Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Review

Whenever someone asks me which makeup I can't go without, I'd definitely answer eyeliner right away. So when I lost my HG eyeliner, Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner, last month I panicked cause I had no backup eyeliner. And the Kate liner isn't available in Indonesia unfortunately. I've been using it for the past year and I didn't want to look for another, and clearly it was wrong of me. I should've stored a backup liner. There are so many brush liners that look like Kate's but after reading many reviews I decided I should just grab the one with higher quality and I found Stila. I've heard good things from Stila products. But I'm quite picky when it comes to eyeliners. I want opaque black with felt tip that stays all day and smudgeproof. From the product name and description, it seems Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner was what I was looking for, though the price kinda bugged me at first. But hey I didn't have much choice and this was the best I could find, so I decided to just order it. 

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stila all day waterproof eyeliner

Due to shipping, there's dent on the packaging. I don't mind since there's nothing extraordinary and cute about the box anyway. It reminds me of Innisfree packaging too with the eco friendly material. There's some details about the eyeliner and ingredients list. It claims to be waterproof, smudgeproof (which I'm hoping to be true!), long wearing, precision marker like tip, intense black, and fast drying. So many good claims and sounds like the kind of eyeliner I like. Though the claims bothered me too in the beginning, cause by waterproof and smudgeproof it sounds like it would be hard to remove even with eye makeup remover. But I'll do waterproof test at the end of this post.

stila all day waterproof eyeliner

The eyeliner is in pen packaging, slim, light, and travel friendly.

stila waterproof all day liquid eyeliner review

The tip of the liner is meant for better precision. I love felt tip eyeliners, and the tip isn't stiff and never hurt my eyelids. But I find the ink doesn't come out from the tip easily, I must kinda press it hard which is troubling. So I tend to use the middle part more often. But for drawing winged line, I still use the tip, though I needed to get used to it first to draw the perfect line.

stila felt tip eyeliner

I love how it's pretty opaque and doesn't smudge around my eyelids. It stays all day until when I remove my makeup, though obviously I never rub my eyes during the day and will never try cause I don't have any reason to do it.

Since it claims to be waterproof, I still have to test it though. On the middle picture, I pour water on my hand and the eyeliner is still there without melting. On the right picture, I rub it with my hand and as you can see it smudged easily. This can be a pro and con at the same time. Pro that I don't need to spend a long time at night removing my eye makeup. Con when I accidentally rub my eyes (which is very unlikely actually) and wiped it all out.

- Long lasting
- Waterproof
- Felt tip; quick application and give more precision
- Light and travel friendly
- Tip is soft and not painful at all
- Quick dry
- Comes in 15 colors

- Not that smudgeproof as in it can easily smudge and fading when rubbed (so don't rub)
- Pricey
- The tip sometimes doesn't give much ink and needs to be pressed harder

It's a felt tip eyeliner that dries very quickly with great lasting power. If the $20 price isn't a problem, this eyeliner can be a safe choice for most people. The tip isn't stiff and it's really soft so it's easy and painless to apply. It's also easy to remove with just water, but even easier with makeup remover. I like how it stays still on my eyes without smudging when I leave it alone unlike some other cheap eyeliners that smudges whenever I blink. But it will fade and smudge when I accidentally rubbed or touched it. The only downside is the tip can be really annoying when the ink doesn't come out much and I need to press it to my skin harder sometimes. Other than that, this eyeliner can easily be my favorite after my HG eyeliner.

Sephora $20

Thank you for reading, I'll be back for another makeup review this week ^^ What's your favorite eyeliner?

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