Let's Stay Connected and Band Together

Probably some of you know (as I mentioned before) that I never let go of my phone. Not even when I'm outside, walking, on the way to some places (not driving though), and basically anywhere. I can't be separated with my phone. People around me think I'm too attached to my phone and I know it. While I also like to read and follow some websites, check and reply emails, and social media, the top reason why I need my phone is to communicate with friends. I have several friends I chat with everyday on several different apps, which can be confusing for me and sometimes I tend to forget which messages I haven't checked and replied since I have too many chat apps. And with all those chat apps running in the background, it really drains my phone battery. 

I've always asked myself how neat would it be to have all of them in one app? But then my friends have different phones and preferences. Some don't like the apps I like, some say the app I chose didn't work that well on their phone, while some prefer the app they always use. 

But then I found BAND. It is more than just a group app for me and let me show you why. 

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Billy Tjong ft. WRP

Like I mentioned on my previous post, I attended the Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 to watch Bow by Billy Tjong show. And this time I will share more about the dresses he designed that was inspired by WRP. As WRP is a diet milk, Billy Tjong designed his pieces in WRP trademark color, orange ish red to emphasize the slim figure. He came up with many dresses that are chic and fabulous but still casual and comfortable to wear. The first photo is one of my favorite dresses, along with this collage below.

UROCKS Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 by Billy Tjong ft. Heavenly Blush

Two weeks ago I attended the annual Jakarta Fashion Week. I was invited by Female Daily to attend the UROCKS UFM Fashion Week by Heavenly Blush, WRP and Bow by Billy Tjong. I don't normally enjoy high fashion so I was glad to see some casual and street fashion. That night Billy Tjong presented three of his collections, one of them was inspired by Heavenly Blush. They're more wearable in my opinion and I like the simple but catchy design with the colorful splatters. 

Missha The Style Moisture Coating Tint Review

Finally, another lippie review. Or maybe you're like... lippie again? Sorry I just have more lip products recently and I'm still not done trying and sharing them all with you. This time, it's from Missha. I'm sure everyone is familiar with Missha by now. Normally I don't really check out Missha that often, and actually it's been a while since I browsed Missha products simply because other brands fascinated me more. But this time around, I saw they released this Missha The Style Moisture Coating Tint. Yes, tint. Tint products can be debatable for me. Though I own a few lip tint products but I still prefer lipsticks all day everyday. But then the color Cotton Pink, which I got, was just too lovely and the word "moisture" got me in. There was not much information back then when I pondered if I should try this. But the color alone already pulled me in. If you follow me on facebook, you'd know that I was going to share my favorite lippie of the month. This is the one, Missha Moisture Coating Tint in Cotton Pink. 

Now let's see the pictures shall we.