Skin Watchers Success Sunblock Review

Hello! It's Christmas Eve, and finally I can sit down and have time to write another review. This time it's another product from Skin Watchers. Few months ago I raved about my most favorite pore mask from this brand which is the Skin Watchers Cooling Pore Mask. It is still my HG pore mask, so I don't have any hesitation trying another product from Skin Watchers when I got the chance. While I don't usually apply sunblock (bad I know) but I was very curious about this sunblock as I read the description online and it seems like an interesting one. 

I never felt the need to apply sunblock cause I barely go out under the sun since I'm stuck in an office room nearly all day before the sun comes up and until dawn. The only time I need sunblock was when I had to travel to Bali, since I don't really do outdoor activities either lol. But I know that no matter what, under the sun or not, our skin needs to be protected from the UV. I started to notice my neck is more tanned than my face and chest and I still don't know why. But I guess it has something to do with the sun. So when I got this on the mail a while ago, I was just excited and began using it on my skin and under my makeup everyday before I go out. 

Now let's see more about Skin Watchers Success Sunblock after the jump.

Etude House 6th Anniversary & Magic Any Cushion Launching Event

At the end of October, I was invited to Etude House Indonesia 6th Anniversary which also happened to be Etude House Magic Any Cushion launching event. Yes it was nearly 2 months ago so sorry for this late post. I guess some also have read on other beauty bloggers posts lol but for the sake of blogging, I don't think I should skip this belated post.

Once I got there, I scanned the room and saw the adorable pink decorations that were so Etude House. There were some products on display too. Those are the new released products that were being launched. The main purpose of this event is not only to celebrate the 6th anniversary but also the launching of the new Etude House products, like Magic Any Cushion, Play Nail series, Play 101 Pencil, Color Lips Fit, Every Month Cleansing Foam, Skin Note Mask, Mini Perfumes, and Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet. If you're a follower of Etude House Korea releases, those products might not be entirely new but for Indonesians who don't get the access to Etude House brand new releases, this launching could be a new heaven as there are quite a lot of new arrivals this time. I already tried and reviewed one of the new launched products which is Etude House Play 101 Pencil back then in August, which I really love and adore.

Now, before I get more in details to some of the new releases, I will show you more about the event first.

Missha M Prism Wave Blusher Review

It's been a long while, but hello again everyone! Today I'm back with a new blush review. I think after blogging for nearly 2 years, it's my second time to post a blush review. That's cause I didn't really use a lot of blush in the past. I probably only have around 4-5 blushes in my makeup drawer (it paled in comparison with my foundation/BB/CC creams collection). Anyway, I still remember the first time I got my first ever blush when I was in high school. I got a pink blush from Missha and I was in love with it until it emptied and I couldn't afford a new one cause it was around $30 back then and as a student I couldn't really get a new one lol. So relieving those sad sweet moments in the past, I got another pink blush from Missha. It's called Missha M Prism Wave Blusher. The pink shade was nearly similar to the first blush I had before. Actually my past blushers have been pigmented and too pigmented which is actually great for photoshoot. But not so great when I go out cause then people would stare lol. So this time around, I think I would try a more sheer blusher and picked this one. And compared to my first ever blush, this blush is way way more affordable. So before I babble more nonsense, let's just go to the full review and pictures.