Hello Summer Giveaway Winners!

Hello everyone! As our giveaway just ended yesterday, and as promised I will announce the winners. Sorry for the delay, me and Rini had a hard time checking the entries as there are so many entries, which we're thankful for, but some of the entries didn't follow the mechanics and some cheated. Rini chose one winner, while I chose another one. You can see the winners announcement too on Rini's blog www.rinicesillia.com

So without further ado, here is my blog giveaway winner picked by random.org~

Congratulation to Ashley and Rena (from Rini's giveaway winner)! Please respond to our emails within 24 hours or a new winner(s) will be chosen. Please note, the first one who responds our email can choose the prize set she prefers.

Last but not least, thank you for everyone who joined our giveaway. I'm sorry not everyone can win (we'll be broke and have to live in the streets if everyone wins lol) but there is still next time. I still have one running giveaway to win a set of accessories, you can find it on my blog sidebar and join. Also, there will be one more kawaii giveaway for my readers this month so stay tune. A little hint? It's gonna be all pink! 

That's all for today, I'll be back for more reviews this week <3

V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Review

I wear makeup everyday, also on the weekends up to 8-12 hours. Though I cleanse my face regularly, removing all those makeup with 3 religious cleansing steps which followed skincare routine, it's not secret that my skin is still not free from acne, clogged pores and skin problems. I've been told that my skin needs to be exfoliated and this year probably I haven't done any. My pores and skin are getting a lot better nowadays thanks to my favorite pore mask, Skin Watchers Cooling Pore Mask and other AC products. But whenever I'm applying makeup, I notice some areas of my skin are flaky and I see some buildup. And I finally know, I need to exfoliate immediately cause weekly skin renewal is important for my skin.

I've always thought twice when I wanted to use facial scrubs and exfoliator. Cause I have sensitive skin and basic scrubs and exfoliator tend to irritate my skin and instead of removing dead skin cells, I'd usually get even more breakout and redness. So I'm really thankful to be introduced to V10 Plus best selling product, Water Based Peeling. V10 is a Japanese skincare brand and their award winning products are probably not unfamiliar for some people. The Water Based Peeling also recently got Beauty Awards from Cosmopolitan. From the name it's obvious this product is water based, which means it won't be harsh on my skin, which also means it'd be a perfect choice for my sensitive acne prone skin. And I'm right. 

Keep reading to find out more about this amazing exfoliator.

Casual Black OOTD

There are times (many times actually) I don't really care what I wear. Most of my friends (and non friends) see me in girly frilly outfits with puffy skirt and tons of bows or/and floral accents. It's almost necessity now since I really like himekaji style. But when I don't feel like dressing up and just not in the mood for floral and girly look, I normally wear black and whatever style. If you see my wardrobe, it's dominated by black after all.

There are also times I don't have time to wash my hair lol, as I usually need 1 hour just to wash my long and heavy hair (and spend another 2-3 hours for makeup alone lol). And when I'm having bad weird hair day and no time to iron my hair (and have to go out), I just have to style my hair into twin braids. How lazy!

This is how I look and dress myself during those lazy days.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

For years I've been using matte foundations because I have combination oily skin. Lately my skin is less oily, but I still suffer from redness and hyper pigmentation. My friend is a Bourjois fan and she keeps telling me how great Bourjois foundations are, almost all the time. So the next time I went to the mall, I visited Bourjois counter and looked around. When the BA recommended me this Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, I tried it on my hand and I had to admit I loved the shade and coverage. This foundation claims to correct tones with its yellow, mauve and green pigments to eliminate dark circles, dull complexion and redness. It sounds too good to be true, especially with the 16 hours lasting power claim. Having acne and scarring, I didn't expect much from this product but I have to say that I just loveee the shade, since I usually get wrong foundation shade for stupid reasons.

Now let's move on to the review, and see why I use this foundation almost everyday now.

Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok Review

Hello guys, as you can see from the title and picture, I'm going to review another lavender lip product. Yes, I'm obsessed with lavender lippies. I actually got this product the day it was released, so it was a while ago. I just couldn't find the time to write this review yet until now. Anyway, ever since Holika Holika Heartful Lipstick that I really love, I've been monitoring Holika Holika lippies releases. So the moment I saw the promotional picture for this product, Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok with lavender color, I just couldn't miss it.

I'm actually more used to lipstick and not really a fan of lip tints. But this Holika Holika lippie comes with a cushion so I thought it would be pretty much like Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint. I was wrong though. This product is a much more interesting product. It's a lip tint, with cushion, but the cushion acts as the tint. Get what I mean? No? Well, keep reading to see more of this product ^^

Born Pretty Store Instagram Giveaway

Hi guys! If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw that I'm hosting a giveaway on instagram a while ago. It was my very first instagram giveaway that I didn't plan it thoroughly, so I restart that giveaway on my blog to be more detailed and informative.

As usual, this giveaway is open for everyone, internationally. A lucky winner will win 5 accessories pieces from Born Pretty Store! If you don't know already, Born Pretty Store is an online webstore that carries many varieties of products from clothing, makeup, nails, and accessories. I've reviewed two pieces of their pretty accessories before here.

Here are the prizes you can win:

Geo Grang Grang Big Choco Review

I did mention on my last circle lens review, that I was looking for natural circle lens without fancy color and design. And I finally decided to try Geo Grang Grang Big Choco circle lens since I heard really great things about this circle lens from many friends. Back then I never wanted a super natural circle lens, simply because my eyes look dead in black or plain dark brown circle lens. But there are those days that I don't want to attract stares and attentions at work, especially since my hair already makes people go o_O here. It's been a while since I last used Geo lenses. Ever since I discovered the pretty and comfortable circle lens brand, that is Vassen/i.Fairy, I kinda forgot about Geo until now. Most Geo lenses I tried were comfy so I didn't hesitate to try Grang Grang lens. I'm really glad I gave this lens a try cause it makes my eyes look natural brown, and it's great for people with natural dark brown eyes. 

Keep reading to learn more about this circle lens. 

Dolly 2 Tone Ash Blonde Orange Wig

ash blonde brown dolly wig

Hello guys I'm back with another wig review. As usual, when looking for a decent wig, I always look at the color, natural looking hair style, and material. Since my last wig was more of a natural straight style (though the color wasn't so natural cause it stood out), this time I go for the dolly style. I have ultra long hair that might scare children, and I had bad experience few years ago after cutting it super short (around neck length) I promised myself to never cut my hair short again. But then sometimes when wearing certain dress I don't want my long thick hair to cover my dress (and I'm totally uncomfortable when my hair is up) so I thought a shorter wig would be lovely. And I found this amazingly gorgeous wig. 

Since last week I've been posting my photos wearing the wig on my social media, and finally it's time to share about this wig on my blog. This is my favorite wig I have so far. Keep reading to find out more about this lovely wig!

Skin Watchers Cooling PORE Mask Review

skin watchers pore mask review

Hi guys! Finally, I'll be revealing my favorite pore mask today. If you've been following my blog since the beginning I'm sure you know my biggest skin problems is my humongous pores. I've done everything, clay mask, hardcore to mild nose strips, heating gel, blackhead soap, peel off masks, 3 step nose packs, well... everything. While some did work and help cleansing and removing dirt and those gunk inside my pores, of course they always come back. Please note that I always do deep cleansing every morning and night. And since end of last year I refuse to remove those oil plugs and gunk with harsh nose strips cause it only irritated my skin. While I love my Laneige Blackhead Heating Gel & Nose Pack, I do think they can be too mild for my stubborn and lately tightened pores. Yes I've been using too many pore products that my pores tighten a bit while still keeping the dirt and hair o_o So not hygienic and nasty looking, and I usually end up squeezing them with blackhead extractor tool (whatever that's called)  which gives me new pimples the next days. Yes I learned my lesson the hard way. 

So since last month I've been religiously using Skin Watchers Cooling Pore Mask. The last wash off pore masks I used were Innisfree Volcanic Jeju Clay Mask and Skinfood White Egg Mask that I haven't used in a long while. But compared to those 2 products, and other pore products I used recently, this pore mask is the best for my pores so far.

I've never heard about Skin Watchers before but it's a Korean brand specializing in skincare products. They have acne clearing, basic skincare, pore care, and cleansing products. While their price might be a little above the other skincare products from mainstream brands, but I can see why it worth every penny. Please read more if you'd like to see good improvement on my huge dirty pores after using this product.