V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Review

I wear makeup everyday, also on the weekends up to 8-12 hours. Though I cleanse my face regularly, removing all those makeup with 3 religious cleansing steps which followed skincare routine, it's not secret that my skin is still not free from acne, clogged pores and skin problems. I've been told that my skin needs to be exfoliated and this year probably I haven't done any. My pores and skin are getting a lot better nowadays thanks to my favorite pore mask, Skin Watchers Cooling Pore Mask and other AC products. But whenever I'm applying makeup, I notice some areas of my skin are flaky and I see some buildup. And I finally know, I need to exfoliate immediately cause weekly skin renewal is important for my skin.

I've always thought twice when I wanted to use facial scrubs and exfoliator. Cause I have sensitive skin and basic scrubs and exfoliator tend to irritate my skin and instead of removing dead skin cells, I'd usually get even more breakout and redness. So I'm really thankful to be introduced to V10 Plus best selling product, Water Based Peeling. V10 is a Japanese skincare brand and their award winning products are probably not unfamiliar for some people. The Water Based Peeling also recently got Beauty Awards from Cosmopolitan. From the name it's obvious this product is water based, which means it won't be harsh on my skin, which also means it'd be a perfect choice for my sensitive acne prone skin. And I'm right. 

Keep reading to find out more about this amazing exfoliator.

I received this from V10 Plus Indonesia and it comes in a big map with detailed product information and 10 sachets of the product. It's not mere samples, but it's sold here in one package like this. I actually not a fan of sachets products but since this is a peeling product, I can easily open the sachet and it's good for one use, and dispose it. So I know I won't waste too much product since I use the right amount, and it's very travel friendly. I saw the full product in Singapore around 50ml tube.

The package is also full of helpful information about the product. Its main ingredients are rice bran and algae extracts. It's also hypoallergenic so it's safe to use for people with sensitive skin like me. This product is free from paraben, fragrance and oil.

The sachets are attached on the right side, and I love how there's useful skincare tips behind every sachet. There are 10 sachets, so its good for 10 weeks for weekly use, or 5 weeks if used twice a week.

There's also the description and how to use it on the back of the sachet, including ingredients list.

How to use:
1. Apply peeling gel evenly on your cleansed and dry face. Let it sit around 5 seconds.
2. Rub and massage the skin gently in circular motion using fingers.
3. Dead skin cells will show up instantly as you rub.
4. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and wipe with towel.

It's that simple and easy.

First I tried it out on the back of my hand first to see if it really works lol. Well I had my doubt you know, seeing how many times some peeling products fail to peel any. The consistency is like watery gel. It's gel-y at first but once spread and after 5 seconds, I rub on my hand in circular motion and some dead skin cells (and dirt lol) show up. Apparently my hand doesn't have much dead skin cells. Now, on my face after I cleanse and dry it.

Even after cleansing, though clean, but my face looks dull (please excuse the amount of my scars lol). My skin, cheeks and nose area contain lots of dead skin cells! I'm so happy when I see the dirt debris showing up while I'm rubbing my face. The peeling gel is so gentle, no harsh feeling it doesn't hurt and irritate my skin. Surprisingly, there are almost no dead skin cells around my forehead and outer part of my face that's why I focus on my cheek and nose area. Then after I rinse with water, I can feel how smooth my skin is instantly. After that, I continue with cooling mask and usual skincare routine.

It's no false claims at all! Some buildup around my nose is gone and my skin is as smooth as new, while it helps in brightening my dull skin. The best thing about this peeling is it doesn't hurt my skin, even on the acne area it's so soft and not irritating since it's water based. Overall, I'm so pleased with this water based peeling and satisfied with the results.

- Water based; not harsh, not irritating
- Glide on skin and easy to spread and use
- Very travel friendly
- Skin feels super soft after peeling
- No paraben, no fragrance, no oil, no artificial colors
- Hypoallergenic
- Makes it easier to apply makeup 

- Um... none?


V10 Plus (see location it's already available in Finland, Singapore, Germany, Philippines, and more)
V10 Plus Indonesia for Indonesians. They're having promo discount right now and you can get it for only IDR 98,000~

Surely this Water Based Peeling doesn't make my acne dissapear instantly, but with the skin renewal my makeup application just got easier and smoother. I used to have skin buildup around my nose but after regularly exfoliating my skin, my makeup lasts and looks so much better now.

How about you? What do you use to exfoliate?


Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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