2NE1 CL Come Back Home Makeup Tutorial

Hello guys. This is a long awaited and delayed post but finally it's here. This time I also collaborated with my friends for this makeup tutorial. We've been planning for this makeup tutorial since 2 months ago actually but Kathy has been so busy with school and exams but now that everything's done, we are finally able to post this tutorial. Previously we also recreated 2NE1's Happy inspired makeup tutorial which you can read here.

Come Back Home was actually released around 4 months ago. Wow has it been that long? And the MV reached almost 18 million views (cause it's awesome). And this time I also will recreate CL's makeup. I honestly would prefer Bom's makeup cause it's kinda hard to perfectly recreate CL's eye makeup cause I don't have monolids unfortunately T_T But I dig CL's eye makeup so much that I feel so challenged everytime I'm trying her eye makeup lol. I'm still not perfect at it, but I did my best for CL's look on this MV. 

When I was making this tutorial, I used my new camera and because I was a noob, after I finished filming and shooting this tutorial, the next day I accidentally (and stupidly) wiped out all the photos and videos in the camera memory card. I was so mad and annoyed at my silly self lol. After repenting (lol) for a week I finally remade the video and photos and I was already too lazy to redo everything so I only made the full tutorial on video. I took pictures only for eye makeup, so watch my tutorial video at the end if you want to see in details. 

1. Draw and shape your eyebrows. Make it rounder as CL always has round ish angled eyebrows.

2. Apply base eyeshadow around your eyes.
3. Apply dark brown eyeshadow like shown in the picture.
4. Then apply dark grey or black eyeshadow (before the thick liner) as a guide.

5. Apply eyeliner on the eyelid. 
6. And extend the line to make a wing. Also apply grey eyeshadow on the lower lash line.
7. Make angled winged liner like cat's eye and connect with the inner eye corner to the lower line to define your eye shape.

8. Define the eyeliner if needed, make sure to connect the lower eyeliner with the eyeshadow on the lash line. 
9. Apply nude lips and done. 

For highlighting and contouring & full tutorial, watch the video below.

I was actually hesitating if I should publish this video because in the beginning the exposure was too bright because I didn't see what I was filming lol. The lighting in the living room was too blinding and bright but after face part, the lighting turns normal lol. If you like it, please like and subscribe my channel ^^ I'll try to upload more regularly. I already filmed another tutorial today which will be posted next week (hopefully I can edit it fast and no complications lol).

cl makeup tutorial

Here is the products I use for this tutorial:

i.Fairy Cherry Gold

Banila Co. Prime Primer in classic
Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation N02
Enprani UV Essence Covering Cushion no 21
Sleek Face Form in light

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil #1
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1
Urban Decay eye shadow in sin
Urban Decay Mariposa Palette
MAC black eye shadow
Lioele Brush Eyeliner

Lioele Cyrstal Beam Lip Lacquer
NYX Round Lipstick in circe

2ne1 come back home makeup

2ne1 come back home tutorial

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful. Also visit my girls blogs, Momochiime, Khunwal, AkirahKbeauty for the other tutorials. Thank you and see you on my next post! ^^

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