Dolly 2 Tone Ash Blonde Orange Wig

ash blonde brown dolly wig

Hello guys I'm back with another wig review. As usual, when looking for a decent wig, I always look at the color, natural looking hair style, and material. Since my last wig was more of a natural straight style (though the color wasn't so natural cause it stood out), this time I go for the dolly style. I have ultra long hair that might scare children, and I had bad experience few years ago after cutting it super short (around neck length) I promised myself to never cut my hair short again. But then sometimes when wearing certain dress I don't want my long thick hair to cover my dress (and I'm totally uncomfortable when my hair is up) so I thought a shorter wig would be lovely. And I found this amazingly gorgeous wig. 

Since last week I've been posting my photos wearing the wig on my social media, and finally it's time to share about this wig on my blog. This is my favorite wig I have so far. Keep reading to find out more about this lovely wig!

I received this wig from SoLolita and it comes with wig cap and the wig itself was wrapped with plastic bag and hairnet.

This is how the wig looks like. I took the pictures under room light so it looks a bit yellowish and darker. But the outer layer is ash blonde and the inner layer of hair is orangey brown. It's also curled perfectly. I swear the ashy blonde color is my favorite color ever! I used to have this color on my real hair around last year T_T I wish my hair is in this color lol. Anyway the material is heat resistant fiber. It feels soooo soft when I touch and feel the strands. It's also smooth and totally not stiff, especially the front bangs look so natural and very pretty. The inside of the wig is laced and the size can fit even people with bigger head size. 

Can you see the soft bangs? I really love it! The curls are kinda messy ish but it's perfect for my gyaru look. The ashy color looks grey ish in natural lighting but more silverish in bright lighting like the right photo. While it's normal ash blonde under low lighting.

It's medium length, but it feels short for me as I'm not really used to having short hair. But the length is perfect, giving a sweet gal look.

With flash, the wig looks more shiny, but for me the shiny level is still tolerable. I can always pour baby powder on it if I want the wig to look less shinier.

This wig is also super comfortable. Since it doesn't wrap my head like super tight (like other cheap brand wigs) I can wear this wig up to 5-6 hours without feeling hot.

Overall, I really love and adore this wig. Like I said above, so far this is my favorite wig. It's perfect for anyone who want to have dolly look for either lolita, gyaru, and even ulzzang style. You can get this wig from SoLolita.

Disclaimer: The product mentions above was sent to me for review purposes. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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