Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Billy Tjong ft. WRP

Like I mentioned on my previous post, I attended the Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 to watch Bow by Billy Tjong show. And this time I will share more about the dresses he designed that was inspired by WRP. As WRP is a diet milk, Billy Tjong designed his pieces in WRP trademark color, orange ish red to emphasize the slim figure. He came up with many dresses that are chic and fabulous but still casual and comfortable to wear. The first photo is one of my favorite dresses, along with this collage below.

These dresses are my next favorites from Billy Tjong WRP collection. They look stylish, simple and beautiful with the red dress. I love the one piece dress on the right the most, simply cause it's gorgeous and not a tight fit lol. 

I also got some goodies from WRP, jelly drink, WRP on the go, and a mug. I've tried WRP diet milk and cookies before, but it was my first time trying the jelly drink. I don't know where I got the idea but I've thought it was honey and I hate honey lol. Fortunately it's not honey. It's a jelly drink (like the name suggests) rich of healthy fibers and tastes pretty good and sweet. While WRP on the go is a perfect diet milk for people on the go. Each contains 2 cartons of drinks. With such low calories, they're a perfect combination to help anyone to lose weight and it's a "sure you can do" thing. 

*Konsumsi WRP secara teratur saat diet untuk tubuh ideal dan ramping

Some of the three collection of Bow by Billy Tjong. You can also read the other one I posted here.


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