Under The Same Roof Japanese Drama

I remember the first time I watched J-drama was back then around 1998-1999 I think? I was still so young but I remember vaguely I watched Tokyo Love Story with my nannies lol. They say classic 90s dramas were one of the best era for J-drama. Was it though? Well, plot and characters wise probably. I still enjoyed watching the classic GTO drama a while ago though the 90s fashion might not be my favorite to be quite honest.

Though I love modern dramas, I can't deny classic dramas entertain me too, story wise. I am a sucker for family drama especially. Though probably it wasn't that melodramatic like most dramas nowadays, but I could cry my heart out watching family dramas lol. Anyway, few days ago I watched Under The Roof (Hitotsu Yane no Shita) season 1 on WAKUWAKU JAPAN. And I was late actually, but then the first character I saw was the long haired guy with friendly eye smile and cheesy smile. The first thing popped out off my mouth was.... "Mikami?" I don't even know how I still remember that lol but his face was so familiar and as I googled I just noticed the guy is totally Mikami in Tokyo Love Story. Oh my childhood... (I was so into Kanji back then though) XD And I was hooked. 

Sorry I can't find better quality photos of this drama characters lol. So this drama is about a family with 6 kids. The kids lost their parents 7 years ago and had to get separated cause some were adopted by foster family, some was sponsored to be a professional runner, etc. They were separated as kids. The eldest, Tatsuya, or what the kids called "an-chan" had to end his marathon running career once he had severe injury. He decided to go back to his hometown to reconnect with his siblings. He wrote letters to them, thinking his brothers and sisters would pick him up at the station. But he saw no one. 

He then began to track and find his siblings one by one. But being separated since they were so young, over the years they stopped communicating and eventually lost contact. The first one he visited was the first sister, Koyuki. She's the perfect woman, beautiful, charming, even in the 90s fashion still looks good and I have no complain about old fashioned hairstyle etc lol. She's just like the pretty girl next door guys wanna be with. She's also more motherly, and who helps an-chan with the other siblings. Though, she also has an issue. She has a secret affair with her manager at work who already has a wife lol.

The second brother, Masaya is now a surgeon. He was adopted by foster parents and was promised to inherit the hospital by his dad. He's smart and a realist. I don't have much to say about him cause I haven't seen much of him yet. Then there's the rebellious delinquent brother and the handicapped youngest brother :( Oh there's also Koume, the little sister who had to stay with relatives and got bullied by the kids of the family. She also works at night as club host though she was still in school. 

After reuniting his siblings, An-chan who was supposed to get married to his beautiful girlfriend had to postpone for the sake of his distant siblings. Each and everyone of them had their own issues, especially after not meeting with each other for 7 years. An-chan wanted them to live together again at his house where he started his laundry business with Koyuki as lovely assistant. It's a family drama without much lovey dovey element. But so far I'm enjoying this drama a lot. I love the bright and silly An-chan who never really think when he speaks, not that he's brainless but probably he's one of the few that really didn't change much after their separation. He tried hard to reunite the siblings despite their issues and resentment.

They may look too old fashioned when I look at them now but it's a really heartwarming drama with morals. I really enjoy watching their dialogues. I also love Koyuki, as the mother of the siblings. It's still airing on WAKUWAKU JAPAN (currently on episode 4) and I'll watch episode 5 again next monday. So if you have Indovision / First media / Okevision, don't miss out this classic drama. You can watch on WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel every monday to thursday at 6 PM.

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