Vassen Rainbow Eyes Purplish Red Circle Lens Review

Purple is one of my most favorite colors. I only had one pair of violet circle lens before. It was pretty but the diameter was a bit too small for me, and I converted to bigger diameter circle lenses instead. As much as I like to look not natural aka different, I have to admit that it's more convenient to wear circle lens with natural look so people won't stare that much and think I'm weird, especially at work. However, it is important for me to still keep the "different" part so that I don't look the same as other people. And that's how this circle lens has become my daily circle lens somehow. 

As you may have known, Vassen is so far my top brand when it comes to circle lens. I always recommend anyone I know to get them as it's the most comfortable (at least for me) with prettiest colors and designs. And today I will recommend another great Vassen circle lens to you. It's not opaque purple, but as the name suggests, it's purplish red. The red doesn't really visible but the gradation still looks really nice and pretty. 

Keep reading to see more of this circle lens. 

I received the package safely in the mail from Loveshoppingholics. They always packaged the circle lens beautifully along with thank you card. The circle lens vials were securely wrapped and it comes with free animal case in the pouch. 

vassen rainbow purplish red

The left side is the inside of the lens, while the right is how the outer part looks like. The patterns are pretty, like a burning sun. As I mentioned before, the red is almost not visible that I wouldn't worry to wear it to work. Red circle lens somehow looks too unnatural for me. If you think the purple and orange are too much, don't worry cause if you have natural dark eyes like me, the colors look pretty once worn. 

vassen rainbow purplish red circle lens

It is a pretty violet circle lens with orange inner part. I especially love the black lines on the outer part to the rings. It gives more natural touch. Well this can be considered pretty natural for me anyway. The colors don't change to opaque dark even under poor indoor lighting. It's the best under natural lighting. The color combination is so pretty and makes my eyes brighter.

On the website it's stated as 14.5mm and usually I don't really bother cause I know some sites put the diameter as 14.5mm for the design alone, but when worn it's still a 16mm circle lens. But this one (and also Vassen Kirei series) stays about the same. It doesn't enlarge that much unlike other Vassen lenses. It still enlarges my eyes as I have small iris originally. But this is why I can wear this circle lens everyday cause the diameter is smaller and fit for everyday wear. 

Vassen lenses are always comfortable on my eyes. But since this lens diameter is a bit on the standard size, it is more comfortable than some other I've tried. It can last me over 8 hours without discomfort but of course it is always recommended to put multipurpose solution or eyedrops every few hours to keep your eyes stay moist. 

Vassen Rainbow Purplish Red is violet circle lens with orange inner circle with a slight hint of red. The diameter is standard size around 14.5mm so it's not huge and might not fit for people who prefer bigger lenses. But it is a perfect size for anyone who's more comfortable with normal size circle lens. The size makes it look natural but still pretty and unique with the patterns and colors. It can last whole day as it has 42% water content but it's recommended to put eyedrops every few hours to prevent dryness especially in cold weather or room temperature. All in all, this is a circle lens I wear pretty much everywhere and everyday, except on those days I want to look more special and fabulous.

vassen rainbow purplish red circle lens

vassen purplish red circle lensvassen purplish red circle lens

 From afar, the purple color doesn't really show up and it can look a bit blue greyish on certain lighting, which is why I can simply wear it to work without getting uhyousoflashy look.

You can get this Vassen Rainbow Purplish Red circle lens on Loveshoppingholics. They offer worldwide shipping too. This circle lens also comes in 5 colors: purplish red, greenish blue, greyish blue, brownish hazel, and light greenish. You can find them here

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Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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