Hana Village Mini Haul

It's been over a year since my last haul post lol I'm always so lazy because I tend to just open the package and products I got right away, and photograph the products individually. But this time I got few products from the same store, which is Hana Village, so I got all of them together and decided I can write a haul post yay! 

Hana Village is a new online store that carries a lot of circle lens brands, makeup, hair and skincare products like Dolly Wink, Hada Labo, Koji, Liese, Candy Doll, My Beauty Diary and more. Since they're new I guess they don't have many products yet, except for Dolly Wink cause they have almost everything including the new released series as well. I find this store pretty nice as I don't know many online stores that carry mostly Japanese cosmetics with tons of circle lenses, plus free shipping. They also have my favorite circle lens brand, i.Fairy. I actually ordered Candy Doll blushes and lippies but they were out of stock, but communication was great as Hana Village customer service kept me up to date and I decided to change my order to eyebrow mascara and eyelashes with no problem. I got my package in the mail within less than 2 weeks and couldn't be happier when I unboxed it~ ^^ 

Now let's see closer what I ordered from them.

Before I began, here is a quick look at the website. They offer 10% off on first purchase for new subscriber. That's how I got to order more masks, thanks to the discount lol. 

I got 2 products from Dolly Wink, Dolly Wink Eyelashes Baby Cute no 6 and Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara no 1. I've reviewed the eyebrow mascara here before and I had my first one for nearly two years until it ran out so I had to repurchase cause though I don't like the orange ish shade anymore, but this eyebrow mascara is the most pigmented I tried so far. And while I love my Diamond sweet lashes, it can look too much sometimes cause it's too long as bottom lashes with less dramatic eye make. So Dolly Wink no 6 is the perfect bottom lashes for more natural gyaru eye make and I just love it! 

I may not look like it, but I love collecting sheet masks lol. Everyone's been telling me to try My Beauty Diary since ages ago, many friends also rave how great the masks are but I only got the chance to finally try to get these masks, mainly cause I'm forgetful. I got 3 My Beauty Diary Aloe masks and 3 My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest masks. I'll probably review these masks. So far I only tried the bird's nest mask and it's really amazing! 

Last but not least, Dolly Eye circle lens. It's packaged in a cute and neat Hana Village box too with free lens case. I haven't tried it but I will post a review once I did. I got the brown color and the design is pretty I can't wait to try it :D 

I'm wearing the Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara and bottom lashes in the picture, also used the mask the night before. So far I'm happy with my purchase and hopefully Hana Village will add more items too so I can shop more :D And that's all for my haul post this time, will post the circle lens review and probably the bottom lashes and mask too next time. 

Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend everyone!

HanaVillage.com - Asian Cosmetic Beauty & Coloured Lens Store

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