25 Years of Pond's White Beauty Event

On September 16th I was invited to Pond's White Beauty 25th Anniversary event which was held at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. When I received the invitation I actually was amazed cause I didn't know it's been 25 years. I remember when I used Pond's cleansing milk and toner the first time when I was in high school. I didn't think much of it as it was the only good quality cleansers I could get in the drugstore. Even until now I still use the toner occasionally (cause I have a lot of toners). And over the past years Pond's released many of their products like moisturizers, BB creams, anti aging skincare, etc. Only last year I was introduced to Pond's White Beauty moisturizers on Pond's White Beauty event I attended last year and started using them. I especially like the night moisturizer as it's not heavy and moisturizing. 

Anyway, if you don't know already, Pond's is a global brand which was established since 1846. Pond's Extract was created by Theron Tilden Pond, that was also recognized as Pond's Golden Treasure. It was the first skincare which had moisturizing and skin reparation properties. On 1907 Pond's became the first brand that introduced cleansing and skincare regime, day and night regime, pink and white complexion with anti aging benefits. Pond's White Beauty had been tried and tested clinically and also to many different types of skin in Indonesia which answered Indonesian women needs which is a skincare that's not sticky and greasy, absorb quickly, and comfortable and easy to use in this humid weather. Pond's White Beauty currently have 4 different types: for all skin types, for acne prone skin with spotless complex, for sensitive skin with green tea extract and the last one is for people who needs more sun protection. For more information of Pond's White Beauty, you can read here

Now let me show you more about the event.

Cute Handmade and Personalized Hair Bows

Hello everyone! I'm back with a post on cute bows. I don't know since when but I started collecting hair bows for a while now. I remember it all started when I went to baby shop to find a gift for a niece and I ended up buying baby hair bows for myself. I don't know if it sounds weird but hair bows in baby shops are just so adorable and when I playfully tried it on, I saw a new light lol. Back then when wearing hair accessories like huge hairband or even flowers and bows was considered ridiculous by some people around me, I tried to restrain myself from wearing them in public often but I still purchased some cute bows I could find here and there. Now that I'm older, I think I don't care anymore about what people might or might not say about what I wear and do, and I keep getting more bows. 

The thing about bows here is there are only limited numbers of bows I like cause the cutest ones are usually not available here. There are some online shops in Indonesia that sell cute bows, but most of them aren't to my liking. I mean I seriously love big frilly bows, and unique ones of course. I don't like standard bows that everyone wears. I can be quite picky when it comes to the accessories I wear. So I was ecstatic when I found a bow shop called Pog Bow that sells ridiculously adorable bows. Back then they were a new shop I think, but I didn't hesitate to try to buy a pair of bows (which I wore for my previous review) and they didn't disappoint me. Then I started getting more cause apparently they accepted custom orders. Yay! 

Read more to see all the bows closer.

Wishtrend x Klairs Natural Soap Giveaway Winners

Hi everyone, I'm sorry for such late post. I was caught up with work and other stuff and only managed to check the entries and pick the winners today cause it's finally weekend. Thank you for the wait and without further ado, here are the lucky winners. 

Congratulations to Merve, Mindy T., and Sabrina Tedjokusuma! Please respond my emails within 48 hours with these details to claim your prize.

1. Your wishtrend account email address.
2.  Full shipping address (please include zip code)
3.  One soap type you want to try.

Thank you for everyone who participated this giveaway. I still have one more giveaway in store, so don't worry you can join my next giveaway and win a chance to get the prize.

I know I have been posting less lately and I'm sorry for that. I'm getting my posts ready and will start posting again regularly. In the meantime you can catch up with me on my instagram and facebook.

Thank you, everyone and have a lovely weekend!

Aikatsu Indonesia Launching Event

Last week I attended an event that was held on JKT48 theater in FX mall. I'm actually quite picky when picking event invitations. While usually I attended beauty related events, I just couldn't not attend this Aikatsu launching event. Mainly because I watched the anime before and I really liked it. Ever since watching Love Live anime, I quite enjoy watching idol related anime including Aikatsu. Let me give you a brief story about Aikatsu.

Klairs Be Clean Natural Soap Giveaway

Hey guys, I'm sure many of you have seen and joined this giveaway on other blogs. Well, today you can increase your chance to win and try these soaps because I'm also giving away 3 Klairs soaps of your choice for 3 lucky winners! This giveaway is open worldwide so anyone can join. But be quick, cause it will end in 7 days which is on September 15th! 

Now let me introduce you to the giveaway prize.

Elishacoy Always Perfect CC Cream Review

I have to admit CC creams aren't really my thing cause of the lack of coverage they offer. But Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC cream is one of my favorites as I stated in my review last year. This year, the moment I saw Elishacoy got new CC cream which is Always Perfect CC Cream, I just had to get it. I saw the descriptions and details from Wishtrend page, and I know how promotional pictures tend to be different but I guess it was an impulse purchase (I tend to purchase things online on impulse in the middle of the night). I actually got this in the mail around April and tried it immediately and didn't like it. But after few months now I decided to give it another try since I barely tried it properly back then. And to my surprise, I must say this is now the best CC cream I ever tried. Probably cause it suits my current skin condition but I'm going to share more details about this product on today's review and let you know why I'm in love with this CC cream. 

If you don't know already, Elishacoy is a Korean cosmetics and skincare brand. It's probably not as mainstream as Etude House and other brands but Elishacoy released some nice products. Some of their best selling products are the BB creams, CC creams, cushion, and their 3D spin cleaner. My previous Elishacoy CC cream review got over 6000 views and I see Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC cream google search daily from my blog traffic reports, that shows this brand receives some attention already and nowadays some online Korean stores carry Elishacoy products too. I remember Wishtrend was one of the very few stores that have Elishacoy on their product list up until early 2013 if I'm not mistaken. 

Anyway, less rambling, and let's see if this Always Perfect CC Cream can perfect my skin!