White Red Lacy Dolly Look

Hello everyone! So glad to be back to blogging. I'm still on vacation but there are just so many pending posts that I decided to be back momentarily to write a post. It's another outfit post. If you saw my posts a while ago on facebook and instagram with dolly look, it was actually taken specifically for this post. I received this lovely dress from Lolita Dresses Online. Though I love lolita fashion but the truth is it's hard to be a full pledged lolita wearing all lolita getup in my country. And that is why I picked this dress. It's a bit lolita esque but more wearable outside with lots of bows and lace. 

Keep reading to see more of this dress. 

Summer Beauty Haul Giveaway

Hi guys this week me and other blogger friends are hosting group giveaway, a summer beauty haul worth $50+ value. The giveaway is open worldwide and everyone can join, however if the winner is a non US resident, they will have to shoulder the shipping fee.

Here is the giveaway prize.

  • Kiss Nail Dress set (neon Aztec pattern, in both Full and French)
  • Sally Hansen I ♥ Nail Art Tool Kit
  • NYC Liquid Lipshine, in Nude York City
  • NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer
  • NYC Sun 'n' Bronze, in Hamptons Radiance
  • Hard Candy That's How Eye Roll, in Drama
  • NYC Great Last Lip Color, in Traffic Jam
  • Hard Candy Nail Color, in Bachelor Party
  • Remington Head Band, in gold
  • Long Chain Necklace with Stone Casted Owl Pendant, in Silver/Crystal

It's easy to join this giveaway. Just enter your giveaway entries on the widget below and do some tasks of your following to earn entry points.

This giveaway will end in July 29th (only 4 days left!), so hurry and enter before it ends to win the prize perfect for summer ^^ Good luck everyone!

Maybelline X CL Daring Red Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hello again, everyone! Some of you who've been following me on instagram and facebook must have seen couple of pictures of me in daring red lips. I got some compliments saying I look different and it suits me, but the look is actually me recreating CL's #1 makeup look she did on her Maybelline New York ads. Maybelline New York released some new products with hot colors like daring red, vibrant hot pink, and bright orange. Lately I've been collecting too many pink lippies, so I guess it's time to do a look featuring red lips.

Though I look nothing like CL, I'm still amazed how different makeup style can change my look so much. I'm digging this look, though obviously it's not casual everyday look but I felt like someone new when I was taking the photos lol. Keep reading to see how I recreate CL's Daring Red makeup, along with full step by step tutorial video after the jump. 

Kawaii Box Giveaway Winner!

Hello, everyone? How are you doing? I'm sorry I'm a little late to post this giveaway winner announcement.
Big thank you to everyone who participated this giveaway. But now I have the winner, picked randomly by rafflecopter.

Congratulations to Colin Quirke! Please respond my email within 24 hours to claim the prize, or a new winner will be picked.

Thank you again for all of you who've joined and supported this giveaway. Also big thank you to Kawaii Box for sponsoring this giveaway. Visit and follow Kawaii Box to get your monthly box full of kawaii goodies. And they are still having next month's box giveaways which you can see on their facebook.

I will share a new makeup tutorial on my next post, so stay tuned ^^

Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base Review

It is true that I always say prep and prime before applying your makeup, but I've kinda stopped using primer a while ago thanks to my pores. I have few oil free and pore concealing primers in my drawers and been trying and using them (not all at once) regularly everytime before I apply BB cream/foundation. For someone with combination oily skin and tons of humongous pores, primer has been a big part of my makeup routine. However, I also notice that many (if not all) of my oil free & pore filling and concealing primers actually make my nose and cheeks (the areas with visible pores) look patchy and weird once BB cream/foundation is applied and settled. No matter how helpful primer is to make my makeup last longer and help to mattify my face, it's just not worth it when the primer makes my makeup look uneven and not flawless. My other gripe with primers is it's hard to find primers that don't break me out. So I literally dropped primers from my makeup routine....

....Until I tried Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base. I got this from my friend Fio on my birthday last month. I know this product has been released for a while and I never really had any intention to try it cause Laneige is on the pricier side and I had my ultimate oil free primers that I trusted for my face already. But since it's a gift, I was both excited and curious if this product worth the price. Laneige released 3 different colors of this Water Supreme Primer Base. There are light pink, light purple, and light green. Mine is light green. The light green shade is said to correct redness (which I have a lot). While light pink is to give healthy glow and rosy finish, and light purple is to correct yellow skin. From what I know all three do brighten skin too. Light green definitely brightens up my complexion aside of lightens my redness and gives some moisture, which is a plus. But now let's see how this product really works and why I love it.

Born Pretty Store Giveaway Winner!

Hi guys finally my instagram giveaway ft. Born Pretty Store just ended couple days ago. I thank you for everyone who participated. Rafflecopter has picked a winner randomly, and here is the winner.

Congratulations to Roxy Dao! Please respond to my PM on instagram in 24 hours to claim your prize~!

Thank you to everyone who joined this giveaway and don't be sad if you're not lucky yet this time cause I still have an ongoing giveaway which you can click on my sidebar ^^ I will be back with a new review tomorrow~~~

How I Got Platinum Blonde Hair

Hello everyone! Since I posted my hair update last year I kept thinking to make another hair update, but then I got caught up with stuff and apparently it's been a year. I had several hair color changes within a year lol. And many people request me to make how to bleach tutorial and also how I got light blonde hair. I've been saying "yes I will" but only now I can spare some time to write a post on my hair. 

As you can see, I've tried and changed to different shades of blond in a year. Mainly cause I get bored easily and trying which shade suits me the most. For people who ask me how I got platinum shade, unfortunately I couldn't take step by step pictures while I was bleaching my hair. Simply because I was underhanded and I had nobody at home that could help me with bleaching or take pictures. So I'm going to try to explain how I got it and which products I used.

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control Review

laneige bb cushion pore control

Apparently, my cushion fever hasn't ended yet. And today I will be reviewing my new cushion baby, Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control. I'm sure most people know Laneige by now. But in case you don't, Laneige is a Korean brand under Amore Pacific. Etude House, Innisfree, Hera, and more brands are under the same company. Whenever I see Laneige products in store, I always see Song Hye Gyo pictures and her fantabulous flawless skin which I wish I have lol. 

Anyway, from the name alone it's already a big hint that this product is a cushion specialized for people with pore issues. I've heard too many positive and great things about Laneige previous cushion products, Snow BB and the normal BB cushion. There are massive reviews on those products but early this year Laneige released new cushions, the renew BB cushion with 6 in 1 features and Pore Control BB cushion. I know many Singaporean bloggers have raved about them but only now I can personally try it out (after drooling for a while lol).

This is my 6th cushion and I must say I'm very impressed with this product cause this is the first cushion I try so far that gives soft matte finish! It was specially made with people with oily skin and pores problems in mind. Thank you, Laneige! Well as the name suggests, this BB cushion is (almost) like BB cream in the form of cushion. It contains the product beneath the sponge. And this Pore Control BB Cushion claims to have 6 main functions, to control oil and pore, UV protection, pore coverage, long lasting power without oxidizing and no cakey with its strong resistant against sebum and sweat, soothing effect with its cooling sensation, and more importantly soft matte finish which is perfect for people with combination oily skin. That's such a strong claim in my book, but we'll see if it lives up to its claims.

2NE1 CL Come Back Home Makeup Tutorial

Hello guys. This is a long awaited and delayed post but finally it's here. This time I also collaborated with my friends for this makeup tutorial. We've been planning for this makeup tutorial since 2 months ago actually but Kathy has been so busy with school and exams but now that everything's done, we are finally able to post this tutorial. Previously we also recreated 2NE1's Happy inspired makeup tutorial which you can read here.

Come Back Home was actually released around 4 months ago. Wow has it been that long? And the MV reached almost 18 million views (cause it's awesome). And this time I also will recreate CL's makeup. I honestly would prefer Bom's makeup cause it's kinda hard to perfectly recreate CL's eye makeup cause I don't have monolids unfortunately T_T But I dig CL's eye makeup so much that I feel so challenged everytime I'm trying her eye makeup lol. I'm still not perfect at it, but I did my best for CL's look on this MV. 

Kawaii Box Giveaway

kawaii box giveaway

Hello everyone! As I mentioned on my previous posts, I'm going to share another giveaway just for my readers. This giveaway kindly sponsored by Kawaii Box. I reviewed June Kawaii Box few days ago, which you can read here

Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items. 

Kawaii Box Review

Monthly subscription boxes are popular nowadays. Most subscription boxes I eye on are makeup boxes, but I've never knew there's a Kawaii Box. Well when I heard monthly "kawaii" box, all I imagined was... kawaii goodies in one box every month, how great is it? Kawaii box is a monthly subscription service with unique handpicked cute items. Every month they have different theme and items. I'm sure people who collect kawaii items or love anything kawaii in general (I'm one of those people) would be super pleased to have a kawaii box filled of 10-12 cute items from Japan and Korea delivered in front of their door every month.

Then when I received the box in the mail (if you followed me on facebook you've probably seen it already), I could only squeal in delight. First thing I saw was the too cute card and pink wrapping paper. Then I unwrapped it and saw a glimpse of pink lace, pink octopus plushie, and rilakkuma. Yes, I'm sold. I was at work so I couldn't beast out and drool as I unbox it like a maniac. I had to hold it in and do it once I got home.

Keep reading to see what's inside the box.