Vassen Butterfly Grey Circle Lens Review

Hey everyone! After being mia for over a week, I'm finally back with a new circle lens review. As you may know already, Vassen is my HG brand when it comes to circle lens. Their lenses are simply the most comfortable on my eyes, and they always have pretty and unique designs too! I seriously swear by it if you're looking for comfortable circle lens with unique and beautiful colors and design. 

This time I will be reviewing another Vassen circle lens, which is Vassen Butterfly in grey color. It's become one of my most used circle lenses after I received it 2 weeks ago. If you follow me on my social media, you probably have seen it too and keep reading to see more about this lovely circle lens. 

I got this circle lens from Pinky Paradise and as always it comes with animal case and hair velcro. I got pink this time ^^ 

A glimpse of the circle lens on the bottom of the vial. And Nabi means butterfly in korean. I know because of a korean drama I watched lol. 

There's some directions and description on the back label, along with unopened circle lens expiry date. Not circle lens expiry date (cause circle lens will be expired in a year once it's opened). 

This is how the circle lens looks like. The right one is the back of the circle lens. The design reminds me of butterfly wings, especially the black rim. This is probably the first Vassen circle lens I've tried so far that don't have thick black rims. At first I thought this design looked ordinary but I was wrong. This circle lens is more on the natural side, at least for me. I have asian dark brown eyes so the grey isn't really light grey but more of a grey blue ish. 

Brand : VASSEN 
Type: Butterfly Grey
Origin : South Korea 
Diameter : 14.5 mm 
Base Curve : 8.6mm 
Water Content : 42% 
Life Span : 1 year

The design is pretty and looks like butterfly wings, hence the name. It has 6 colors: grey, green (a very pretty shade of green!), brown, blue, violet, and pink. Unlike most of their other circle lenses, Butterfly series have thinner black rim which makes it look more natural but still lovely with the inner brown ring and black dots patterns.

This circle lens is said to be 14.5 mm but I'm pretty sure it's 16mm overall just like most Vassen circle lenses. It enlarges my eyes quite a bit, but this circle lens don't make me look like an alien. The diameter is perfect for anyone with smaller iris that needs more enlargement. But people with smaller eyes might not like the enlargement it gives.

Need me to say more? This circle lens is so comfortable, as expected from Vassen, it stays over 8-10 hours.  Though wearing circle lens for long hours is not really recommended, but when I have to stay outside all day like when I had to stay up all day and pick up my boyfriend in the airport in the middle of the night while wearing this circle lens, it never gave me any discomfort. This beats other circle lens brands any day. Because it's too comfortable I often forget to use eyedrops cause it never felt dry on my eyes. But for safety reason I know I need to use it daily especially since my eyes are quite sensitive. But there's no stinging when wearing, or irritation or any other discomfort.

This circle lens is one of my favorites as it's very comfortable. It's also very pretty with the butterfly wings like patterns. Even though it doesn't show the light grey color on my dark eyes, the color and patterns still stand out especially on bright lighting. Overall, I highly recommend this circle lens to anyone who want to have bigger eyes without any discomfort. It has such pretty dolly look too with the cute patterns.

gyaru circle lens

gyaru circle lensgyaru circle lens

gyaru circle lens

Whoops I'm sorry for the pictures spam. I just love how this circle lens completes my gyaru eye makeup prettily.

gyaru circle lens

You can get this circle lens from Pinky Paradise, a large online circle lens store that carries tons of circle lens brands. Currently they are offering free Geo Princess Mimi circle lens on your $60 purchase, only until August 11. You can also get free mystery gift if you enter my coupon code MISARAISU with your purchase.

Disclaimer: The product mentions above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

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