Skin Watchers Success Sunblock Review

Hello! It's Christmas Eve, and finally I can sit down and have time to write another review. This time it's another product from Skin Watchers. Few months ago I raved about my most favorite pore mask from this brand which is the Skin Watchers Cooling Pore Mask. It is still my HG pore mask, so I don't have any hesitation trying another product from Skin Watchers when I got the chance. While I don't usually apply sunblock (bad I know) but I was very curious about this sunblock as I read the description online and it seems like an interesting one. 

I never felt the need to apply sunblock cause I barely go out under the sun since I'm stuck in an office room nearly all day before the sun comes up and until dawn. The only time I need sunblock was when I had to travel to Bali, since I don't really do outdoor activities either lol. But I know that no matter what, under the sun or not, our skin needs to be protected from the UV. I started to notice my neck is more tanned than my face and chest and I still don't know why. But I guess it has something to do with the sun. So when I got this on the mail a while ago, I was just excited and began using it on my skin and under my makeup everyday before I go out. 

Now let's see more about Skin Watchers Success Sunblock after the jump.

The ingredients list

- Lightweight and travel friendly
- Absorb quick
- Not sticky
- Doesn't feel greasy
- Does its job well
- Oil free, paraben and talc free

- none so far

It is a sunblock with 50 SPF that absorbs quickly and very lightweight. Once applied and absorbed, it doesn't feel sticky nor greasy on the skin. It is free from talc, paraben, artificial coloring, benzo phenone, alcohol and phenoxyetha nol. It's also completely oil free so it is good for people with oily skin. Most face makeup these days have 50 SPF so in addition to that, this sunblock makes me feel so much safer now when I have to walk in a sunny day without having to cover my face (yes I do that lol) from the sunlight. I also use the sunblock on my arms and especially neck. At least now my neck is more protected and not getting more and more tanned each day so I gotta say this sunblock helps me a lot and is what I really need.

Jolse for $17.58 (they offer only $2.5 worldwide shipping and they're still having up to 70% discount on all products until Dec 25 so come grab em)

no need to cover my face anymore :D
Thank you for reading and merry Christmas, everyone! See you on the next posts~~

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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