Missha The Style Moisture Coating Tint Review

Finally, another lippie review. Or maybe you're like... lippie again? Sorry I just have more lip products recently and I'm still not done trying and sharing them all with you. This time, it's from Missha. I'm sure everyone is familiar with Missha by now. Normally I don't really check out Missha that often, and actually it's been a while since I browsed Missha products simply because other brands fascinated me more. But this time around, I saw they released this Missha The Style Moisture Coating Tint. Yes, tint. Tint products can be debatable for me. Though I own a few lip tint products but I still prefer lipsticks all day everyday. But then the color Cotton Pink, which I got, was just too lovely and the word "moisture" got me in. There was not much information back then when I pondered if I should try this. But the color alone already pulled me in. If you follow me on facebook, you'd know that I was going to share my favorite lippie of the month. This is the one, Missha Moisture Coating Tint in Cotton Pink. 

Now let's see the pictures shall we.

missha lipstick cotton pink

missha lipstick cotton pink

There's not much english description on the back. Well if anything, it's all in Korean so I'm not so sure what it says lol.

missha tint cotton pink

missha tint cotton pink

The packaging is simple and sleek in silver. The packaging makes it hard to photograph but I hope it's visible enough. It's very light so I like stuffing it into my purse without any worry about taking much space. And it's not fancy enough for me to worry that it'll get scratches when I accidentally drop it haha. But I really like the packaging. 

missha tint cotton pink

missha tint cotton pink

This is how the bullet looks like. Isn't the pink gorgeous? There's also cotton candy scent which I really love.

I actually was disappointed when I swatched it on the back of my hand. The color is too sheer and totally not what I expected. But I was wrong.

Isn't the pink color so lovely? Of course it might look different from one's lips to another, but I used lip concealer on the picture so it is lighter. It can be a bit too light pink sometimes I like to swipe it 3-4 times on my lower lip to give it more color. But the sheer pink is actually nice for everyday's use. Cause the main purpose I got this lipstick is to moist my extra chapped lips. I love how it really does moisturize my lips and doesn't feel sticky at all. The sweet scent is also nice to smell. It does fade after few seconds though. After few hours it doesn't dry me out. The gloss fades after I drink obviously, but since it's a lip tint, the color is still there on my lips just not glossy anymore. So I reapply again after I eat and drink. When I don't have to eat/drink it can last me over 5-6 hours. 

- Light and travel friendly
- Moisture lips and doesn't dry out
- Not sticky
- Smell like cotton candy
- Good lasting power
- Very affordable

- Can be too sheer depends on the lips (I have pigmented lips)

It's travel friendly with nice packaging. It has beautiful cotton candy scent that lasts couple of seconds. The color is more on the natural side with one swipe so it's also perfect for daily wear like for work or school. With 2-3 swipes the color is more pink and pretty. It leaves a nice gloss but it's not sticky at all. After I drink and eat there is no more gloss but the color stays on my lips, a bit fading though so reapply is needed. Most importantly, it is not drying even after few hours. And it is moisturizing which is really great for people with dry lips like me. It becomes my lippie of the month simply because of those reasons I stated above. 

I use it almost everywhere nowadays, mostly work and if previously I thought lip tint is too light for a night out or event, last weekend I used this lip tint to a blogger event at night and I really love it! I reapplied only once and it still stayed until the end of the night. 

Jolse for $8.98 (worldwide shipping from South Korea)

missha lip tint cotton pink

I took some of the selfies under bright light (the sun was too strong that day) and it looks a bit too light pink in some pictures, plus only one swipe was used before I took the pictures :) Refer to the lip swatch for more exact shade. 

Thank you for reading hope you like this review. 

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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