Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok Review

Hello guys, as you can see from the title and picture, I'm going to review another lavender lip product. Yes, I'm obsessed with lavender lippies. I actually got this product the day it was released, so it was a while ago. I just couldn't find the time to write this review yet until now. Anyway, ever since Holika Holika Heartful Lipstick that I really love, I've been monitoring Holika Holika lippies releases. So the moment I saw the promotional picture for this product, Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok with lavender color, I just couldn't miss it.

I'm actually more used to lipstick and not really a fan of lip tints. But this Holika Holika lippie comes with a cushion so I thought it would be pretty much like Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint. I was wrong though. This product is a much more interesting product. It's a lip tint, with cushion, but the cushion acts as the tint. Get what I mean? No? Well, keep reading to see more of this product ^^

There's a little description on the back of the box. And I never knew Holika Holika is part of Enprani? o_o

This tint tok product is available in 7 colors. They all look beautiful. I honestly thought the crayon stick would be like Aritaum Cushion Tint's, opaque and pigmented. And I fell in love with PP701 lilac color.

I got PP701 Candy Orchid.

holika holika lip tint

The lip tint is a 2 in 1 lip tint: lip crayon and cushion tint.

Yep I don't understand a thing. But its the only thing written on the packaging, also with expired date. I also can't find the ingredients list anywhere in english.

This is how the product looks like. Lip crayon on one end, and cushion on another end. Clearly the promotional picture is a bit misleading cause the lip crayon looks pale pink than lilac in real.

This is the lip crayon. Even though it's not so lilac like in the promotional picture, but the pale pink looks so pretty and I was so excited to try it out, hoping it would be opaque then it'd be my favorite.


This is the cushion. I seriously thought it was just a normal cushion, but apparently this is where the tint comes out from. It's really easy to use just dab the cushion on lip and the tint comes out. So it fits with the Tint Tok name, cause all I gotta do it just tok tok tok and done. The cushion is soft and bouncy with pointy end, make it easier to apply on lips.

I'm sooo disappointed when I see how sheer the lip crayon is. It almost disappears on my skin. Definitely not pigmented. It acts more as a moisturizing lip balm. The lip cushion tint is really good though, its pigmented even with just one dab. With 2 dabs the color payoff is great, and it can still be blended easily with fingers to be more subtle. 

My lips are as usual dry. So I use the lip crayon to moisturize my lips a bit. Though it is very sheer, it actually still gives my lips some color, though unfortunately it makes me look so pale and sick. So I make it better with dabbing the lip cushion tint. I normally use 3 dabs on the lower lip and blend it. My lips looks prettier, the color is light pinkish purplish and doesn't look as dry. 

The only downside though, it tastes weird. Like eating fragrance. Well obviously I've never tasted fragrance before but it feels like it as the scent is pretty strong on my lips and it's just plain strange feeling. I would've loved it more if only it doesn't have strong artificial fragrance. 

- Travel friendly
- Comes in handy with lip balm and cushion tint in one product
- 7 colors available
- Lip crayon is balmy and moisturizing, and gives pretty glow
- Lip cushion is more pigmented with great color payoff
- Not drying
- Affordable 

- Bad perfume-y scent
- Taste weird
- Lip crayon is sheer

RATING ❤❤❤❤❤

Beautynetkorea for $8.34
Jolse for $10.98

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