25 Years of Pond's White Beauty Event

On September 16th I was invited to Pond's White Beauty 25th Anniversary event which was held at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. When I received the invitation I actually was amazed cause I didn't know it's been 25 years. I remember when I used Pond's cleansing milk and toner the first time when I was in high school. I didn't think much of it as it was the only good quality cleansers I could get in the drugstore. Even until now I still use the toner occasionally (cause I have a lot of toners). And over the past years Pond's released many of their products like moisturizers, BB creams, anti aging skincare, etc. Only last year I was introduced to Pond's White Beauty moisturizers on Pond's White Beauty event I attended last year and started using them. I especially like the night moisturizer as it's not heavy and moisturizing. 

Anyway, if you don't know already, Pond's is a global brand which was established since 1846. Pond's Extract was created by Theron Tilden Pond, that was also recognized as Pond's Golden Treasure. It was the first skincare which had moisturizing and skin reparation properties. On 1907 Pond's became the first brand that introduced cleansing and skincare regime, day and night regime, pink and white complexion with anti aging benefits. Pond's White Beauty had been tried and tested clinically and also to many different types of skin in Indonesia which answered Indonesian women needs which is a skincare that's not sticky and greasy, absorb quickly, and comfortable and easy to use in this humid weather. Pond's White Beauty currently have 4 different types: for all skin types, for acne prone skin with spotless complex, for sensitive skin with green tea extract and the last one is for people who needs more sun protection. For more information of Pond's White Beauty, you can read here

Now let me show you more about the event.

I came early so I had time to take some pictures of the decorations lol I think Pond's events are always pinkish and cute. I especially love the sweet decorations. 

Here are the products on display: Pond's Age Miracle series, Flawless White series, and White Beauty series.

The event was hosted by Amy Zein. As always, she was funny and entertaining and she presented some Pond's commercial ads from the older years. We watched as we remembered how Pond's grew and released more of their best products. Watching the videos made me feel like taking a walk down memory lane as I remembered seeing some of those ads when I was younger.

Then Anggiaswari Odang, Pond's Senior Brand Manager, went on stage and explained deeper about Pond's. She said 93% of Indonesian women realize that they have diverse beauty and they're proud to be part of it. For 25 years Pond's have understood and answered women needs in maintain their varied beauty. However even though we all are unique and different, but she said we have one thing in common: we agree that face is one of our essential beauty assets that tends to be the main gate to introduce one's inner beauty. Most women here also have another thing in common which is to have a clear, pinkish white, healthy face.

She also presented the testimonial video of Maudy Ayunda, a singer who testified how she first started to use Pond's products when she was younger and when she went to Japan and realized her skin tone is different from them but she learned that Indonesian's skin is different with different kind of clear and bright. 

Then me and the other bloggers were divided into different groups and had to make a scrapbook like page about our own experience using Pond's. It was kind of crazy (since we only had around 10 minutes to get it done) but quite fun. 

maudy ayunda ponds

ponds white beauty maudy ayunda

Then Maudy Ayunda, who's also Pond's brand ambassador joined Ms. Anggiaswari and Pond's R&D on the stage. They discussed and explained further about Pond's White Beauty products. I learned that Pond's have different consistency for their American, Indonesian, and Chinese versions as we live in different countries with different moisture and humidity. 

We also got to try each version's consistency. While the other countries have more thicker consistency with more moisturizing properties, Indonesian version is more liquidy and lightweight since it's very humid here. So Pond's released the products based on our skin needs which is clear, non greasy, quickly absorb, and easy to use in the humid tropical weather. 

ponds misaraisu galmisaraisu ponds gal

Here are couple of selfies I took with Nita during the event. I met her couple of times on other events but after we talked a while there I just found out that she's also a huge fan of BTS lol. I had a good time chitchatting about our bangtan boys XD ps. please ignore my ghostly face in the pictures lol I blame my camera flash.

ponds white beauty indonesia

Here are the goodies I got from Pond's. Some more Pond's White Beauty products and a cute pink hand mirror which I really love and been using since I got it. It's really adorable~

Anyway, to celebrate 25 years of Pond's being part of Indonesian women, Pond's White Beauty invites all of Indonesian women to share your inspiring stories with '25 Tahun Kisah Pond's dan Kamu' which is ongoing since September 25th until December 15th 2014 on www.kisah.ponds.co.id 

ponds white beauty

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