Geo Grang Grang Big Choco Review

I did mention on my last circle lens review, that I was looking for natural circle lens without fancy color and design. And I finally decided to try Geo Grang Grang Big Choco circle lens since I heard really great things about this circle lens from many friends. Back then I never wanted a super natural circle lens, simply because my eyes look dead in black or plain dark brown circle lens. But there are those days that I don't want to attract stares and attentions at work, especially since my hair already makes people go o_O here. It's been a while since I last used Geo lenses. Ever since I discovered the pretty and comfortable circle lens brand, that is Vassen/i.Fairy, I kinda forgot about Geo until now. Most Geo lenses I tried were comfy so I didn't hesitate to try Grang Grang lens. I'm really glad I gave this lens a try cause it makes my eyes look natural brown, and it's great for people with natural dark brown eyes. 

Keep reading to learn more about this circle lens. 

 I got the circle lens from Klenspop, a Korean circle lens online store that carries some circle lens brands for really affordable price. I also tried and reviewed a pair of grey circle lens from Klenspop last year. As usual, Klenspop always packaged the circle lens vials in a pretty packaging. It also comes with cute circle lens case which is really convenient.

The pretty circle lens kit comes with mirror, contact lens holder, and tweezer. The contact lens holder is attached with the case.

As usual, the circle lens is stored in sealed vials. It has some descriptions on the back label, including the manufactured and expiry dates. It doesn't mean that this circle lens will last 5 years though. But it can last 5 years unopened. But once the vials are opened, it can only last about a year.

This is how the back of the circle lens looks like. The design looks natural with less thick black rims (so different from the types of circle lens I normally wear!)

It's brown with decent black rims. I must say the design is really standard, which is perfect cause it looks totally natural especially on natural lighting. It blends with my natural eye color. With flash on, the circle lens design is more detailed and doesn't really blend with my natural eyes since they have different shade of brown. But I really applaud this circle lens since it blends very well and doesn't come off as weird looking or artificial when worn.

It has 14.8mm for me it's not that huge cause I normally wear big dolly 16 mm circle lens. But 14.8mm circle lens gives the right amount of enlargement as it does enlarge my eyes, but doesn't turn me into alien eyes. It's still perfect for anyone who wants natural eye look.

It is from Geo Medical, so comfortable is to be expected. I don't find any discomfort or irritation at all. I can wear it for 6-7 hours but as always, I use eyedrops when my eyes feel dry because of strong blowing aircon at work.

I wanted natural brown circle lens cause I had to and I didn't expect to love it cause I would only wear it during work hours. But apparently, I do love this circle lens. It is natural, and the design blends very well with my eyes. Under dark/poor lighting, the circle lens looks almost black but in natural lighting and flash, it looks perfect brown. This is the circle lens I wear everyday to work now and I must say, I love it!

Klenspop for $10 (ship worldwide)

A friend asked me why I didn't wear circle lens when I was wearing this pair, which only convinced me that Geo Grang Grang is so natural that my friend didn't know I was wearing circle lens. I guess it's cause she didn't stare at my eyes long enough, though haha.

Also, get 20% off your purchase on Klenspop with entering this code HJCH7N0B until August 10 2014!

What do you think of this circle lens? Have you tried it too?

Disclaimer: The product mentions above was sent to me for review purposes. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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