Elishacoy Always Perfect CC Cream Review

I have to admit CC creams aren't really my thing cause of the lack of coverage they offer. But Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC cream is one of my favorites as I stated in my review last year. This year, the moment I saw Elishacoy got new CC cream which is Always Perfect CC Cream, I just had to get it. I saw the descriptions and details from Wishtrend page, and I know how promotional pictures tend to be different but I guess it was an impulse purchase (I tend to purchase things online on impulse in the middle of the night). I actually got this in the mail around April and tried it immediately and didn't like it. But after few months now I decided to give it another try since I barely tried it properly back then. And to my surprise, I must say this is now the best CC cream I ever tried. Probably cause it suits my current skin condition but I'm going to share more details about this product on today's review and let you know why I'm in love with this CC cream. 

If you don't know already, Elishacoy is a Korean cosmetics and skincare brand. It's probably not as mainstream as Etude House and other brands but Elishacoy released some nice products. Some of their best selling products are the BB creams, CC creams, cushion, and their 3D spin cleaner. My previous Elishacoy CC cream review got over 6000 views and I see Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC cream google search daily from my blog traffic reports, that shows this brand receives some attention already and nowadays some online Korean stores carry Elishacoy products too. I remember Wishtrend was one of the very few stores that have Elishacoy on their product list up until early 2013 if I'm not mistaken. 

Anyway, less rambling, and let's see if this Always Perfect CC Cream can perfect my skin!

Comparing with the previous Always Nuddy CC Cream, there's not much difference in terms of packaging. It's packaged in the same box and 50g tube. Always Perfect CC Cream is a water base hydrating CC cream that brightens skin and gives radiant finish. It also contains astringentlex and phyto placenta which tighten the skin and provide great firming effect.

The exact same tube as previous Always Nuddy CC Cream, the only difference is the color. While Always Nuddy is white, Always Perfect has a bit more beige. It's light and travel friendly too, though I would suggest to keep the box because while having this CC cream in purse or travel bag cause with any pressure and/or get pressed, a lot of product might come out once the cap is opened. I personally always keep all the box packaging to avoid that. 

Like the previous version, it doesn't come with pump so it might be a little not hygienic if you're so OCD about face creams with no pump dispenser. I don't have that much problem with it, as I always wipe the mouth of the tube after using. Like I mention before, with light press, the product comes out easily and I normally only need a pearl size of product for my whole size. 

As you might know, I have combination skin, a bit dry patches around my nose, eyebrow and cheeks but also can be oily on my T zone. All this time I was so hung up on matte finish foundations and BB creams that I always feel my skin lacks moisture. Most CC creams I tried seem to be more perfect for dry and normal skin, but I think it's safe to say that Elishacoy Always Perfect CC Cream also suits my skin type. It provides great hydration and doesn't dry the drier parts of my skin, but it also doesn't make my T zone look crazy oily. I stay shine free (around my T zone) normally for 5 hours which is pretty decent for my everyday use. And since this CC cream gives dewy finish, when I start getting oily, my face doesn't look greasy but just more dewy looking. 

The first time I swatched it onthe back of my hand, I was a bit surprised cause it is not the typical white colored CC cream. I know the Always Nuddy CC Cream is so white that it can make skin look too white and unnatural although for the first 30 minutes to an hour or so, but it changes color matching to our skin tone. But this Always Perfect CC Cream is more brown on first glance. I was worried it would be a bit darker, but actually once spread and blended it brightens my face, though it does have a hint of pink and grey which I can't say that it fits my skin. But on the plus side, it doesn't make my face too white and pale, which I like. 

The texture of this cc cream is of course creamy, but non greasy. Once blended I can still feel the cream on my face as it has slight dewy finish so I tend to not touch my face. It doesn't turn cakey though!

elishacoy cc cream review

We all know most CC creams don't have that perfect coverage but I must say I'm pretty impressed with this CC cream as it gives better coverage than other CC creams I've tried before. It doesn't fully cover my acne but it helps eliminating the redness. It evens out my skin and also brightens my dull skin & my dark under eye. It does cover my pores pretty good as well as softening my fine lines.

For more coverage, concealer is still needed. For my daily wear, after applying this CC cream, I dab my Bourjois 123 Foundation on my blemishes. If I'm going out, I just have to apply one thin layer of my favorite Enprani BB Covering Cushion for more coverage. 

When used alone, the CC cream is pretty lightweight and doesn't make me feel like I want and need to wash my face as soon as possible. But on days I don't want to have dewy skin on me, I just dust my powder to give more matte look. 

And here is the full face with CC cream plus covering cushion as a concealer on my blemishes. I know it's far from flawless perfect skin but to me it's the closest to flawless skin with just simple 2 step face makeup (CC cream + cushion/concealer) without caking more foundation on my face. I think my face looks healthier too despite the bumps on and around my nose. 

After trying this CC Cream (I literally use this cc cream every morning after my basic skincare toner, moisturizer, pore gel and base) for nearly a month now, I must say I'm very impressed cause there's no new breakout yet so far, and I don't know if it's just me but it feels like my skin gradually gets better and more manageable. 

- Lightweight
- Firming radiance finish
- Not greasy
- Cancels redness and covers pores
- Light to slight medium coverage
- Hydrates and brightens skin
- Evens out skin tone
- Good lasting power
- More affordable
- Suit all skin types
- Travel friendly
- A little goes a long way

- Not really color changing, more brightening
- Only comes in 1 shade
- Result might be too fair for some

It's a hydrating and lightweight CC Cream that brightens and evens out skintone. No more dull and darkened skin afterwards. It gives light to slight medium coverage and also canceling redness and covering some acne and other blemishes. Though in my case, concealer is still needed. It is suitable for all skin types as it is moisturizing but at the same time controlling oil pretty decently as well. I do think oily skin needs oil free primer first before applying this cc cream, but I personally don't use oil free primer anymore cause somehow this CC cream doesn't make me feel so greasy, and my oily parts even look like natural dewy finish somehow. It usually lasts me 5-6 hours before it starts to look messy on the corner of my nostrils cause that's the most oily part for me. Most importantly, I don't get new breakout while using this product for a month. I love how it makes my face looks firmer with a bit of glow. My only gripe is this CC cream only comes in one shade, that's not really good for others with darker skintone cause this CC cream can be too fair for some. But overall, I love it, way more than Always Nuddy CC cream (and other CC creams I've had before).

Wishtrend for $23.50 (I know some stores carry Elishacoy now but this CC cream is only available on wishtrend from what I see)
Wishtrend is having free shipping promotion on some of their best selling products.
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- People with dry to combination skin
- People with dull skin
- People who are lazy applying 1 or more face creams to get that firming healthy look
- People who love glowy finish

So far my experience with Elishacoy have been pleasant that I wanna try their other products too. I got couple of their masks already, but I'm interested to try their moisturizer and cushion too. How about you? Have you tried Elishacoy products?

Disclaimer: The product mentions above was purchased with my own money and this is not a sponsored post.

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