Let's Stay Connected and Band Together

Probably some of you know (as I mentioned before) that I never let go of my phone. Not even when I'm outside, walking, on the way to some places (not driving though), and basically anywhere. I can't be separated with my phone. People around me think I'm too attached to my phone and I know it. While I also like to read and follow some websites, check and reply emails, and social media, the top reason why I need my phone is to communicate with friends. I have several friends I chat with everyday on several different apps, which can be confusing for me and sometimes I tend to forget which messages I haven't checked and replied since I have too many chat apps. And with all those chat apps running in the background, it really drains my phone battery. 

I've always asked myself how neat would it be to have all of them in one app? But then my friends have different phones and preferences. Some don't like the apps I like, some say the app I chose didn't work that well on their phone, while some prefer the app they always use. 

But then I found BAND. It is more than just a group app for me and let me show you why. 


  • BAND is a group communicating app that allows you to stay social, organized and in touch with the groups that matter in your life.
  • You can use BAND to come together with a few friends or 1,000 to make a Band for any of your communities, small or large! Use BAND for your blog, family, your school newspaper, your running club, your sorority and many others groups to share, communicate, and organize activities.
  • BAND moves beyond chat and messaging functionality to keep your group in the loop with a full suite of free tools.  It allows for traditional posting and chat, as well as group polling, community calendars, file sharing and photo albums.
  • For greater convenience, users also have the ability to access their Bands on desktop.
  • BAND currently has 35 Million+ users!


On Band, you can create band(s) full of your favorite people. You can choose the band cover to your liking which suit your band's style and personality, then invite as many band members/friends you like to be in the conversation. 

When you click the band, you can see the feed on the band board. Band board is the home-base for your band allows members to keep up with post something of their own. Every member can share text, photos, videos, gifs, PDFs, location, stickers, Dropbox files, and vote on group polls. Band also helps your group communicate across platforms, upload files for group to open either on their phone, or download to their desktop through Band’s web. 

All group members can join the group conversation, send stickers and send voice messages. The tab on the top of the board also allows me to access each function easier. 

One of the features I love from Band is the group photo album. All members can upload and share pictures on the group album. It'll be posted on the feed automatically which everyone can comment as well. You can upload up to 100 pictures at a time and it's just easier to backtrack who posted which pictures and see them all separately from the group chat. 

There's also a notification page where you can see all the messages and notifications. But my most favorite feature is probably the shared calendar. I'm a really forgetful person. I don't even use my phone calendar and reminder cause pretty much it isn't that useful for me. When the alarm ring and notifies me, I just tend to either failed to see it cause I'm busy with other opened app, or be lazy and dismiss it cause it's not the time yet. But with shared calendar, my friends or boyfriend can remind me again when it's on. Yesterday was my monthversary with my boyfriend (which I usually forgot almost every month) but I didn't and managed to send something for him on time. 

Overall, this app is my favorite chat app at the moment cause it beats other chat and group apps I used before. No need to scroll up just to see the pictures I've missed during group chat. While Facebook group is nice, but I can't count how many times I missed any of my group updates because my feed and notification is filled with other groups, pages and other friends updates and comments. Band app helps me and my friends stay on the same page, vote for something we need agreement on though polls feature, get the same files through file sharing, don't miss any event pictures and new picture albums, and more importantly accessible anytime and chat faster. 

Download Band app on iTunes Appstore & Google Playstore and start connecting with your favorite people! 

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