Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence Review

As someone with bleached (not to mention damaged) dry hair like me, I always wake up with tangled and messy hair when I wake up in the morning. No matter how I brush and make my hair super smooth before bed, I always wake up with weird tangled hair it's giving me headache lol. The only day I am free with that kind of hair is after I wash my hair and use hair serum. Despite having this kind of hair, you can say I'm always pretty lazy when it comes to hair treatment. When I go home from work or outside, all I want to do is just rush to bed and rest or curl in bed watching dramas or playing games. The only hair products I use are mostly hair mask (during hair washing) and hair serum (after hair wash). I know Korean skincare products are extensive not just toner and moisturizer, but also to essence, serum, ampoule, cream, etc. Apparently there's an essence product too for hair. At first glance I thought why should I use it when I already have my usual hair serum? But seeing how bad my hair condition is, I know I should try this hair essence, especially since it contains argan oil. 

Argan oil is known to be very great for skin, face and hair. It is a really good moisturizer, and rich with vit A and E. It is also packed with omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants. Argan oil in pure form is also good for skin toner and exfoliating, also reducing sebum in your skin! But its benefit not only for skin, but also hair including as leave in conditioner and deep conditioner treatment. It is also able to tame any frizzy hair, making hair more manageable and luscious. While I know this product doesn't have pure argan oil (simply because from what I know, argan oil can cost really expensive), but the fact that it contains argan oil alone already convinced me that it will definitely help my tangled hard-to-manage hair. 

So let's skip my babbles and read more about the product.

Mini Xmas Giveaway Winner

First off, merry christmas everyone! Hope you're all having fun today~

And as my mini xmas giveaway just ended, today I will announce the winner. Congratulation to Shinta Dwi Asmarani!

This is the winning entry. And I will email you today, please respond within 48 hours to claim the prizes and include your shipping info too! 

Thank you for everyone who've joined my mini giveaway. I'll do other giveaway again next time~ This is it for now. Once again, have a merry christmas and happy holidays~! I'll be back with a new review very soon <3

W.LAB Honey Beam Cushion Review

Just when I thought I was finally done with cushion makeup, nope not yet. I am back with a new cushion makeup from W.Lab, a Korean based cosmetics brand. I haven't heard about this brand before so I was so curious to try this. While I can't really find more information about the brand itself (because their main website is in Korean), but I found and learned more about the w-honey beam cushion. As the name suggests, this cushion product contains more than 44% island honey extract and manuka honey. It claims to have triple function, UV protection with SPF 50+/PA+++, whitening, and anti wrinkle, certified by Korean food and drug ministry. It also promises moisture and coverage upon application. Plus, it has gold packaging. If you haven't already noticed, I always have a thing for anything gold, especially cosmetics packaging so at first glance, I already fell in love with this product. But keep reading please to learn more about this product!

Mini Xmas 2015 Giveaway

Christmas is finally coming very soon. It's an unplanned one, but I am having a quick giveaway for my readers due this coming Christmas. As I mentioned before on my previous post that I'll be giving away a pair of my latest favorite circle lens, Vassen Jewel Brown, that I just reviewed last week. There are also 2 more prizes from Etude House to complete this mini giveaway. This giveaway will last for 19 days (if my math doesn't fail me) until December 24th 2015 PST. 

Keep reading to see more details about the giveaway :)

Vassen Jewel Brown Circle Lens Review

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back with a new review. It's been too long since my last circle lens review. That's because I've been repurchasing and wearing the same circle lenses I've shared on my blog before, all from Vassen. I think I've been a loyal Vassen user that 80% of my circle lens reviews on this blog were from Vassen. But this time finally I decided to try another Vassen circle lens I've never tried before, which is Jewel in brown color. I noticed I normally opted for either gray or unique colors in the past like gold, purple, pink etc. But lately I feel like I need more natural circle lenses colors as usually my eye makeup can be too much and I think natural colors like brown would balance my look more. Or maybe as I age, I want to look more natural? Either way, I'm loving this brown so far!

Now let me show you how it looks like more after the jump :) 

Wedding Dress Inspirations II

Even though I'm not wearing engagement ring yet, but I'd like to be ready when the time comes and it would be nice if I don't need to worry and freak out which wedding dress I'd wear. Last year I posted the first wedding inspiration post, and when I looked back it seems I was so into fairytale princessy-like wedding dresses. But this time I'm going to share a different set of wedding dress collections that I find beautiful and elegant, perfect for that one big day. 

Harley Quinn Inspired Makeup for Halloween

"My boss likes me to wear a smile to work." -Harley Quinn
If I have to be honest, I'm and have always been a Marvel fangirl. Maybe it's just me taking things too seriously but I don't remember the last time I watched a DC movie lol. Even though I'm a Marvel kinda girl, but if I have to pick one of DC characters that I really like and adore, it would definitely be Harley Quinn. The bubbly, crazy, high pitched voice, and her jokes... well almost everything about her makes me like Harley Quinn. Also how she always makes up nicknames like Puddin, Mister J etc. So this Halloween, I decided to do a Harley Quinn look. I've always been a cute (and a bit goth) kind of characters like Alice and cracked doll the past 2 years, but this time doing a different type of character and makeup really challenged me. All I know when I talk about Harley Quinn is... red and black. For red, I always use Etude House play 101 pencil in red as it's the perfect red shade with perfect finish. I noticed I also used this pencil last year for my Halloween look lol. I also did my nails in red and black, with some rhinestones and black rose deco. I also make a quick simple tutorial for this makeup look under the jump.

VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot Review

vdl tint bar triple peach

It's been a while since I shared my last lipstick review. But this time I'm back with another tint lipstick to share with you. It's called Tint Bar Triple Shot in triple peach by VDL. I've heard and seen VDL foundation around last year on some online makeup store but I had no idea that it was a Korean brand. VDL stands for Violet Dream Luminous. I can't find much information on their official website but they have really nice colorful makeup collection. Their lipsticks looks so nice! Definitely on my wishlist just now. According to the little english on the website, VDL is a unique cosmetic brand dedicated to women who actively seek out and realize their dreams and desires. 

This triple shot tint bar is one of VDL's hit items. It's a triple colored lip tint that creates petal bitten gradient effect with a single touch. This stick tint offers 3 colors, main color, sub color and base color. The tint has 3 functions as a tint, lip balm and lip base. The result on the lips depends on how you apply and use the tint stick. It can help achieve gradient look or blended colors on the lips. I prefer blended colors because this particular shade that I got give a very pretty nudy peach color that I like. Keep reading to see more about this amazing lippie!

Shimmering Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! It's been a long while since my last makeup tutorial. I've meant to make one for the longest time and I thought I would youtube it, but apparently I don't have much time to edit and stuff so I figure I could just post a simple one on my blog.

I got some requests from a while ago to make a full gyaru makeup tutorial. I know I haven't had my full gyaru look lately, mostly because I don't have that much time when doing my makeup. This is my usual go to hime gyaru makeup with more colors. Normally I always, always, always have pink lips and brown eye makeup with more contouring. But this time, I play more with highlighters and softer lippies. Before I babble even more, let's just get into the tutorial shall we!

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream & Natural Fit Concealer Review

Yay I'm back again with another review! *feels proud of myself*

Couple days ago I posted a BB cream review and now I'm back with another BB cream and concealer review. It's a set from Klairs, which I'm pretty sure many of you have tried at least the BB cream? At least I've read dozens of reviews on this bb cream since couple years ago. I've always debated whether I should try it or not. Back then I had bad acne and super oily skin so I put the thoughts away. But now I finally got the blemish cream and concealer.

Klairs is a Korean based company that carries cosmetics and skincare products from cleansers, pore care kits, natural soap bars, serum, mask and more. I've always loved Klairs products and have tried a few of them in the past. I shared my take on Klairs cleansing foam before. I also tried the cleansing oil and sugar scrub (reviews coming soon) and I must say my skin likes Klairs. Klairs products and especially this Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream and also Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer are meant to be natural looking. The cream has brightening effect, wrinkle care and oil controlling, while the concealer is meant to covers spots and pores. Seeing both products only have 1 shade for all, let's see if they live up to its claims. 

Natur Protecting Treatment Hair Serum Review

Have you ever had tangled hair after your hair wash? Or when you wake up in the morning with ultra messy plus tangled hair that takes a while to be brushed? For me, it's always both. I always have tangled hair especially when it's wet, and even more when it's dry. Every morning I skip brushing my hair because it takes a lot of time to untangle my hair and I don't want to risk losing my hair strands while doing so. It's even worse when I left it tangle, so when I wash my hair I can spend at least one and half hour in total to completely have my smooth hair back after using tons of conditioner and hair mask. Partly it's because of my constant bleaching and harsh purple shampoo that dries out my hair, and partly it's because of my laziness. I barely treat my hair, giving them vitamin or any nourishing serum. I've learned my lessons. It's super annoying to have frizzy hair that I can't comb, and when I force comb it, I can see my hair fall and stuck in the hair brush.

If you read more, you'll see how tangled and frizzy my hair is and how I manage to save my hair with this Natur Hair Serum.

Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream Review

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

BB cream? Snail? Are they still in? Some of you might have those thoughts right now. But yes, it is, at least for me. I've mentioned about this before, but Lioele is one of my favorite Korean cosmetics brands until now. I've tried probably 70-80% of their face makeup products and when I saw my friend Ashley with this product a while back, I just couldn't resist. It looks so good and flawless on her skin I just had to try myself! It's not really a new product and that was why I had a hard time looking for it and took me a while until finally I saw Jolse carry this product! Yay!

It's a premium BB cream with sun protection, snail extract, and gold ingredient. It says it supplies intensive nutrition for skin, and protects your skin against broad spectrum UVA and UVB damage. It has SPF 50 and it comes with 2 shades no 21 and 23. I got no 21 Natural Beige but it doesn't appear pale like most BB creams with no 21 shade, it's really natural. Plus, how can you not love the gold packaging? I will talk more about this product after the jump, so keep reading please!

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off Review

First of all, I'd like to apologize for being MIA for the past... month or more. I had a long break and afterwards I got sick and didn't feel very well for couple of weeks, on top of being busy with work. Everything I was working on for my blog had to be delayed, my drafts, all the pictures in my camera that were yet to be edited, and emails I had to response. Now I'm feeling better and I realize I'm so behind schedules. I'm still trying to catch up on emails between editing pictures and writing a post. But finally here I am, writing my super delayed post. 

I'm sure everyone heard and probably most of us Korean skincare lovers had already tried this product from Skinfood, which is the Rice Mask Wash Off. I read and heard good reviews about this product but I only tried bit by bit from the samples I received from my other orders. I didn't really use it religiously until recently. I know I'm super late lol. But I didn't have dry skin until lately, probably because I was stressing out so much and didn't really take care of my skin like before and there are dry patches here and there that sometimes it doesn't feel like my skin anymore. It's that terrible. So I was excited to try this product after reading the description in the back of the packaging. 

And now let me tell you more about the Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off after using it the past 3 weeks. 

Girl Next Door Pink

Hello everyone. It's been a long while since I last posted something on my blog. I'm on holiday and have been away from home for sometime now. I've drafted few posts but the lack of decent internet drives me crazy. But I'm so glad I finally can post now. Anyhow, I'm going to talk about lipsticks today. While I love dramatic purple, and even red lips, but pink lipstick will always be a color I'd pick in almost any occasions. Pink is classic. Pink has variety of cute shades that can go well with almost all my clothes. My lipstick collection is dominated by pink colors. And today I will share how I use different pink shades to create different looks with the lipsticks I received from Luxola to celebrate International Kissing Day. 

A.True Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion

It is no secret that I love and adore BB and CC cushions. And I am going to share the latest cushion product that I tried which is A True Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion. Wow was that long or what. If you're unfamiliar with A True, this brand is another cosmetics brand from South Korea. A true is a brand that believes in true value and true beauty from a cup of finest black tea. Honestly this is my first time trying their product even though I've seen and heard the brand from other websites and blogs. And I decided to take the challenge and try it myself. As the name suggests, its main ingredients is black tea. Almost all products I've seen from A.True so far contain black tea; their mask, essence, gel cream, moisturizer, makeup, and more. They present true personal care with its unique textures and outstanding benefits.  Here is a little excerpts from A.True.

Here at A.True, we wish to revive the Premium Beauty of the 17th Century European Royal Court. We aim to bring our customers back to a time of lavish lifestyles and exquisite teas and to have them transported back in time via a single sip.

Black tea contains vitamins (B2, C, E), minerals (magnesium, potassium, zinc), some essential oils, polyphenols and tannins. And black tea also have good benefits for our skin. It prevents pimples, skin aging and wrinkles. It is said that black tea also can be used to tighten pores and good for oily skin. A.True claims this CC cushion to be firming, hydrating, toning, brightening, giving radiant and boosting your skin with its revolutionary formula that help revitalize and illuminate the skin tone while maintaining overall skin brightness and transparency. Sounds too good to be true? 

Now let me show you more about this CC cushion.

Top 5 Summer Dresses

2015 summer dress

It felt like yesterday when spring just sprung, but soon spring will end and summer is coming. Many are planning their summer vacations and road trips, while some others are still looking for the new bathing suit. It is almost summer all year long here, so even though I couldn't relate to last winter's warm coat hunting, I can totally use new collection of summery dresses. Some of the things I consider before deciding to buy dresses are the design, patterns, and skirt shape. Instead of tight pencil skirt, I tend to go for A line skirt and airy flowy skirt that would feel nice when I walk. And here are 5 of cute dresses that would be perfect for this summer.

Aritaum Water Sliding Tint Review

Hello! It's been a week since my last post and a while ago since my last makeup review. And today I'm back with another lipstick review. It's another tint from Aritaum, Korean based cosmetic brand. Lately I've been into tint lipstick more as it lasts longer and hassle free. I've been getting mostly fuchsia and purplish lips nearly all 2014, and starting from this year I'm open to other colors. And this time I got an orange lippie. Ever since I started collecting lipsticks, this is probably my second orange lipstick. I was hoping it would be something like tangerine orange but this Aritaum Water Sliding Tint I got was in orange shock, which literally shocked me a bit lol. But before I rambled more, let me show you more about the product after the jump. 

Smart Shopping and Personalize Your Jewelry

It's nearly the end of May and I can't believe it's almost my anniversary again. It feels like just a while ago when I looked for anniversary gift to give my boyfriend. Recently I was contacted by Anjolee, a US based jewelry company, to take a view on their website. I did visit the website and find a lot of beautiful collections of necklaces, bracelets, and also rings from wedding ring, engagement ring to anniversary ring. After years of receiving electronic gadgets as gifts, I think it's about time I hint him that I'd like anniversary ring lol. After all, diamonds are forever, right? 

So upon looking and reading further on their website, I found that aside of their beautiful and luxurious jewelry, they also offer jewelry customization which would allow me to choose specific metal, carat weight, center diamond, diamond size, and optional engraving. Anjolee also gives diamond and jewelry education, which is really helpful for first timers to learn more about diamond clarity, color, anatomy and many more. Now let me share what I found there and some beautiful jewelry that I love. 

Etude House Every Month Cleansing Cream Review

How do you remove your makeup every night? Some may use facial wash, while some others prefer cleansing oil. But for heavy makeup user like me, either one is never enough. Normally I need to remove my eyeliner and lipstick with eye and lips makeup remover. But of course it won't wash away the color makeup off my face. Then I need to rub and cleanse the rest of my makeup with cleansing oil. Usually my face will be so sticky cause I tend to use 1-2 pumps. So after rinsing the oil with tap water, I still have to use facial wash twice for better result. That would take me around 10 minutes. I know some people say it's not good for my skin. And I could feel my skin feel tight afterwards with so many cleansing products. So lately I've been trying Etude House Every Month Cleansing Cream, which actually helps my makeup cleansing process a bit quicker and easier. 

Many of you may have heard or used Etude House every month cleansing foam series. There are 12 of them from January to December (1-12), with different ingredients specialized for different skin types. I tried March cleansing foam with apple and tomato as main ingredients and it felt incredible. But now that it's emptied, I was lucky to get and try a new cleanser from Etude House. Instead of the monthly cleansing foam, it's Every Month Cleansing Cream. It's supposed to suit all skin types. And today I will tell you more about this product. 

Top 5 Websites to Buy Bags Online in Singapore

Beautiful and stylish bags play a crucial role in uplifting the charm of your attire. No matter what you wear, it is imperative to carry a bag to not only store your belonging, but also to add more value to your personality. Buying bags online in Singapore is extremely easy and fun because there are numerous websites offering huge selection of bags for both men and women to handle different requirements. No matter whether you want to buy branded, non-branded, regular or designer bag, you will definitely find something of your choice here on these websites. 

Following are top 5 websites to buy bags online in Singapore:

Etude House NEW V Line Slim Maker Review

Contouring and highlighting have been a very essential part of my makeup routine. While I don't apply full contour everyday, but highlighting and contouring my nose is a must cause I have such flat and short nose. I tend to stick with 2-3 contour products normally because my nose is one of my most sensitive part of my face and I only use the ones that won't break me out or irritate my nose. Etude House V-Line Slim Maker is one of my most used highlight and contour products since 2013. 

I remember Etude House released its first V-line Slim Maker few years ago (read my review here) and this year they released a new version of this product. I've been using the previous V-Line Slim Maker for years and still have it until now. I especially love the highlighter it's just so precious with its subtle glowy sparkles, so I just had to try the new version as well. I got the same shade as the first one. So let's read more about this product and to see if there's significant difference between the old and new versions.  

Pearls and Rhinestones

What kind of accessories do you often wear? When I look at my jewelries box, all I see is mainly pearls and some rhinestones pieces. I absolutely adore pearls. They look pretty and simple enough in any occasions. Today I'm going to share a post about jewelry, and more specifically rings with pearls and rhinestones. I love love love wearing rings. If I could wear all the rings I own, I would. Sometimes I wish I had more than 10 fingers so I could wear more rings, but that would make me look like octopus. Anyway, I got the ring set from Born Pretty Store, an online store with a large collection of accessories and beauty related tools. There are one cute floral owl ring, and a set of 4 cute tiny rings. 

Read more to see in details and how I wear them.

Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint Review

I used to be so against tint lip products when it first came out, just because I was pretty disappointed. It used to be liquid tint that looked too dry and unflattering on my already dry lips. But nowadays there are many tint lipsticks released. Previously, I've tried and reviewed some tint lipsticks like Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint, Holika Holika Pro Beauty Tint Tok, and Missha The Style Moisture Coating Tint. Among those tint lippies, I've come to love and use the latter the most because of how moisturizing it is. Now I'm going to share yet another tint lipstick that I really love. It's a bit similar to Missha Coating Tint in my opinion, but with different charms. 

If you're a fan of Etude House, you must be familiar already with their Cherry Tint series. Previously they have cherry tint in thick liquid form. I've also tried and reviewed Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in lavender shade before. The tint is also available in tint stick form now, which can be more convenient when I'm on the go. And now I'm going to show you how this Sweet Cherry Tint looks like and performs. 

Shop On the Go with YesStyle

Who loves online shopping? I do! I just can't get my hands off my phone for a minute. Most things I do when I'm on my phone are texting and shopping. For me, who always finds asian and preferably Japanese clothing stores that offer worldwide shipping without hassle, YesStyle is in my top list. They carry a lot of brands from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, not limited to clothing but also beauty, shoes and accessories. While I don't mind browsing and shopping on web browser, I have to admit shopping gets easier on some of mobile apps instead of browser especially when I'm on my phone.

Recently YesStyle just launched their own shopping app for iOS and Android. I always find it easy to browse and look for some new cute dresses on their website, so I was curious to try how their mobile app would be. Read to know more about the app and how to shop on the go more conveniently.

IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner Review

There's always that one thing we can't be without when we apply makeup. It differs from one another. Some people can't go out without wearing full makeup but at least they have to apply lippies, or another might not go out without their foundation etc. But for me it's definitely eyeliner. I am way more comfortable every time after I apply my eyeliner that I feel a bit weird without it. So, I'm especially very picky about eyeliners. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have read my other eyeliner reviews before. There aren't a lot actually, cause I tend to stick to my favorite product and stock up when I'm running out. 

Up until last month, whenever anyone asked me to recommend them a fabulous eyeliner that's easy to use, no smudging, long lasting, and doesn't need a bottle of makeup remover to erase the eyeliner, I used to say Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner in a heartbeat. It was my favorite eyeliner for about a year, but honestly I drop it off my list cause I can't find the product easier here unless on some online stores that sell Japanese cosmetics (and not a lot of them carry this product anymore) or ask someone in Japan to buy me this eyeliner. It can be a hassle but I kept buying it anyway because it's the best that I tried before. I always prefer felt tips liner and I've tried other brands before, from Stila to Etude House, Lioele, Cleo, and Innisfree. None of them satisfied me in the ease of use, thickness and long lasting departments that made me nearly give up to try another brand. But I'm glad I didn't. 

This time I decided to try another felt tips eyeliner from IOPE. IOPE is a premier Korean cosmetics and skincare brand under Amore Pacific, just like Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Hera etc. At first I didn't want to expect anything cause by the promotional pictures alone, there was no hype.... or most likely I just didn't understand cause mostly it was in Korean lol. I couldn't find much info about the eyeliner but I decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it. 

And now I'm going to share my review on IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner after the jump.

Sulwhasoo CC Emulsion Review


I promised myself I'd post this review since a month and half ago. I've taken the pictures and I was always too lazy to edit and watermark them for some random reasons. But finally I did it today whohoo so yay here it is, everyone. My holy grail CC cream ever, Sulwhasoo CC Emulsion. Well, it doesn't exactly say CC Cream but it feels like one to me. When I read the words CC emulsion, I thought it would be a lighter version of CC Cream, and to me it sounded like less coverage and more moisturizing. Anyhow, I had my doubts at first before I decided to get it. If you follow Korean cosmetics, surely Sulwhasoo isn't an unfamiliar brand to you. Sulwhasoo is in fact one of the brands under Amore Pacific. I know Sulwhasoo doesn't come in cheap price, but that's because it focuses on mixing herbal traditional medicine with science, hence the high quality products. Their skincare lines are so popular and many of them are best selling. The first time I opened my eyes to this brand was when I tried the trial kits of their Time Treasure skincare around last year. It was small but the lotion was so heavenly to my skin. 

Luckily there were so many online stores here carrying Sulwhasoo nowadays, and there's also Sulwhasoo in Indonesia now so I can try the other products easily without any risks of the products I ordered online with hefty price get taken away by customs (not again). So I decided to purchase the CC Emulsion cause now that my skin got a bit better, I don't really use much high coverage foundation or creams at the moment. And I am trying to use less face covering products and also trying to find makeup that's comfortable on my skin while healing my scars. And finally, this is the one. I've been using Sulwhasoo CC Emulsion every morning for 3 months now (and still not emptied yet!), and I'm loving it. Now, let me show you what makes me love this product along with the things I love and less like about it. 

Prom Dress Ideas 2015

Spring is finally here for some of us. Spring reminds us that prom season is coming soon! Every girl wants to look stunning and confident in their fabulous dress in prom night. Well, who doesn't? Whether you're coming to prom to have a lovely night with your date, or if you're going to have fun with your favorite girlfriends and enjoy the moment, I'm sure we all want to look gorgeous and nearly perfect on the big night. Either black, blue, red, silver, pink or beige... Have you found your perfect dress? Or at least have you looked up some dress ideas that would help you to find that right dress? If you haven't, let me share some of my favorite dresses on this post. 

Beta Salic 2.0 Miracle Cream Review

It's been a while since I updated you with my latest skin. I used to complain all the time about my oily acne prone skin until around the end of last year and I noticed I stopped blogging about high coverage foundations and BB creams. It's all thanks to this Beta Salic 2.0 by Chica Y Chico. Sounds unfamiliar? It was my first time as well using this brand. Despite the name, apparently it's a Korean made by LAB & Company Inc. 

Betaine Salicylate, the main ingredient of Beta Salic 2.0 controls the rough, troubled skin surface due to dead skin cells and oxidized sebum. It claims this mild yet satisfying skin conditioning cream gives clearer and softer skin back to you and you can feel the difference in the morning, hence the miracle cream nickname. That is such a strong claim! But I've been trying this facial cream every night for the past 2 months, and I can't be more happier. 

Now let's get to know more about the Beta Salic 2.0 

Cocktail Dresses Are Forever

Hello, everyone. I'm back again today with a style ideas post. During my hiatus, I got a couple of requests to post more about style ideas that I haven't done in a long time. So here it is :)

As someone who prefers to be overdressed than underdressed, I tend to wear dressy outfit whenever I go out. Whether it's to meet a friend or family lunch, or even a dinner date, casual cocktail dress will always be my top pick. I personally think cocktail dress is easy to mix and match with casual accessories and cute jacket or cardigan. The dresses are also more wearable to casual events as well, and not only exclusive to cocktail or semi formal parties. 

While browsing the other day, I found some pretty dresses that fit to my casual dressy dress genre and had to share it. Here are some of my favorite cocktail dresses

Kawaii Cuties

It feels like forever since I last posted something. I'm sorry for being mia for the past weeks, and months actually. I know I haven't been regularly posting like I used to. It's just some RL stuff keep me busy since end of last year. I haven't been in touch with most of my friends either during this time. Things were a little bit hectic but now I'm pretty much back. Hopefully I will be able to post more, I have so many things in store including many unedited product reviews ready to be reviewed and posted. 

Anyway, today I will share about the parcel I received from Blippo a while ago. Previously I've posted some products from Blippo. But in case some of you and new readers don't know already, Blippo is an online store with a bunch of kawaii stuff collections from magazine, plushies, accessories, DIY snacks, phone cases, bags, and more from Japan and Korea. If you see their website, you'll see a lot of cute things you'd want to keep for yourself. They have fair and affordable prices for most of their products. Also, they ship worldwide so shopping isn't a hassle at all. Mika, their customer rep, is also very friendly and helpful if you ever need to ask something either about the products or orders. I've worked with them few times before and I have nothing but good things I always tell anyone who ask me about them or their products. 

Now, let's see more of the kawaii stuff I got from Blippo :)

Gold and Stuff Accessories

*waves* As promised, I've been trying to catch up with pending posts, so here I am with another post today.

When it comes to accessories, I notice some people seem to wear white gold or silver more these days, myself included. The rings and necklace I wear daily (ones I never take off anywhere anytime) are also white gold. But personally, I prefer gold. Gold may seem vintage for some people, but maybe that's why I like it. Aside of the jewelry I got from my boyfriend, most of my accessories pieces I have are gold. A while ago, Born Pretty was kind enough to send me some pieces to wear and try. Unintentionally, I picked some more gold accessories: bracelets and few rings. I often wear the bracelets, nearly everytime I go out wearing white or pink, and that's quite a lot. Aside of white and pink, I often wear black outfit, so I picked the cute skull ring with heart eyes lol. It's just so cute and pretty. The other rings I picked were a set of gold band rings with purple and white jewels. They match really nicely with my triple purple hearts necklace I wear everyday. 

Keep reading to see the pretty gold accessories I got :)

Honest Skin Haul

Last month I received a box full of goodies from Honest Skin. Honest Skin is a Korean beauty store that sells authentic makeup and skincare straight from Korea. They have fairly cheaper price more than others and often have discount and promotion on most of their products. I got a lot of products to try from them from various brands like IOPE, Laneige, Etude House, Stylenanda 3CE, etc.

Now, let's see what I think about Honest Skin and some of the products I got.

Laneige Brush Pact Pore Blur Review

First off, happy new year, everyone! Glad I can finally write a post again. Though technically, I've drafted this post since December last year but I'm glad I can share this post today. If you're a Laneige fan, I'm sure you've seen or maybe tried this product I'm going to review today. Laneige released this Brush Pact few months ago. At first I wasn't too sure if I'd like to try it out until Ashley convinced me. She reviewed this Brush Pact in pink beam on her blog which you can also read here

But the one I'm going to review today is no 2 pore blur, which is specially created for people with pore problems (me included). If you don't know already, this brush pact is basically a portable pressed powder that's designed to make our touch up easier on the go. Though I always have my blotted powder with me in my pouch, there are times I'm too lazy to even take it out, open the compact while trying to keep the powder puff from falling (especially when I'm in a moving car), and press & roll the puff to blot my face. I am more comfortable blotting using my setting brush actually, but it'll take more work and time to grab my brush, pat it on the powder (again when I'm on the go) and apply it on my face. I'm lazy to do all that so I tend to skip it and let the world see how shiny I am, well in this case my Tzone. But thankfully, Laneige is such a lifesaver for me. Not only this is such a lightweight powder, but also it comes with an attached powder brush. I think this is one of my favorite makeup products right now. 

Anyway, enough babbling and let's move on to the review shall we.