14 Days Blackheads Remover - B.liv Off with Those Heads Review

Sebaceous glands, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores. Those are my main skin concerns aside of acne. No matter how diligent I am with my face cleansing ritual, there are always those oil "plugs" blocking my pores. Since I tried my cooling pore mask, I've been restraining myself from using harsh nose strips. I've stopped using nose strips since last year actually cause they just make my pores even worse. I also tend to break out around my nose so nose strips are simply forbidden. Then how do I usually get rid of my hardened sebaceous glands and whiteheads? I use blackhead extractor to push and squeeze the gunk in my pores, which honestly painful and only make my skin more irritated and normally give me acne the following day. So I can only use the extracting tool as gentle as I can to avoid acne. But pressing the blackhead extractor gently doesn't really clean those stubborn blackheads and clogged pores so I'm always frustrated when I'm seeing my pores. The Skinwatchers pore mask is still my favorite (I still use it twice a week) and it does help cleansing my pores, but obviously it can't pluck the stubborn heads and I still refuse to use nose strips, though Laneige nose strips are much more gentle but again gentle strips can't take all the stubborn blackheads. 

I was introduced to this magical b.liv off with those heads by cellnique, a product that promises to remove all those nasty gunk and dirt off our pores. I read about this product on my friend, Sakuranko's blog around last year. At first I thought it was some kind of heating gel that opens up the pores so the heads can be removed easier. But it's actually a cooling gel that claims to remove blackhead and whitehead, keep acne under control, control oil, unclog pores, exfoliate gently with soothing and hydrating properties. With such strong claims, I was hoping this product isn't over hyped and does at least half of its claims. Well, I was wrong cause this product does all of those claims on me. It's a really nice gel that clears up most of my old, deep, and hard to remove blackheads. And it's not painful at all.

Now let's see how this product is able to do all of that. Gross result pictures alert! 

remove blackhead without pain

remove blackhead

It comes in a 30ml bottle in simple packaging. There's some description and instructions on the back of the box and bottle. It's already stated that it's normal for more oil secretion during initial period, which only lasted for 2 days on me and that wasn't bad. I believe it's different from one person to another though. Those with sensitive skin may not want to apply too much cause it can cause stinging. I do have quite sensitive skin but there was only tingling sensation in the beginning on my skin.

The product expiration date is on the bottom of the bottle and box. It's good for another year. I do hope it'll last for that long. But considering how little amount I need every application, I guess it can last for over 6 months... I hope.

I don't know if it's clear enough, but I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I still have that much left.

It's a clear gel texture. When I read it's gel, I was afraid it would be to gel-y and heavy but worry not, cause it's very lightweight and watery, plus it absorbs very quickly. Like... within seconds. So I have no problem applying this gel after my morning skincare and before applying makeup. I apply this product twice a day, as recommended: in the morning after skincare and at night after cleansing, then I can continue with my normal night skincare. 

Cellnique has 14 days money back guarantee on this product. But even after a week, I didn't see great improvement to be honest cause I still see those oil plugs and some blackheads and whiteheads. And even everytime I dry my face after cleansing, I keep seeing some white ish dirt around my pores like... how come my nose always looks so dirty? Then I realize that those aren't dirt and not because I didn't cleanse my face properly. It's those gunk in my pores that's coming out. So around day 7, I took my blackhead extractor and try to remove those disturbing dirt by pressing very lightly and to my surprise, some dirt around the area popping out. Before I tried this product, even when I squeezed my nose hard with the extractor, I never got all the dirt coming out so much like that. It was like gold mine and I harvested a lot without any pain. I mean I just literally touched and pressed very lightly with my extractor and it looks like this. 

The upper part is from day 7 when I was amazed with such light press and all the dirt and coming out. The lower part is during the second week when I saw more oil plugs coming out. I wouldn't have thought there were some big roundish hardened oil in my pores like those ones. I mean I know there are hidden dirt inside my pores but not that big! 

After 2 weeks, my pores are clearer, though some of the stubborn blackheads still remain. I guess it'd need more than 2 weeks to soften and get removed. But I can see the difference in pore size after I used this over 2 weeks. My acne is a lot tamer now and I don't break out as often anymore around my nose and cheeks. That's something I've never expected from using this product. Probably cause most of my nasty dirt and oils are out, I get lesser acne around those areas now. Some of my pores are still big but they're much cleaner now compared to before.

Whiteheads take longer for me to be removed, so I'm gonna keep using this product longer to remove more. But so far, I'm very satisfied and makeup application just got better result especially on my nose, since  my nose clears up after using this product.

- Travel friendly
- Lightweight and absorb quickly, not sticky
- Remove blackheads and whiteheads without pain
- Not irritating, no breakout
- Soften dead skin cells
- Control  oil
- A little goes a long way
- Result can be seen in 14 days
- Unclog pores

- Pricy

It's a sebum gel that removes blackheads and whiteheads without any pain. No need to squeeze hard to get the hardened oil out. The gel softens the clogging that block the pores, making it easy to extract and remove the heads and any dirt inside the pores. A tiny pearl size is enough for nose and cheek areas, so a little goes a long way. Overall, it's the quickest and safest way for me to remove and extract my blackheads without causing acne the next day. The only downside is the price. But obviously all good things come with a price. 

Bliv for $39 (15 ml), $49 (30 ml)
Bliv offers free worldwide shipping for any $40 order

For more details and info about the product, visit cellnique facebook page.

Disclaimer: The product mentions above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own. 

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