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Hello everyone! So glad to be back to blogging. I'm still on vacation but there are just so many pending posts that I decided to be back momentarily to write a post. It's another outfit post. If you saw my posts a while ago on facebook and instagram with dolly look, it was actually taken specifically for this post. I received this lovely dress from Lolita Dresses Online. Though I love lolita fashion but the truth is it's hard to be a full pledged lolita wearing all lolita getup in my country. And that is why I picked this dress. It's a bit lolita esque but more wearable outside with lots of bows and lace. 

Keep reading to see more of this dress. 

lolita dress

It's almost like a cute white blouse with built in JSK. There's no shirring in the back but there's ribbon on the front to make sure the dress fits me. While they are not that visible because it's all red, but there are 5 bows attached on the red part of the jumper skirt.

The collar details. The lace is just pretty, it's my favorite part of the dress. The sleeves are also lacy.

The only downside for me is the skirt. Though the ruffles are pretty but it can't be as puffy as I want it to be. I wear 2 petticoats underneath but the skirt shape makes it really hard to look puffy. Though I'm sure it can be solved with telling their customer support to make the skirt puff-able.

Overall, this dress is really comfortable and easy to move around with this. It looks dolly, but still on the casual side. I would so wear it outside when going out with my boyfriend later. I also put the effort (finally) and style my hair. My curling iron is a pain in the neck to work with, but the results worth it. The curls complement my dolly look I think? You can get this dress on Lolita Dresses Online, and you can also customize your dress size. They're always helpful and reliable, and they offer worldwide free shipping.

lolita style

....and my never ending camwhoring while wearing this adorable dress. I still have tons of pictures but I guess it'd be wise to not post it here so I won't disgust anyone lol. Anyway, hope you like this post. I'll be back with a makeup product review next time!

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