Cute Handmade and Personalized Hair Bows

Hello everyone! I'm back with a post on cute bows. I don't know since when but I started collecting hair bows for a while now. I remember it all started when I went to baby shop to find a gift for a niece and I ended up buying baby hair bows for myself. I don't know if it sounds weird but hair bows in baby shops are just so adorable and when I playfully tried it on, I saw a new light lol. Back then when wearing hair accessories like huge hairband or even flowers and bows was considered ridiculous by some people around me, I tried to restrain myself from wearing them in public often but I still purchased some cute bows I could find here and there. Now that I'm older, I think I don't care anymore about what people might or might not say about what I wear and do, and I keep getting more bows. 

The thing about bows here is there are only limited numbers of bows I like cause the cutest ones are usually not available here. There are some online shops in Indonesia that sell cute bows, but most of them aren't to my liking. I mean I seriously love big frilly bows, and unique ones of course. I don't like standard bows that everyone wears. I can be quite picky when it comes to the accessories I wear. So I was ecstatic when I found a bow shop called Pog Bow that sells ridiculously adorable bows. Back then they were a new shop I think, but I didn't hesitate to try to buy a pair of bows (which I wore for my previous review) and they didn't disappoint me. Then I started getting more cause apparently they accepted custom orders. Yay! 

Read more to see all the bows closer.

cute hair bow hime gyaru

I was contacted by Pog Bow if I'd like to do bows review which I gladly accepted because I really love their bows! I chose 3 premade bows and customized hime gyaru bow. All bows came in bubble wrap and I received them in good condition. 

Pog Bow is a store specialized in making bows and hair accessories. It's all handmade with high quality materials. You can choose your own hairpin and customize the bow size if applicable. Aside of the premade bows, you can also custom order as long as you provide detailed pictures or let them know what kind of bows you'd like them to make. The owner is really friendly and answer promptly. Now let me show you the bows they sent me. 

cute lace red bow

First off, the lace bow. It's really pretty and it's 12 cm I believe. It's a butterfly shape bow with alligator pin (but again the bow size and pin are customizable). I like how the bow is stiff cause then it won't change its shape even when I stuff it in my cramped drawers.

cute lace bowgyaru cute lace hair bow

The red and white lace really go well together and I adore it.

Among the standard size bows, this white double bow is one of my favorites. I don't know what's the material is called, but it feels fluffy and soft. Though it's not stiff like the first bow, but no matter how I touch and squeeze it, it still maintain its lovely shape.

cute princess lace white hime bow
The size is really perfect for me as I like bigger sized bows. And it gives pure feminine vibe when I wear it. Unfortunately the white color doesn't really look that well on my platinum hair, but people with darker hair color will love this bow.

black studded blow

I'm sorry if the bow picture is pretty dark as I took the picture in dark lighting and kinda hard to capture. But it's a studded black bow. I really love the metal studs! It's wonderful when I wear it with my black outfit, and it fits perfect too as rokku gyaru bow. It's available from 4cm up to 15cm size for this bow. 

rokku gyaru studded punk bow

Can you see why I like this bow? It's really just a black bow with silver studs but it goes really well with basically any outfits.

hime gyaru cute bow

I've been looking for hime gyaru bows for a looooong time but all I found was Princess Melody and Ma*rs bows that cost around 5,000 yen and more, with shipping fee that costs almost the same amount as the bow value. I was overjoyed when Pog Bow said they could make this kind of bow for me. I especially asked them to make it a bit more simple than the usual hime gyaru bows. And I was really satisfied when I got this bow. It's my favorite. Well it's floral, with lace and pearls. What more could I ask? I wish the pearls chain for the mini floral bow could be longer, but it's a mistake on my end cause I didn't tell more details about my custom order like how long the pearl chains I'd want and stuff. But still, I am more than happy with this bow.

hime gyaru cute pink bow pearl

How cute do I look with this bow? I am really in love with this bow. If I could wear this bow everyday, I would lol. Definitely I will order more hime gyaru bows from them seeing how good quality this is. 

The ones I'm wearing in the pictures above were the hairband and bow I ordered previously from Pog Bow. I actually planned to wear the bunny ears hairband to Aikatsu event but then I thought it would be too much. But it's really cute and well made. 

edgy studded hair bow punk rokku galhime gyaru cute hair bow

cute lace hair bow kawaiiwhite lace hair bow

hime gyaru blonde bow cute

If you like these bows, you can visit to browse their other collections for around IDR 10,000 each. And if you're outside Indonesia, you can also make an order on Pog Bow storenvy. You can also see more of their available collections for order, follow them on instagram for more new bows and basically all their collections. The owner is very attentive and friendly so don't hesitate to contact them via LINE (ID: pog_bow) especially if you'd like them to make you special bows with your own design. 

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Disclaimer: Some of the products mention above were sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

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