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There are times (many times actually) I don't really care what I wear. Most of my friends (and non friends) see me in girly frilly outfits with puffy skirt and tons of bows or/and floral accents. It's almost necessity now since I really like himekaji style. But when I don't feel like dressing up and just not in the mood for floral and girly look, I normally wear black and whatever style. If you see my wardrobe, it's dominated by black after all.

There are also times I don't have time to wash my hair lol, as I usually need 1 hour just to wash my long and heavy hair (and spend another 2-3 hours for makeup alone lol). And when I'm having bad weird hair day and no time to iron my hair (and have to go out), I just have to style my hair into twin braids. How lazy!

This is how I look and dress myself during those lazy days.

Yes, I gain weight again lol and I know some of you probably would email me again with fat comments like you normally do everytime I post outfit post. I do know I don't have slim figure (I heard enough) and I think I can wear whatever I want? So I hope you can spend your hate energy with better things unless you really have that much free time in your hands. Ps. fat shaming is not cool.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Oversize sleeveless shirt and cardigan are like so comfortable and they go well together. The shirt is a bit see through with patterns. So I wear black skirt with see through layer to match it up.

A closer up of the shirt. I actually didn't know it was see through until my friend pointed it out lol. And my lazy comfy style isn't complete without black thigh high. I don't know how many times I say this but I am so in love with thigh high, I collect some now. To go with the similar color of black in this coord, I pick the thigh high with roses border, which I got from Dreamv / Yumetenbo. It's one of my favorites!

Thanks to my big thighs the rose details are stretched lol but I love the uneven top parts. The thigh high is also not opaque black. Now, the shoes... Honestly even now the shoes are so pretty to look at. It has platforms, and ankle straps and it's supposed to be really comfortable, but it's not. The shoes makes me really tall but it's not very comfortable lol I don't really like heels anyway. But I wear this on occasion where I don't need to stand or walk a lot so it's okay.

As for makeup, I don't use vibrant colors its mostly clear skin (with tons of concealer of course) with highlighter and blush and nude lips.

Shirt & Cardigan: Uniqlo
Hat & Bracelet: Choies
Skirt: Tokyo Fashion
Tights: Yumetenbo
Shoes: Jollychic

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