Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review

A while ago we all know Etude House released Play 101 Pencil in 50 shades. I might be a little late to post this delayed review (I blame the long holiday) but I've been loving the pencils since I got it about couple months ago. It's such a lovely product with 5 different textures: creamy, glittery, glossy, matte and shimmering. I picked the glossy ones, no 22 and 25 in red and hot pink. All the colors are so gorgeous I had a hard time picking. Anyway, sometimes stuffing lipsticks, eyeliner, blusher, eyeshadow and other makeup products in one pouch can take a lot of space. But Etude House comes up with this idea of the multipurpose pencils, one pencil which can be used for your whole face. How neat is that? 

Keep on reading to see my take on this product ^^ 

etude house play 101 pencil 22 25 review

The pencils are housed inside the box. The box has enough description in the back and directions how to use it, including the ingredients list.

And here is the 50 shades of Play 101 Pencil. There are so many colors with 5 different types of textures.

etude house play 101 pencil review

The pencils are really slim and very light, it's so travel friendly and obviously doesn't take much space at all. There's nothing special with the packaging. It's just so simple to use it. Open the cap and twist the pencil and start drawing. It's that easy. 

etude house play 101 pencil review

#22 in the color chart looks like maroon, but I'm glad it's actually red because it's more wearable while #25 is hot pink as shown in the picture above. As you can see even with one stroke, it's very pigmented so the pencil can glide effortlessly and painlessly on the skin. Also, the pencils don't have any scents or bad taste. As I mentioned above, these two shades are the glossy type, and I didn't notice it until I saw the color chart today >_< I've always thought it's creamy cause usually only creamy lipstick looks this pigmented. So maybe the creamy pencils are more opaque? I'm also interested to try the pink pencils no 16 and 17, so maybe I'll try them out and add the swatch later on. 

The pencil is a multipurpose point makeup. It can be used as lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, blush, and even concealer depends on the colors. Since the ones I got are red and pink, I use them mainly as lipstick and lip liner. But I often use the pink one as blush too. Just dot the pencil around the area I want and then smudge and blend the dots. 

etude house play 101 pencil review swatch

This is what I mainly do with the pencils. Creating full lips is just easier with this pencil as the tip is pretty small so it's more precise. Sometimes wearing the pencil alone as lipstick might look bad on my dry lips when it's in super dry condition as the bottom left picture, so I always always always have to put on my lip balm first to achieve nice healthy looking lips like the bottom right picture. But usually it doesn't accentuate dry lips (I have dry lips everyday). I love how the pencil doesn't smudge easily and stay pretty long on my lips and under eyes. As lipstick, of course I still need to reapply after I eat and drink. But I don't need to reapply when I use it as blush and eyeliner. 

- Can be used pretty much everywhere 
- No smell
- Pigmented
- Doesn't accentuate dry skin
- Good staying power
- Doesn't smudge easily 
- Travel friendly
- Easy and quick application
- Cheap
- Comes in 50 colors with 5 different textures

- Can make super dry lips look bad sometimes, so moisturize first

These 101 Play pencils always have some room in my makeup case and pouch. They're slim and light (and not to mention, very affordable!), also I can easily use and/or mix the colors as lipstick and blush. It's easy to apply on the face, just dot, draw, and blend. Based on the two pencils I tried, I must say even the glossy type is very pigmented and I don't have any problems applying them on my face and lips. Except when my lips are in the driest condition, I always need to moisturize first before applying the pencil to avoid worse looking lips. The color stays for a long time on my face without fading and smudging. While on my lips, I need to retouch after I eat and drink. But again, having 50 color options is something not a lot of makeup brands offer and I'd like to grab some more colors, possibly the creamy types, in my collection. This is by far, my favorite product from Etude House.

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- People who are lazy to stuff too many makeup products and carry them around
- People who like to have one single product to act as all in one color makeup

Have you tried Etude House Play 101 Pencil? Which one is your favorite color you'd like to try? ^^

Disclaimer: The products mention above were sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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