a way to be accepted. She also wants to wear cute dresses which unfortunately come in small sizes. Well, I'm pretty sure it happens to most of us. And I really recommend Rebound drama. 

I also like Nobuko's cute but zealous personality. And how she always supports Taichi who makes the prettiest cakes alive. Lol seriously the cakes always make me crave for real fattening cakes. They all look so pretty and tempting. 

You can watch Rebound drama on WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel on Indovision, Okevision, and First Media as it's airing from monday to thursday at 7 PM!

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