Wedding Dresses and Bridal Fashion Inspiration

Hello guys! Instead of product reviews, today I'll be sharing my inspiration post. I know I should do this kind of post more often with my possibly gyaru inspiration (coming soon). But now, starting with bridal fashion. Why wedding dress? Because... I'm getting married. Haha no I'm kidding. Usually I always avoid browsing wedding dresses because it still felt like so far away and I didn't want to drool over something that wasn't going to be mine anytime soon. But ever since a little while ago I began to pin some cute wedding dresses and wedding ideas on my pinterest. And after my boyfriend's latest visit I guess it wouldn't hurt to look for more cute wedding dresses.

Speaking of wedding dresses, I prefer cute and girlish bridal fashion instead of elegant-like dresses. Fairytale princesses are probably my main idols when it comes to bridal fashion. Materials don't really matter to me as long as the skirt is puffy with some cute decoration like bows or lace. Though long ball gown dress is super cute, but I guess I'll go with short puffy skirt. Thinking of my wedding day, I think the venue wouldn't matter much to me, but the most important thing is definitely the princess dress. I would love to be a real princess for that one day (and will turn back into dirt bum the next day lol). 

Here's some of my favorite wedding dresses that I found:

fairytale wedding dress

This is one of my favorites wedding dress. The dress is supposed to be tulle, and it looks so dreamy though the feathers might be annoying to some lol. But it screams sweet fairytale princess to me.

This is my favorite short dress I found on the site. It's above the knee length A line skirt with cute decorations. This wedding dress is just so cute, and very much my style. I would definitely wear something like this on my wedding day. It won't be a hassle to walk around in this dress too, which is really great. I would add some cute headdress to match the cute dress. 

A short ball gown wedding dress would be my next pick. The skirt maybe looks too prom-ish but I find it adorable. The strapless top is also really cute, though I would match it with a pair of cute white platform shoes instead of heels. 

While this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely mine. Just look at the skirt and lilac color. The bow can be a hit or miss, but the rest of the gown is too pretty including the beaded top and see through bolero.

Not exactly wedding dress, but I think it would make a really cute bridesmaid dress. The heart shaped top with beads and rhinestones, and flowy skirt are really pretty. I especially adore the color.

Last but not least, the oh so dreamy white dress with silver embroidery top. The long and layered ball gown fits my favorite fairytale princess theme.

There are so many other dresses I really like but the list would go on and on if I keep going. So far my most favorite is the second dress in this list, the ivory short dress. If I can have a wedding once a year (with the same man of course) like how we celebrate birthday, I would totally wear all of these once every year lol. And if you notice, I only pick most dresses with the hair flow down ^^

All pictures are from Aviva Dress as linked and tagged. Aside of wedding dresses, there are also cute and beautiful cocktail dress, prom dress, evening dress, and party dress on the website.  

What kind of wedding dress would you like to wear?

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