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Hello! It's been a while since my last circle lens review and today I am back with a new circle lens. It's from Vassen. If you don't know already, Vassen is my favorite circle lens brand so far, cause their lenses are just so comfortable (too comfy compared to other brands I've tried so far) and their designs and colors always make my eyes pop out. Since I've tried many of unique colors lately, like pink and gold, I decided to try more neutral color like brown. To be honest I don't have many brown circle lens with smaller diameter. I always love 16 mm diameter but I need to tone down my circle lens crazed on some occasions, and this circle lens is my perfect choice. It's brown and only has 15 mm diameter. I guess I only had 2 pairs all my life lol. But with Vassen designs I know their brown colors would still make my eyes pop. I wasn't wrong, Vassen Kirei brown is super pretty and doesn't disappoint me at all.

Keep reading to see more about this circle lens.

I received the circle lens in vials with free animal case and hair velcro. I love how it's all so aqua blue ish :)

There's some information on the vial label.

It looks yellow gold-ish from the stock photo, and when I received and saw the lens, it's also around the same color, honey brown kind of, so I didn't expect much. But I'm appalled once I put it on my eyes. In natural to bright lighting the color is more pale and less yellow. On my natural dark iris, the color still stands out. As you can see I have very small iris, so the lens look more light around the white part of my eyes. But even so, the part that covers my iris still look pretty. The design is pretty simple actually, with thick and more natural rims. It's not black, but more dark brown. I'm in love with how the color turns out once worn. 

This circle lens has 42% water content, just like other Vassen circle lenses. It's really comfortable. Even though the lens is solid but the material is pretty thin and I don't feel like wearing anything on my eyes. Of course just like any normal lens, it gets drier after few hours, I'm not gonna lie. But it's nothing like making your entire eyes very dry or irritate your eyes. As far as I know, Vassen lenses never do that to my super dry and sensitive eyes, unless I'm in a full blown air conditioner room. So when I feel my eyes a bit dry, I just use my Rohto lens eyedrop.

It is a 15 mm circle lens, and since I have small iris (probably 12-13mm) this lens still make my eyes bigger, though I need to get used to it since I usually wear 16mm lenses.

I may sound biased but Vassen lenses always make me happy wearing it. This one is no exception. The design is quite natural but the color stands out. Only in dark lighting the color looks more dark brownish on me. But in outdoor and natural lighting I pretty much still see how the lens make my eyes pop. Vassen Kirei is also so comfortable I can wear it literally all day (though it's not advisable). With 15 mm diameter, this lens surely enlarges my eyes, not too much but enough. It comes off as more natural and less alien ish for people with smaller eyes too. Though this lens ends up not making my eyes have the natural brown color I wanted, but nonetheless I'm very satisfied with how pretty the design is and how vibrant the color is.

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Sorry for the photos spam lol though my hair is a mess in the photos, but I really like how the circle lens looks like that I couldn't hold my selfie urges. Thank you for reading and see you on my next post ^^

Disclaimer: The product mentions above is sent to me for review purposes. However my thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.

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